Tuesday, October 23, 2007

LTTE's aerial attack on Sri Lankan airbase

The first successful coordinated ground and air attack by the "Tigers" represents a quantum leap in their offensive capabilities. The LTTE is far from posing a threat to Indian air defenses in conventional terms; yet an increasingly desperate
Sri Lanka is bound to have ramifications for India, particularly with respect to
the potential for intervention by inimical forces.....


Harish said...

LTTE's offensive air capabailities should not be taken lightly and dismissed as something that cannot affect India's air defenses..

India has a rather crappy radar network in south and only recently after having slept through LTTE's acquisiton of aircrafts did they think of installing radars in rameshwaram and trivandrum..and i dont trust IAF's air defense system.. remember Purulia..

LTTE's increased offensive capabilities (espescially air power) has significant negative security ramifications for India..

I cant but wonder how horriblly insipid India's security and diplomatic honchos work..

They have no policy on Sri Lanka, Nepal , Burma etc..Sitting idle on their asses does not constitute policy..Of course mouthing platitudes on Pakistan, peace and selling tomatoes and apples am sure is the kind of stuff India's MEA generally involve themselves in..

Indian diplomats love to talk of 'geopolitics', 'realpolitik', and of course ' (my favorite!!!)superpowerdom' at the drop of a hat. While they cool their heels in Washington DC and London their immediate neighborhood is on fire requiring India's serious attention and perhaps intervention.

nizhal yoddha said...

yes, the air defenses are not very good. for instance, southern air command is in trivandrum, but they are going to put the planes in tiruchi! (i am sure muthuvel had a say in this as well, as i don't think he's that keen on defending against LTTE attacks -- after all, that's one of the reasons to do ramsethu as well, to get the LTTE easier passge to india).

also thought the photo of christist prabhakaran and his soon-to-be-dead suicide bombers interesting. yet another example of a semitic ideology brainwashing beardless youngsters into killing themselves (see how young they are: teenagers). just like mohammedans do this in the middle east and pakistan (and then their leaders wear burqas and try to escape), the neo-semitic 'dravidian' fundamentalists also kidnap, brainwash and sacrifice young men.

habc said...

"jumped into chimneys of ships"
Ha Ha Ha

Wouldn't building Ramasetu be such a good idea now that we know this.

san said...

Yes, it's something to be concerned about, but the fact is that LTTE is mis-investing its efforts and assets into these "Tamil Eelam AirForce" stunts.

I'm reminded of how Hitler overrode the advice of his generals, and ordered them to bomb British residential areas, instead of hitting the more strategic industrial targets. Megalomaniacs will always do themselves in, because their power corrupts them absolutely, and the Yes-men will coweringly go along. Prabhakaran is doing the same thing. He wants his kid Charles Antony to become his successor, so he is backing the kid's venture to the hilt, even at the cost of losing the war on the ground.

Fancy superplanes didn't save the Germans from inevitable defeat at the end of WW2, and no "Eelam Air Force" will seriously prevent the collapse of LTTE in the face of SLAF onslaught.

Harish said...

No san..
SLAF cannot do much about LTTE's air force..I wont bet too much on their (in) abilities..They(SLAF) are a moribund airforce..

If at all anybody can help and must help prevent the emergence of a new threat to peninsular India.. it is solely India's responsibility..

India's puffing its chest about superpowerdom is not worth a cent if it cannot squash the emergence of such threats..
but knowing India's abilities to sleep through thru all such strategic threats I can safely say.. nothing is going to happen..