Monday, October 29, 2007

John Dayal bleats "persecution" to tarnish India abroad

"While much of the world considers India a populous and vibrant democracy, All India Christian Council secretary general John Dayal says freedom of religion is steadily on the decline in the country. 'Many of the rights have been systematically diluted over the years by governments, courts and fundamentalist forces,' said the journalist turned Christian activist, speaking to Ecumenical News International in an interview about his recently released book on religious freedom in India........"

This should hardly be news. But, how does John Dayal live with himself after spreading such diabolical falsehoods day in and day out? Conversions through force, fraud and allurement is a fundamental right? Denigrating an ancient civilization to advance an imperialistic cult is freedom of religion?


Chatrapath said...

What do you expect? christism is an imperial political movement, just like communism and other cults.

It's easy to debunk christism---think about it: if membership is so important, and if they have to keep yelling from the rooftops that they are right, maybe THEY don't really believe in it themselves?

Does this john dayal know how many innocent people and entire cultures have been wiped out by christism? Does he realize that even today that in many southern churches, he would not be allowed to enter? Does he realize how many black churches have been torched to the ground? does mr. dayal know how many blacks have been lynched ON CHURCH PROPERTY!?!? does mr. dayal know that the pope sprinkled holy water on Mussolini's bombs so that they would hit their targets? Does mr. dayal know that christist preachers castrated native americans to prevent them from "breeding whites out"? does mr. dayal even know the blood that is on the hands of christism? the number of children who have been violated over and over and over by lustful depraved christist priests?

Anandkumar said...
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Anandkumar said...
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gopinath said...

I would really love to see these cowards utter such nonsense against the "religion of peace" nations, and live to see the next sunlight.

habc said...

Why keep the last name Dayal - is it meant to be a word used just like "peace" or "love" or "brotherhood" is used - these people will screw up the word "dayalu" also

Interview of a Christian Evangelist in India

This is a hypothetical interview of "Father Johnson’ after his award by the Government of India for his exemplary work in India in enlightening the people in the path of the ONLY God.

Stop slandering India and Hinduism for Christ's sake

habc said...

since we are looking at persecution fantasies - Russia is at it again

Russia plans centre to track Western rights abuses

Russia plans to turn the tables on Western critics of its human rights record by setting up an organisation to monitor rights abuses in Europe and the United States, the man behind the project said on Friday.
In recent years there has been a lot of criticism linked to human rights violations in Russia. But believe me, these things happen in other countries too,' Kucherena told reporters.
'Imagine if Russia, or Russian human rights activists, were to prepare a corresponding report about, for example, the state of human rights in France? What would happen?'
He did not say how the organisation would be funded.(wink, wink)
Kucherena said he was prompted to set up the human rights monitoring centre by letters from Russian-speakers in Europe and the United States complaining about rights violations.

The centre's aim is to facilitate 'an exchange of opinions' within the human rights community, not to get into a political confrontation with the West, he said.

'Of course there are problems with human rights in Russia,' Kucherena said.

'But for me personally, as Anatoly Kucherena, I really do not like it when information contained in these reports (by Western organisations on rights in Russia) ... has some kind of ideological subtext.

'To be honest, it is unpleasant when our country is ranked in 145th place in some index (of human rights) and it is not clear what methodology was used

When will we wake up?

Sudarshan said...

This Dayal feller has a legit grouse. I know of a guy who was paid to become a christain. he attended church till the dough ran out. Then he was regularly seen at "jagratas". The local missionary complained. The guy gave a simple answer: keep coughing up money and I'll keep attending church. People are become clever, so Mr. Dayal complains...