Friday, October 05, 2007

Christist teacher threaten to break heads of Hindu students !

oct 5th, 2007

this is in a government school, so you can imagine what happens in christist schools.

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Christian teacher threaten to break heads of Hindu students !

Friday, 05 October 2007

source:  Hindu Jagruti, Oct 4, 2007

Rajpipala (Gujrat): It has been published in the newspaper 'Gujarat Samachar' that Devaji Vasava, one of the Christian teachers from 'Vanavasi Kumar Chhatralaya' run by Zilha Panchayat of Nivarlada village in Narmada district threatened to Hindu students of breaking their heads if they go to school with 'kumkum' on their foreheads.

(Fanatic Christian teacher from a Government school in a country where Hindus are supposed to be in majority prohibits students from applying 'kumkum' on their forehead. Will the BJP Government in the State take any action against the Christian teacher? – Editor) Teachers from this school who follow Christian religion are against Hindu culture, have 3-4 times threatened the students so far on this issue. Hindu students are afraid of going to this school. Parents of these students have demanded that the school should take stringent action against Devaji Vasava. A representation has also been given to the Tehsildar in this connection.

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karyakarta92 said...

All this in "communal", "fascist" Gujarat under "neo-Nazi" Narendra Modi? Whose religious freedom is being trampled here? Sounds like Gujarat can do with a few Graham Staines like incidents.