Friday, October 05, 2007

Mullahs want Taslima deported to Bangladesh

"Clerics of the Tippu Sultan Masjid — amongst the oldest mosques in the city — repeated here on Friday their demand for the deportation of Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin who has been residing here. They threatened to take it upon themselves to do so if the State government authorities failed to respond to their call."

The dhimmi authorities in Assam, West Bengal and the rest of India are guilty of a very grave dereliction of duty at the least and culpable of sedition at worst by their inaction and active connivance in demographic aggression against the nation.
By some estimates, there are over 30 million Bangladeshi Mohammedan infiltrators in India. This number also includes a growing number of pests whose entry has been facilitated by Manmohan Singh's schemes of "peace", "cultural exchange" and "people to people contact". But, this is one good Bangladeshi who should NOT be deported.
Why aren't the seculars falling over themselves to get this Bangladeshi a ration card and an Indian passport?

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