Friday, October 05, 2007

christism in South Korea..lessons for Hindus

oct 5th, 2007

what they have planned for us.

karunanidhi's proclamations are an early test case, as have been the attacks on tirupati and sabarimala. if the hindus don't retaliate, the christists will move forward aggressively.

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From: Sushama

Even though this region was once overwhelmingly Buddhist, aggressive Christian evangelism after the Korean War converted South Korea into a region where politicians have to be Christian to get elected. This conversion was not without violence: during the 1990s, Buddhist temples were burned and Buddha statues were beheaded as the then-president, a Christian, openly equated Buddhist images with Satanism.
Competing for Souls

Korea's religious transformation hasn't been painless. In the 1990s, temples were burned and Buddha statues were beheaded as a Christian president openly equated Buddhist and Satanic images. The conflict is no longer so open.


karyakarta92 said...

Christists and Mohammedans already have a disproportionately high representation in the Indian establishment.

karyakarta92 said...

And, out of the 542 Lob Sabha constituencies - approximately 150 are "minority dominated", i.e. only a Mohammedan or a Christist can be elected from these. How do you think an Ajit Jogi or a Samuel Reddy gets elected?
Or, someone who is nominally a Hindu and licks their boots, some dhimmi like Ram Vilas Paswan or Arjun Singh. Actually, the new found belligerence of a Karunanidhi cannot be attributed entirely to Sonia's control over the reins of power. Several districts across India (outside of the North East) have become christist majority.
This demographic reality is camouflaged by the doctrine of stealth christism. The need of the hour is for Hindu organisations to cast off dhimmitude and engage in a relentless battle for India's soul by all means necessary.
Thugs like that bigoted christist teacher in Gujarat need to be scared of swift and telling
deterrent action by Hindus.
The Sangh Parivar is already demonised as "fascist", "communal" etc. It would be in the fitness of things if they discard their lathis
and establish a fast reaction force to dispense exemplary justice
where the authorities are indifferent and unequal to the task. After all, what is the use of having 2 crore "karyakartas"
if this cannot be done?

habc said...

Does anyone have that link with all the photos about the Kristallnacht in 1987 against the Buddhists organized by the Christists in South Korea? I cant seem to find it - it was a bbc link