Friday, October 12, 2007

Chindu finds fault with Modi no matter what

What a commie, pinko rag "The Hindu" is! It's Psec editors are determined to find fault with Narendra Modi, no matter what. In this case, they're aggrieved that he
is running an election campaign on the issues of economy and development.
Also notable is the concern, bordering on anxiety for enabling a few thousand "internally displaced" Mohammedans to exercise their franchise !
How cute! Why is this anxiety for universal adult suffrage missing when it applies to 500,000 Kashmiri Hindus ?


san said...
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Arvind said...
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habc said...
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samurai said...

the hindu has a deserved reputation of contributing towards nation building and inspiring young minds.
kashmir is a disputed territory which has its own constitution and has been ravaged by violent conflict.
gujarat is a state in india where police and government behaved shamelessly.

nizhal yoddha said...

yes,the chindu has been exemplary at building the chinese nation.

are you talking about tibet by any chance regarding violent conflict and government brutality?

i like this guy samurai. he was a periyarista before, now he's an nramista. thus showing that there's not much to choose between two nihilistic, violent, imperialistic death cults (although the dmk is still only an wannabe full death-cult).

it's sad what has happened to tamil nadu. rajaraja chola must be turning over in his grave.

samurai said...

nizhal yodha,tamilnadu is doing fine,having demolished the casteist monopoly.
hinduism had turned into brahminism and had become the only religion where the entire majority was absolutely unaware of the scriptures.
the movement of periyar and the dmk has levelled the hierarchical nonsense that had killed hinduism.
the people of tamilnadu are religious and also vote for the dmk.

samurai said...

hey nizhal yodha,do u deny that kashmir has a separate constituition ?
people like rajeev fall back on falsehood and become bereft of conviction.
the conflict in kashmir has been defeated and things will return to normalcy,as has happened in mizoram ,dargeeling and punjab.
dont slip into religious bigotry .

nizhal yoddha said...

tamil nadu is a place dominated by a bunch of thugs, followers of that crook and ruffian periyar.

tibet is a place where there is genocide and cultural extinction.

you periyaristas and nramistas can talk once you cease to murder, oppress, lie, and destroy civilization in those places.

san said...

"samurai" why lie? Your idol Karunanidhi broke away from Periyar while levelling sexual accusations at him, and then formed the DMK. After the old man's death, then Karunanidhi and his DMK are proclaiming themselves to be his greatest fans and loyalists. What garbage.

I'm a real athiest, not a racist opportunist like yourself. Here's a little primer on your Mugabe ideology:

nizhal yoddha said...

can't blame periyar, san, he was merely trying to emulate his semitic gods by marrying an underage teenager when he was 60 or so. (this is a felony, statutory rape.)

1. there is the aged king david in the bible who has the beauteous abishag the shunammite who 'ministers' to him. the ministering includes sleeping with him so that he can share her warmth, but, coyly, the bible insists the old man didn't (couldn't?) have sex with her.

2. mohammed's dalliance with the six-year-old ayesha is well known. he had sex with her when she was nine.

of course karunanidhi has done even better by being a trigamist. (bigamy is a crime unless one is a mohammedan.) i guess he's trying to prove that 1 'dravidian' = 3 women, see even better than 1 mohammedan = 2 women.

such beacons of ethics and morality the 'dravidians' are!

samurai said...

why dont you guys try to answer instead of yelling incoherently.
what was the reason for the so called scheduled castes to embrace other religions?
who propagated the myth about caste superiority and inferiority?
who agitated for the entry of the so called lower castes into temples?
who has made it possible for people of every community to become priests?
who has made it possible for tamil to be used in temples?
who has thus strengthened hinduism?
in which state would you find that names do not have the caste surname?
in which part of the world was a revolutionary turnaround achieved without shedding blood?
where did people agitate for the primacy of their mother tongue by self immolation?

karyakarta92 said...

" karunanidhi has done even better by being a trigamist...."

And I thought he was only a bigamist. The dirty little swine!
Does the Constitution of India recognise Dravidian "Self Respect" marriages? The Hindu marriage act surely does not apply to them. BTW, does anyone know if any of Karunanidhi's women was
under the age of consent at the time of marriage? A Uniform Civil Code is necessary to prevent such uninhibited Dravidian procreation. BTW, what the hell is involved in a "Self respect" marriage? Only primitive ignoble neanderthals like Baalu & Karunanidhi would be lacking in self respect and indulge in blind idol worship of a scoundrel like Periyar and act as consumers of semitic waste products.

karyakarta92 said...

Oh, and BTW, for the benefit of "Samurai" - N. Ram of
"The Hindu" is a Bramhin. Why do Dravidian neanderthals require a Bramhin spokesperson if they have so much self respect?
Here are some "Self Respect" snippets -
Periyar was a Naidu (Telugu speaking person)
MGR - was a Malyali
Jayalalithaa - is a Kannadiga and a Bramhin
Rajanikant - is a Marathi speaker from Karnataka
Looks like Dravidians lack self respect so much that they need to import their leaders too!