Friday, October 12, 2007

Sitaram Goel on the Chisti Ajmer school of Sufism

It is very fashionable among the Indian dhimmis, including some so-called nationalists to praise Sufism, it's "syncretic culture" and it's alleged "moderation" to the skies.
Therefore, one should not lose sight of these pertinent facts about it.

True Face of Sufism

"But the evidence that is available points towards a contrary conclusion. The Chishtiyya school was foisted on India by Muin-ud-din who had settled down in Ajmer before the Second Battle of Tarain. According to the sufi lore, he had made a few converts from among the local Hindus and started issuing orders to Prithivi Raj Chauhan, the Hindu king, for the benefit of these converts. When the king ignored him, he invited Muhammad Ghuri to invade the Chauhan Kingdom. Sir-ul-Awliya, the most famous history of the Chishtiyya school written by Khwaja Amir Khurd, another disciple of Nizam-ud-din Awliya, tells the following story: ?His [Muin-ud-din?s] blessed tongue uttered spontaneously, ?We have handed over Pithora alive to the army of Islam.? In those very days, Sultan Muiz-ud-din Sam arrived in Ajmer from Ghazni. Pithora had to face the army of Islam. He was captured alive by Sultan Muiz-ud-din? The Khwaja [Muinud-din] was a worker of great wonders. Before he reached Hindustan, all its cities right upto the point of sunrise were sunk in tumult and infidelity and were involved with idols and idolatry. Everyone among the rabble [Gods] of Hindustan claimed to be the great God and a co-sharer in the divinity of Allah. The people paid homage to stones, sods of clay, trees, quadrupeds, cows and bulls and their dung. The darkness of infidelism had made still more firm the seals on their hearts? Muin-ud-din was indeed the very sun of the true faith. As a result of his arrival, the darkness that had spread over this country was dispelled. It became bright and glowed in the light of Islam... Anyone who has become a Musalman in this country will stay a Musalman till the Day of Dissolution. His progeny will also remain Musalman? The people [of Hindustan] will be brought out of dAr-ul-harb into dAr-ul-IslAm by means of many wars."7

There is plenty of primary literature available in Arabic and Persian regarding the rise, development, and doings of numerous sufi silsilas in India. Some of this literature has been translated into Urdu and English as well. A study of this literature leaves little doubt that sufis were the most fanatic and fundamentalist elements in the Islamic establishment in medieval times. Hindus should go to this literature rather than fall for latter-day Islamic propaganda. The ruin of Hindus and Hinduism in Kashmir in particular, can be safely credited to sufis who functioned there from the early thirteenth century onwards.

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habc said...

Ot - I found this very interesting

Tiny Eritrea turns down aid in bold quest for self-reliance

This struggling nation is doing something virtually unheard of in Africa: It's turning down foreign aid.
With a president who vows not to lead another "spoon-fed" African country "enslaved" by international donors, Eritrea, a tiny, secretive nation on the Horn of Africa, has walked away from more than $200 million in aid in the past year alone, including food from the United Nations, development loans from the World Bank and grants from international charities to build roads and deliver healthcare.

even if it results in short-term hardships. He says it is crucial not only to the long-term survival of his country but also to that of his continent.

"We need this country to stand on its two feet," Isaias said in an interview. Fifty years and billions of dollars in postcolonial international aid have done little to lift Africa from chronic poverty, he said.

"These are crippled societies," Isaias said of neighbors whom he described as relying on donors rather than developing their economies. "You can't keep these people living on handouts because that doesn't change their lives."

Measured on a variety of UN health indicators, including life expectancy, immunizations, and malaria prevention, Eritrea scores as high, and often higher, than its neighbors, including Ethiopia and Kenya.

He said Eritrea would rejoin regional and global markets once it developed a manufacturing and production capacity and could compete on an equal footing. Until then, he added, "we say, leave us alone. Let us do our work."

Education and healthcare are free, he said.

Measles and polio have been nearly eradicated in the past two years, and the childhood mortality rate has dropped by nearly two-thirds since 1995. He said his cold-turkey approach to halting food aid was making farmers work harder, without increasing hunger or malnutrition.
"It's provoked people to do more to feed themselves," he said, predicting Eritrea would produce an agricultural surplus in three years. "We are fed better than anyone."

Notice how the country is immediately accused of sponsoring "terrorism"
Notice how the aid agencies are unhappy.
Notice how they immediately compare him to Kim Jong il. I'm surprised he has not been compared to Hitler.

Notice how BBC is unhappy about this
Notice how the Economist is unhappy about this

An interview with the leader - does he sound like a crazy man or like Castro/KimJongIl?Eritrea: Q & A With President Isaias Afewerki

I guess if you refuse to coddle and pamper international do gooder busybodies and want to stop being a parasite that makes you a bad bad man - I mean so many people have their entire "narratives" riding on this guy failing to succeed.

I guess he will not be getting any international prizes any time soon.