Friday, October 12, 2007

naturally, the indian doesn't get the nobel peace prize

oct 12th, 2007

al gore gets the nobel peace prize.

rajendra pachauri, the chairman of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, does not get the prize, although the ipcc does.

last year, the international atomic energy agency *and* its eqyptian chairman el baradei got the nobel peace prize.

ah, if only rajendra pachauri's name had been "ahmed shariff" or "martin mcwan" or "kancha ilaiah" or "susan arundhati roy"! he would definitely have won!


climatechange said...

I have watched Al-Gore's big documentary on global warming which is doing the rounds in India and everywhere.

Gore asks pointedly - "Who are the people contributing the most to climate change ?" and answers - "Us". (meaning America).

And he asks - "Who is doing the least about it ?" and answers - "Us". (meaning America).

Climate change is the biggest threat to the world at present.

And Gore has put the responsibility mostly on America's shoulders.

So one feels the prize is well-bestowed. Adding the committee chairman's name would only reduce the impact of Gore's message.

venkat said...

The white man screwed up our environment and now he gets a prize for it!!!

Wah! Wah! Wah!

san said...

Gore is a Johnny-Come-Lately to the environmental movement. There are so many who have been preaching environmentalism for decades, and they've never received any Nobel Prize for it. The Nobel Prize is notoriously politically biased in favour of European perceptions.

Let's face it, the Europeans/Atlanticists are upset at being dependent on the Russians for gas, which is why they've been supporting any chicanery (even back to the Taliban days) to obtain alternate pipeline routes. Failing that, they need to promote environmentalism and conservation to bring the oil prices down and reduce Russia's power over them.

And let's also recognize that Al Gore was also part of the Clinton admin that helped to expand European borders by attacking Serbia, and expanding NATO. Those little unspoken bonuses are why he was backed for his presidential run in 2001.

A Nobel Prize for Gore is just another Atlanticist shot against their common enemy Bush.