Wednesday, March 01, 2006

'Secularism' Combat

mar 1st

good antidote to the marxist media of india. i am not going to post the full copy of the magazine, because it has confidential contact information. but i just wanted you all to know that such a magazine exists, this issue is 24 pages long, and it is availbable in print as well.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ha




Kindly go through the enclosed monthly journal, 'Secularism' Combat.

We would be very happy to receive your suggestions/criticism

If you like the magazine, we request you to kindly circulate among your group.

You are most welcome to send your contributions to combat 'secularism'.

With regards,



P Parijata




Kaunteya said...

Just so you folks know , there's a "Communalism Combat"[CC], a weekly [i guess] that is run by Teesta Setalvad and her pimp .. sorry, husband Javed Anand from Bombay. It is endorsed by the usual suspects Praful Bidwai,Kuldeep Nayar,Mahesh Bhatt etc. from time to time. Also it is funded from places like Dubai,Saudi and some Muslims and Christians from USA/UK as well.

Mid-Day another daily from Bombay is run by a Muslim organization, has close ties with CC.

CC had carried a front page ad in papers like TOI,IE etc in the last general elections generally asking "common man" to vote for "secular" parties. From what i know, a front page ad in TOI of that size will easily cost half a million bucks if not more.

Teesta has milked the 'secularism' cow like no one till date.

siva said...

Man this Teesta is one slutty looking bitch. All the sullas around her should be always picking up her scent with a constant hard on salivating for a chance to do her.

siva said...


I think you made one small error here. That Javed Anand may be Teesta’s pimp, but he is not her husband. He is married to another whore named Shabana Azmi.

Sailesh Ganesh said...

Siva, thats Javed Akhtar that you are talking about. Teesta's husband is Javed Anand.

virat0 said...

Ram Ram.
I din't have acrobat on my machine yet to read your issue, but some intelligent and composed people are definitely required to hit secularism. My suggestion "-

1) Just don't keep it a hindu-muslim issue, the Sabha journal is very good example, it says all rationally, just like secularists say all in terms of Gandhi and how go created people to be fed rations according to Stalins prescriptions.

2) Secularism doesn't exist in India, they got a fraud logic like death cult wroshippers to mislead the people into something else that exists ( It is not appeasement, appeasement is a tool). Hit whatever exists for the secularists, not their virtual image.

3) I would like to think 5% secularists are frauds, rest all are brainwashed slaves. Would like to revise the estimate or add more categories when get more info.

More later... best of luck... Rama Rama for the time being.

siva said...

My bad

>>> Siva, thats Javed Akhtar that you are talking about. Teesta's husband is Javed Anand.