Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saudi Arabian Monarch institutionalising Discrimination against Hindus Welcome but not US President!

mar 3rd

no, not 1/3 of a human being, but 1/16th of the value of a mohammedan.

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From: Swa

Our Government invites a leader for Independence day celebrations from a country whose constitution says Hindus are 1/3rd of a human being and we bring out the red carpet. Ofcourse our fellow comrades and muslim citizens don't march or burn flags protesting this because it's acceptable to denigrate Hindus(hell, we encourage it!)but non-Indian muslims are killed in a faraway war that whatever it's origins, the ultimate (stated)goal is to bring democracy and, wonder of wonders it enrages our fellow muslims and comrades!! Why does nobody talk this double standard - not even so-called right wingers?
For all his faults( and there are many, from inhumane treatment of pows at guantanamo bay to the Iraq war), Indians should be grateful that he took a lot of heat during the 2004 elections about out-sourcing and didn't give in to the anti-outsourcing/anti-India lobby for a few cheap votes but I guess these don't matter because seen thru a 'muslim-prism' the benefits aren't obvious! And finally, he's on an invitation from India so is this how we treat a guest?!
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