Tuesday, March 07, 2006

kerala: where the aliens have landed

mar 7th

a variation on the Sun, National Enquirer and so forth with their stories of aliens abducting and impregnating various redneck women (and men, too :-)?

note to 'secularists': re godfrey louis. i don't think he's a white guy, most likely a desi fisherman latin catholic or a nadar, so don't get excited thinking a white guy christist said this, so it must be true :-). i had to put this note in else FOIL and FOSA and 'china's national newspaper' would start salivating over another michael witzel type whom they could brown-nose.

of course, aliens would *choose* to land in kerala, considering it is so full of weirdos, much like redneck country in the american south.

this whole thing reminds me of the 'explanation' when a train fell off a bridge over the ashtamudi lake at perumon near kollam, kerala: there was a localized cyclone that caused the train to fall off. damaged bridge pillars? of course not. we're insulted by the very idea. it was a cyclone, yessirree, so it was. nobody onshore saw the 'cyclone' even though there were only 50 feet away. but who's asking difficult questions? and the fact that there have been zero cyclones recorded on the malabar coast for oh, 200 years, doesn't matter. this was a cyclone, period. a very brief, very focused one. yeah, that's the ticket

they should have brought in UC Banerjee (the hero of godhra*) to investigate the perumon disaster too. just like he concluded it was spontaneous combustion in godhra, he would have put his stamp of approval on the cyclone theory. it would also be a good idea to bring in teesta setalvad, micheal witzel and romila thapar to argue about the cyclone, as the latter two have just formed the 'society for the preservation of bizarre theories that have outlived their usefulness'. it's a dirty job, but someone had to do it, and why not them?

* like ev ramaswamy naicker is supposedly vaikom veerar, the hero of the vaikom agitation. not! he was the vaikom visitor/tourist who was roundly ignored when he showed up there.

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