Sunday, March 05, 2006

its happening in Kerala

mar 5th

not gaza, a second kashmir. prepare to flee, convert or die.

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From: Santhosh
Date: Mar 5, 2006 8:02 PM
Subject: its happening in Kerala

I'm afraid we have a gaza strip in the making
in Kerala !!

Bombs explode at two places in Kozhikode


san said...

Meanwhile, Kashmir is coming to Kerala on the big screen too:

KapiDhwaja said...

Poking some fun at Bush..

bodhi dharma said...

this is serious. terrorist attacks are on the rise in kerala and none of the politicians or police concerened. maybe they want to convert kerala to another POK as you suggested. everyone, even the usually barking communist writers, cultural 'czars' are keeping mum! kerala maybe sonia's lab where she can experiment with a traitor-on call christist CM

Non Carborundum said...

Shahabuddin's (MP from Siwan, Bihar) involvement has been talked about. It is said that he won't rest until there is a Mosque at every 100m distance in Kerala.

Kaunteya said...

Congress-Marxsist-Jehadi checklist
1] Kashmir done with
2] West Bengal done with
3] North East gone
4] Assam on the way out
5] Kerela - on the radar.
6] UP - next in line

Congress slogan for next election - "We won't rest till India is destroyed comprehensively"

Marxist - "We won't rest till Mao rules us from within India"

indianpatriot said...

I donot understand why people are so pessimistic. Future of India are its youth. After a decade of sizzling economic growth the youth in India are confident to take anybody in the world. (Please read the book One Night in call centre. Where it is taught that 10=35. i.e IQ of 10 year old Indian kid is equal to 35 year old American). Other surveys have showed for Indian youths except( some people in Delhi and Punjab) Pakistan is a foreign country nothing in common with India. Peace is desirable with that country on Indias condition with no territorial concessions under any conditions. Also most of them are very proud of their Hindu identity( Every survey shows that they are very religious, prefer arranged marriages). Maybe my views are colored that I came from Karanataka where circumstancs have made it immune from Marxist, Christist and Islamic fundamentalists. I will give reasons in another posting (Mainly starting of private Engineering and medical colleges by Hindu religious mutts in many small towns). Even in Kerala BJP I believe has a great opportunity to work with Karunakaran (Never taking no for answer) and be the formidable third force instead of behaving like a wounded party(civilization) in Naipuls words. Here is a posting from Indian express which shows how BJP is enjoying competitive minority wooing.

Godhra ‘whitewash’ to Muslim count, quotas to Qureishi: For BJP, iron’s hot

Hindutva II 20 yrs after Shah Bano, united saffron front prepares to take on UPA’s ‘blatant minority appeasement’


Posted online: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 0157 hours IST

NEW DELHI, MARCH 6: As their backbenchers vociferously shouted slogans to counter the entire non-NDA contingent’s demand for the resignation of Narendra Modi, top BJP leaders exuded a quiet sense of glee. They had more than one reason.

Their calculation: the Justice Banerjee Committee report that calls the Sabarmati Express attack an accident together with a series of ‘‘blatant minority appeasement’’ measures by the UPA government could well provide the ideal environment for the revival of Hindutva, 20 years after it burst forth on the Indian political scene.

Linking the Banerjee report to ‘‘pure votebank politics,’’ BJP deputy leader in the Lok Sabha V K Malhotra said: ‘‘The Banerjee report being made public when the Supreme Court is monitoring the probe and Nanavati-Shah Commission is investigating the matter shows the race for minority votes, particularly in the wake of large scale protests by Muslims against the Bush visit.’’

That ‘‘race’’ was only too visible in the Lok Sabha today when members of the BSP, SP, RJD, Congress and Left—seldom on the same side of the fence these days—vied with one another to demand the tabling of the report and Modi’s resignation.

The BJP stood more or less isolated in the House. Only Shiv Sena MPs joined them to protest against Justice Banerjee’s conclusion that the Godhra fire had been an accident.

But it is an isolation that BJP leaders, guided by L K Advani, are beginning to relish. There is, they admit, a delicious sense of deja vu. In 1986, the Rajiv Gandhi government’s decision to overturn the Shah Bano verdict provided the spark to the BJP’s campaign against ‘‘pseudo secularism.’’

The party leadership managed to convince large numbers of middle-class Indians that the Congress was ‘‘unjust to Hindus’’ and ‘‘pampered’’ obscurantist minority sentiments only to garner votes. The success of the p movement that propelled BJP to centre-stage was built on the anti ‘‘pseudo secular’’ campaign.

Compared to the Shah Bano spark in 1986, the UPA government has lit a veritable prairie fire of ‘‘minority appeasement’’, BJP leaders claim. In closed-door meetings, Advani has been telling his colleagues that they must seize the moment—just as he did in the late 1980s.

The UPA government’s record of ‘‘minorityism’’, Advani & co. feel, is far worse than that of Rajiv Gandhi’s. The five per cent job reservation quota for Muslims by the Andhra Pradesh government, the decision to bring an ordinance to grant minority status to Aligarh Muslim University, the stated intention to overturn the Supreme Court order on the IMDT Act, the formation of a Ministry for Minority Affairs for the first time since Independence, and the setting up of the Rajinder Sachar committee to do a ‘‘headcount’’ of Muslims in all sectors of government (including, initially, the armed forces) are being cited as examples of the government’s ‘‘appeasement psychosis.’’

But it is the latest twist of events—the growing anti-Congress sentiment among large sections of the Muslims following what they see as the government’s ‘‘pro-US’’ tilt—that has bolstered BJP leaders.

“The Congress is now in a dilemma. At Sonia Gandhi’s behest, the party and government have gone out of their way to appease Muslims. But the Bush visit and the Iran issue are turning the Muslims away from the Congress towards parties such as the SP,’’ a senior BJP leader said.

The Congress, therefore, is likely to make more ‘‘blatant’’ efforts to woo the Muslims (the Banerjee report is cited as a case in point) but that will only help the BJP secure its erstwhile status of being the sole spokesman of the majority community.

The Congress’s entire strategy, BJP ideologues feel, was based on a wrong premise. ‘‘Congress believes that it lost its pre-eminent status because the Muslims abandoned the party. But the Muslims never came to us, they went to Third Front parties. However, the Congress’s appeasement policies created anger among the Hindu middle class and that is what helped us grow,’’ a BJP insider explained.

A similar story, the party hopes, could once again be unfolding. Now that the intra-Sangh Parivar differences have been sorted out, a united saffron offensive against ‘‘minorityism’’ is on the cards in a fervent attempt to bring about Hindutva’s second coming.

daisies said...

I do not understand why people are so pessimistic. Future of India are its youth.

--- My 2 cents...

when it comes to government,
the future depends on which
party comes to power and what
their policies are.

that in turn depends on votes.

how many educated people
actually go to vote ? a lot of
them dont. because many have
lost all faith in all parties.
and maybe in politics itself.
many are not in the country
at voting time :-)

i think it's the less educated,
less informed and aware, that
vote more. they respond to the
votebank strategies of various
parties. whichever appeals most
to them. maybe even on just
emotion. some are simply
attracted to the image of an
"amma" in various forms. amma
promises take care of them,
no, and gives all kings of

daisies said...


I mean "all kinds of goodies..."

DarkStorm said...

yes, the educated dont really vote in larger numbers.
i recall an incident.. i wanted to register as a voter in my hometown. i applied. its still pending. the congressis are more than willing to give voting rights to slumdwelling jehadis rather than the educated people. now i cannot vote till they process my application, and maybe that will be after I am reduced to ashes.

also, does our vote really matter. for one opinion of yours, there are 10 votes that are based on caste and religion. i am least bit interested in voting now. i know my vote doesnt matter at all. all it takes is a fatwa from a mullah and there will be these scum jehadis coming out in droves and wrecking all democratic ideals etc.