Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fwd: california text book war

mar 3rd

now on to the religion of love. they love so much that they only massacred 100 million people.

re india the man underestimates the number. it's 30 million the christists killed in india.

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From: mohan

Trust this finds you in best of health and cheers .
Despite best efforts, there is lot of disappointment
in the text book front.

when witzel,a christian, who has not visited India,
can insist for the retention of certain derogatory
references about hinduism, why cannot the Hindu group
insist that American text book must contain the
following irrefutable facts of history;

1.white americans, following christianity, massacred
and exterminated more than 100 million natives

2. by stupid bombing, americans destroyed the flora
and fauna of vietnam and in the process killed
millions and millions of vietnamese

3. by dropping the bomb on hiroshima, americans killed
more than a million innocent japanese

4. by war-mongering, americans killed more than 5
million innocent civilians in afganistan, iraq and

5. white australians, by their savagery, exterminated
the aborginals.

6. germans in another savage incident, massacred 4
million jews in cold blood

7. white europeans, in the name of witchcraft,
brutally murdered 5 million innocent woman and

8. a chapter on slave trade, ill-treatment of blacks
and the fact that a black can never become a president
of america

9. british, during their rule in India, plundered 10
trillion dollar worth of asssets, making India
permanently poor. during colonization, british, killed
more than 10 lac hindus - another holocaust.

10. conversion is an important aspect of christianity,
in the process, destroying other cultures.

in short, we can say, white christians are plunderers,
murderers and heartless savages.a chapter on David
Stan nard's book - american holocaust can be included.

also, based on the book DEAD SEA SCROLLS, we can say
that jesus was a myth created by the church.

offence is the best defence - in the present case, the
only defence.

with regards and respects,

yours sincerely


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solarpetal said...

"during colonization, british, killed
more than 10 lac hindus - another holocaust."
the bengal famine alone killed not less than 30 lac hindus. the figure might be around 3 to 10 crores.

mahashivaji said...

This is a lesson for all Hindus. We have to take the scholarship of our religion into our own hands. WE have to be the stewards of our own faith. If we do not, then someone else will do it.

It amazes me that among ONE BILLION followers, we are totally powerless to do anything! One person has wielded such tremendous influence on how our religion is presented---and he's NOT even Hindu!

Shame on us.

It's still not too late. There is a lesson in every defeat.