Tuesday, February 07, 2006

worth checking out re witzel and co

feb 7th


indology researcher's fan club.


Shobhit Mathur said...

Rajeev, by posting a link to these blogs you are just increasing its page rank and generating more hits to that blog. Please refrain from doing so.

DarkStorm said...

shobhit, thats what the intent seems to be..
the site actually tears apart witzel. It makes fun of witlezz and others.

Actually good if it gets more hits. :)

IRFAN said...

Did someone imply that IRFFAN CRITICIZES Dear Professor WITZEL??? SHOCKING! SHOCKING! We are, as we say very clearly on the front, the FAN CLUB for the IndoEurasian Researchers. Like the dog listening to His Master's Voice, our (copied) Logo. Like Professor Madhav Deshpande, licking the feet of His Master, Prof. Witzel. Or Steve Farmer, Assistant-to-Professor Witzel. Or Sepoy Sudha Shenoy who writes for the White Aryan Nations in Alabama (the group whose motto is "Kill 'em All, Let Gawd Sort 'em out!")

Please visit us as we admire the latest amazing revelations of the IndoEurasian Researchers. Try to Decipher the Farmer Lat(r)in Inscriptions from the San Marco Miracle!