Wednesday, February 15, 2006

case studies of kashmiri hindus

feb 15th

their crime? no, they did not even say anything about any cartoons.

they were collateral damage in ethnic cleansing.

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> the following cases are taken from a public website
> < > there is much more material there.
>KP = kashmiri pandits are hindus, KM are muslims
>Those who know Shri P.N. Bhat, a front rank advocate practicing at Anantnag, will vouch safe how much popular he was with Muslims in his town. His skull was shattered with a volley of bullets. No Muslim uttered a word of condolence for him; why should they? It had brought glory to Muslim zealots.
>Shri Lassa Koul, Director, Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar, was gunned down just outside his house at Bemina. He was returning home at night after doing his duty. Even a layman could suspect the foul play of DD employees in his dastardly murder.
>Shri R.N. Handoo, P.A. to Governor, was killed outside the gate of his house at Narsinghgarh just as he was entering the official vehicle to take him to his office.
>The next day, in its early hours, witnessed the merciless and brutal killing of Shri B.K. Ganju, a young budding and extra­ordinarily intelligent and efficient Telecom Engineer, within his home at Chotta Bazar, Srinagar. He hid in a charcoal drum and the assailants failing to find him were about to leave when his neighbours whom he trusted too much redi­rected the blood thirsty savages to conduct a research. A dozen bullets were pumped into the drum killing the help­less trapped weak man. When his young widow appealed to the jubilant killers to shoot here down along with her two baby daughters, they marched out chuckling "who would mourn over his dead body?"
>The following day heralded the murder of Shri A.K. Raina, Deputy Director, Food & Supplies, Srinagar by terrorists in his office. It was literally dying in harness. His subordi­nates stood aloof and watched the proceeding joyfully.
>Prof. Nila Kanth Lala, MA (Political Science, History and Education), extensively read and informed person, with a gift of gab, in fact an institution in himself, was done to death by his own Muslim STUDENTS of his own area. After his retire­ment from Government service he had been serving in Is­lamic Higher Secondary School; What a reward !!
>Prof. K.L. Ganjoo an agricultural scientist at Sher i Kashmir University of Agriculture Science & Technology at Wodhura Sopore (his home town) was kidnapped and tortured by his own Muslim students and friends before he was shot dead while wading the Jehlum under dictation from the ter­rorists. His wife Prana Ganjoo was kidnapped and gang­raped and then dismembered. Her body was not returned to her relatives.
>The followers of Nizam-e-Mustafa revived the medieval barbaric age when Shri Brij Nath Kaul, a driver in SKUAST, Shalimar campus, Srinagar was tied by his feet to a jeep driven by the terrorists. Muslims praying five times day, wit­nessed the ghastly manner of dealing out death and enjoyed his defacement. This belittles the brutalities of the Afghan rulers of Kashmir.
>Shri D.N. Mujoo had done a lot for educating the Muslim youth of his area, Fateh Kadal, Srinagar before he moved Rawalpora. Besides being a Theosophist, an unassuming Scholar, an educationist who took pains to experiment 'with J. Krishnamurti's dynamic thoughts on education, Shri Mujoo was all his life a real teacher. An old man of over 70 years, tall and healthy he passed his time in philosophical contemplation. He did not dabble in any politics and was least dangerous. Yet the terrorists intruded into his house seized him and stabbed ruthlessly at the dead of night. His wife was also assaulted and injured but left as 'dead'. The poor old man bled pale and cold.
>Shri Sarvanand Koul 'Premi' truly brimmed with love for all. A distinguished poet in Kashmiri he contributed much to ennrich the Kashmiri Literature. He translated the Bhagvat Geeta into Kashmiri verse. He had a copy of the Holy Quran besides the Hindu scriptures in his library. Destroying is library was not enough. The terrorist hounds led Premi and his son Virender some distance away from his house. His forehead was nailed at the tilakmark, his eyes were carved out; his limbs and bones were broken; his body was axed and then butchered in the same manner. What impressive examples of Islamic tolerance!
>Smt. Sarla Bhat, a nurse in SKIMS Srinagar was suspected of being an informer since the institute was a den of other terrorists who included members of the faculty as well. At the behest of Dr. A. A. Guru she was gang raped by a number of Muslim bad characters of degraded order before she was stripped naked, mauled and murdered in a shameless manner that no human being born of woman can conceive. She was thrown on the road for all to see what respect they had for womenfolk.
>Smt. Girja a school teacher in Bandipora had gone to school to collect her salary and called on a friendly Muslim col­league. The architects of Nizama-e-Mustafa kidnapped her from there with the Muslim lady restraining herself from in­terceding and thwarting the evil designs of the Islamic zeal­ots. The possession of her body was halal; according to religious injection. They gang raped her, ripped open her abdomen, placed her on band saw and sawed her into two halves.
>Kumari Babli and her mother Smt. Roopwati of Pulwama met a horrible end at the hands of terrorist brutes.
>Shri Balkrishen Tutoo, an officer in agriculture department became the victim of callous bloodthirsty militants who barged into his house to abduct and kill his brother. Tutoo pleaded for mercy and resisted, he was fired and critically wounded. He was rushed to the hospital where the doctors on duty allegedly completed rest of the work.
>Mustaq Latram for whose release the AI-Faran outfit wants release of the four foreign hostages was allegedly involved in the gruesome murder of four members of a family at Mallapora, Habbakadal, Srinagar. The victims at the instance of some neighbours gunned down Jawahar Lal Ganjoo, Mrs. Ganjoo, Badri Nath Koul and his wife Lalla, living under one roof, leaving behind two unmarried daughters and two inno­cent teenaged boys and an old 85 years paralytic mother.
>Asha Koul was abducted from Achabal-Anantnag. She was taken to a KP migrants abandoned house in Srinagar and gang raped for many days and tortured. Her body was found in a decomposed state in the very house on 8th August in 1991.
>Babli Raina, of Sopore a teacher was gang raped in her house in presence of her family members on 13th August 1990, before she was killed an act we have never heard or read in the recent history of any civilized country. There are many more reported and unreported cases of brutal and hair-­raising treatment meted out to women as memorable ex­amples of Islamic gallantry.
>No religion enjoins upon its followers such inhuman, cruel and unnatural acts. And the Muslims more educated in num­ber than the uneducated ones hailing from well to do homes indoctrinated and motivated by Pakistan Government backed ISI prowled about like man eaters looking for KP victims. Killings were carried on and unabated in ever new devised forms that beat all past records of cruelty and ferocity during the 500 years of Muslim rule in Kashmir.
>The KPs went or receiving threatening letters, death warrants and highly disturbing telephone calls not in-joke but in real meaningfulness. For paucity of space I cannot allude to comprehensive details brutal and ruthless murders of hundreds of Sarlas, Rainas, Ganjoos, Tikoos, Kouls, Mujus, Tutoos and so on. Hundreds of KP martyrs who fell at the altar of Indian secularism and the splendid heritage of India have remained unsung.


Kalyani said...

Rajeev ,

To add to that ,there was one Sri.Parameshwaran (of VHP or RSS,,can't recall)who was known for His integrity,compassion and good samaritan work towards *poor,illiterate muslims* in Thamizh nadu.

One evening,when He returned home,was pounced upon by a group of muslims of the same locality and hacked to pieces by swords and sickles.

This report had come in the tiniest,remotest corner in a newspaper.
We refuse to learn.We are adamantine in our mission of 'embracing,loving' and finding "commonalities"(sic)between Hinduism and inimical *isms*.'They' are protoplasmically programmed to kill and exterminate us and as someone in said
"a country that appeases them deserves to live under sharia law"

Our Bhagavad Gita is not to be chanted in singsong voice in incense filled rooms followed by Prasadam gorging! It is to be *LIVED and APPLIED* every moment of our lives.

Sri.Aurobindo said Hindus "WILL have to and WILL take up arms against......."and that, it shall be "apocalyptical"!

BheeshmaDronacharyas etc etc did not drag and disrobe Paanchali but were they spared? Were they shown clemency??

Idiots, that we are, we end up invariably arming and nourishing our very patently evident killers!!

lazysusan said...

This is so horrible. Which links on the homepage are the relevant ones ? I want to forward all this to & all Indian newspapers...why dont the Indian papers regularly write in detail about all this to educate the public on what atrocities were committed on the Kashmiri Pandits ?

Kalyani said...

For the comatose hindus who still insist there are "pious" m...... and who BElieve(!!!)Hinduism and barbaric isms "share a lot"(SIC):-


Kalyani said...

Lazysusan ,

I am kind of intrigued...You said you have been "visiting this blog for quite sometime....." and you write expressing surprise(!!?)"...this is so horrible....why are not indian newspapers writing...."

When I wrote about Hinduism's Might,Glory and Triumph, you said "...this is news to me..."

Well ...,do you find that disquieting? Makes you feel uneasy?
Or are you unabashedly happy like myself,Ragz,Siva,San,DarkStorm and other kindred minds here?

I would savour an honest reply!

DarkStorm said...

i hope our regular trolls have something to say for this. Gujarat was a pinprick compared to what we have gone through for 800 years and even now, in Kashmir.

Let there be more Gujarats, so that we may live with a free mind, and not under constant fear.

virat0 said...

Thanks for posting this. This is indeed horrible. They are killing people.

Kalyani said...

Reiterating what DarkStorm has said earlier, each one of us (I mean only Hindus...not those who posture "aiaiyo Rajeev-is-it-true-blahblah) can take potently effective steps.

We don't have to post them here.Small steps,nevertheless,ruthlessly uncompromising ones, would be very effective.

Unarticulated, silent,frostily not overtly ,angry responses(means not krodham but *kshaathram*)have more potency than prolix discussions.

Come on ,we can outshine them in thaqqiya arena,with more panache!

Kalyani said...

During Kargil war,in a Godforsaken government school in Kolkata,a six year old Hindu boy was beaten up and killed by a muslim teacher.It came in a crevice inside a kolkata newspaper.

In a way,what the Danes have done is a blessing in disguise.hindus in a mode of denial----Face the brutes or Perish!!

Cacoethes said...

Dear Rajeev
I was a schoolboy in Keralam when the Ramasimhan murder ("Kola") took place. The reports of the trial filled front pages of newspapers for a long time, but ultimately the murderers went scot free. I could find almost nothing on the Internet about this case. Will you be kind enough to post some info (if you have any) in your blog? I think it is a historical case that throws some light on the religious fanaticism in Keralam.

lazysusan said...

"When I wrote about Hinduism's Might,Glory and Triumph, you said "...this is news to me...""

-- No the might of Hinduism was not news to me :) But what you mentioned that Nostradamus has prophesiced about only Hinduism & Judaism surviving...Sikh warrior etc...That was news to me. No it didnt make me uneasy...but it seemed to pat...unbelievable...its like convienently finishing off the bad guys in the prophecies...but in real life does that happen all the time & 100% ?

"Reiterating what DarkStorm has said earlier, each one of us (I mean only Hindus...not those who posture "aiaiyo Rajeev-is-it-true-blahblah) can take potently effective steps."

-- Are you by any chance referring to my statement of 'this is so horrible' ? Well in any case...there are lot of Hindus (& other communities) who genuinely dont know a lot of if you have info...please I do whenever I find something with proof (like the last time, I found the Stephen Knapp website @ Taj Mahal pics @ Hindu temple palace) and mail it to everyone on my address book & newspapers...before that point of time...even I used to say 'Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan' because thats the info I had ! So different people have different frame of reference, different 'places' they come get everyone united & one on level & on their side, Hindus should communicate (especially without getting angry ;)) & convince...

lazysusan said...

Sorry forgot address the above is in reply to Kalyani's comments to me...

Kalyani said...


One wrong conclusion we make is that Hinduism is some creed or cult like the other fanatic death cults.Which was why I had written "How can Dharmam not triumph?"

The other two violent converting creeds may thunder a lot about Gawdstuff; but the truth is, it their indefensible and rapacious coveting of others' land,its resources,exploitable and expendable women and children,you name it.Don't tell me you also believe in the crap, that akbar was "great" ,tipusultans and hyder alis were valiant freedom fighters defending their(!!!)motherland and so on.

My scepticism was because you said you have been reading stuff in this blog for some time.It is not just the quality of mercy that is not strained....even solidarity,patriotism,espousal of Dhaarmic principles.....

Bear with me,I am full of rage,particularly when hindu sophists unfailingly defend the evil perpetrators.This morning started with one ranjit s.

I am in no hurry to go to any "heaven u...u..p..pp there".For me,this Mother Earth is veritably the Paradise.And there are a lot of sane and normal people like me.So,when the Prophesies vouchsafe,the unwanted would be pulverised heralding a Glorious Period,I am happy!!!

Kalyani said...

Lazysusan ,

Among my own circle of relatives and friends,I feel so alienated!Most of my anger and disgust reserved for them.They are so blissfully purring if assured of their cocktail of cricket,films and intermittent sos bhajans during some *crisis*.

I am not angry with you!Sorry, I was about to lose my cool though!!

lazysusan said...


Well my 'awakening' or whatever you call it started with the Godhra carnage , riots & the media & general (my friends/relatives) reactions to it...

You can get an idea @ my ideals/ideas through these :

Kalyani said...

Dear Sonali/Lazysusan,

Thank You! Give me some time to go through the links above.

I will share one of my stupidities with you.It was in my teens that I came across Veera B.Swami's Prophesies.It was all poetry full of metaphors and symbols.When I read "corcodiles would occupy Thirupathi",I spent years and years wondering how those amphibians would (and why would they??!!)climb The Seven Hills....I would not ask anyone around to clarify my doubts as they were always willing to only ridicule and not explain!