Thursday, February 09, 2006

Of public record in Harvard Crimson: "Witzel Disruptive"

feb 9th

there's a dossier on witzel posted at vigilonline and that does point to this material.

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Subject: Of public record in Harvard Crimson: "Witzel Disruptive"

You may find it helpful inyour writing to know more about the reputation of the man who is objecting to Hindu respect and truth in California textbooks ....
"Four graduate students interviewed by The Crimson said that Witzel should lose his tenure and be removed from the University."
"Students said they found the man disruptive and did not understand why he was there"
                                  --- excerpts from The Crimson, Harvard's newspaper


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i found another article on Atrocities of the British empire
The Hindu (

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Paki nuclear proliferation & America

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