Saturday, February 18, 2006

speak out against fur.

feb 18th

from my friend in the middle east.

vegetarians of the world, unite! (i am, shamefacedly, a fish-eater).

you have nothing to lose but bird flu. note that bird flu has officially hit india. it would be a very good idea to stop eating chicken.

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From: amrita

We need your help RIGHT NOW to stop the carnage taking place on fur farms around the world-including the slaughter of nearly 2,000,000 cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs in China. Please take a moment to sign the important pledge linked above. Thank you.


Non Carborundum said...

One more fashionable cause.....
Sorry - no time

chandramahal said...

Give up fish also, Srinivasan. Read Maneka Gandhi in The Pioneer.
Be a vegetarian ! Achcha Hai, as she says!