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bible talks about g*d smiting people dead

feb 9th

boy, he does quite a lot of smiting. this apparently is only a sample. someone forwarded this to me. i have no idea what the two-letter acronyms mean (kjv = king james version) other than that they must be some books of the bible. deuteronomy? joshua?

maybe the christist fundamentalists can tell us all why this is any better than mohammed talking about killing kafirs.


2SA 24:15 The Lord sends a pestilence on Israel that kills 70,000 men.

NU 21:35 With the Lord's approval, the Israelites slay Og "... and his sons and all his people, until there was not one survivor left ...."

NU 25:4 (KJV) "And the Lord said unto Moses, take all the heads of the people, and hang them up before the Lord against the sun ...."

DT 2:33-34 The Israelites utterly destroy the men, women, and children of Sihon.

DT 3:6 The Israelites utterly destroy the men, women, and children of Og.

DT 20:13-14 "When the Lord delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the males .... As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves."

DT 20:16 "In the cities of the nations the Lord is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes."

JS 8:22-25 With the Lord's approval, Joshua utterly smites the people of Ai, killing 12,000 men and women, so that there were none who escaped.

JS 10:10-27 With the help of the Lord, Joshua utterly destroys the Gibeonites.

JS 10:28 With the Lord's approval, Joshua utterly destroys the people of Makkedah.

JS 10:30 With the Lord's approval, Joshua utterly destroys the Libnahites.

JS 10:32-33 With the Lord's approval, Joshua utterly destroys the people of Lachish.

JS 10:34-35 With the Lord's approval, Joshua utterly destroys the Eglonites.

JS 10:36-37 With the Lord's approval, Joshua utterly destroys the Hebronites.

JS 10:38-39 With the Lord's approval, Joshua utterly destroys the Debirites.

JS 10:40 (A summary statement.) "So Joshua defeated the whole land ...; he left none remaining, but destroyed all that breathed, as the Lord God of Israel commanded."


solarpetal said...

try it is comprehensive and insightful.
for example: the word 'love' appears only 4 times in the whole of bible.

DarkStorm said...

ROFL... hahahaa...

With "Lords approval",

Joshua "utterly destroys" abc
-"- -"- def
-"- -"- pqr
-"- -"- ijk
-"- -"- mno

solarpetal said...

i dug into the archives and found a few more links:
this one categorizes each verse of bible under various categories like Injustice, Absurdity, Cruelty and Violence, Contradictions, Intolerance, Sex, Homosexuality and those very few Good stuff.

cyniclearner said...

such a small fact does not deter salepersons of the organisation from selling their product....Christism.

On the contrary, they proclaim their product is product of 'love', just like the most violent cult arount claims to be 'religion' of peace.
the word 'love' appears only 4 times in the whole of bible.

cyniclearner said...

such a small fact does not deter salepersons of the organisation from selling their product....Christism.

On the contrary, they proclaim their product is product of 'love', just like the most violent cult arount claims to be 'religion' of peace.
the word 'love' appears only 4 times in the whole of bible.

siva said...
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siva said...

This Christian love thing is just a recent invention, one of their bullshit new marketing strategies. Since they cannot do their holy crusades and inquisition anymore, they just changed their strategy, but the intentions remain the same - subjugation of others and exploit their natural resources for whites.

Is it any wonder that there is no one Christian country that is non white, is rich? If we see around the world, all the non white Christian countries that are rich are not Christian nations, but all the non white Christian nations from newly minted E Timor to Philippines to Africa to Caribbean to S America are in abject poverty. Is this just a coincidence? I guess not.

Ganesh said...

guys i know this might not be right post to do this, but read this wonderful story (caring for uncared), people like Krishnan and his Akshaya are really doing great service

People like him doing real seva never gets any publicity.

Kaunteya said...

Folks, observed that all the trollers and "sickulars" who would visit and pollute this blog are missing from the gang these days. Great work guys - whoever took them by horn. It's good to keep them at bay.
Let's make this forum "sickular" free.
Way to go !

KapiDhwaja said...

Mother-Pimper Shekar Gupta is at it again. This time he is going after the Tamil Brahmin (Tam Brahms) community, who happen to man the higher echelons of the Nuclear Establishment in India. And he prides in calling himself 'secular' & 'forward-thinking'. The paid mercenary bastard..

KapiDhwaja said...

Beautiful Satellite images of Shri Rama's bridge connecting India & Sri Lanka, which the sickular Indian Govt. is bent upon destroying by dredging.
Shri Rama's Bridge

Kalyani said...

Thank You,Kapidhwaja,for Sri Rama's Sethu. But 'why call it adam's bridge' is a pertinent question.

I am just back from my pilgrimage to Thiruvannamalai.There too,I find whites have made deep inroads,bought most of the land around;'pumpernickel'bakeries and shops selling olive oil and stuff like that have mushroomed around; during x'mas ,the whites circumambulate holding candles(!)but wearing slippers!!

The Ashramam accommodates them by cooking less spicy food and soups exclusively for them,which is fine.

But what is lacking is their willingness to integrate or more precisely gratitude!Most of their icy disdain is so palpable!One of the american women there was comlaining she finds "Hindus very loud,jostling,rushing forward for 'aarthi',not sophisticated enough...blahblah....."

I suppose, racial prejudices are incorrigibly hardwired into their genes.

Kalyani said...

"Hazy nuclear deal

The Pioneer Edit Desk

The increasingly strident voices of dissent that are being raised by scientists and experts involved with India's nuclear programme against the Indo-US nuclear deal give rise to some serious questions that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh can ill afford to skirt. Between July 18, 2005, when Mr Singh and President George Bush signed the agreement in Washington, the US has done precious little to take the deal forward.

The Bush Administration has not presented a plan of action to the US Congress where laws have to be amended to allow transfer of American nuclear fuel and reactors to India. Nor has the US seriously taken up the issue with the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers' Group whose rules prohibit the supply of fuel and reactors to India.

On the contrary, every statement and action of the Bush Administration suggests that it is more interested in leveraging the so-called deal to advance its own foreign policy objectives - for instance, dragging Iran to the UN Security Council for its nuclear programme - and for this purpose has been shifting the goal posts in the most crafty manner. Rather than pin down the Bush Administration to its commitment, that the agreement will be implemented on the basis of reciprocity, the UPA Government has chosen to succumb to the whims and fancies of the Americans and is now widely perceived as being willing to compromise to any extent merely to please Washington.

This is best exemplified by the contentious move to separate India's facilities into civilian and military reactors which has run into rough weather. The letter and spirit of the July 18 agreement allows India to decide the facilities which it wishes to declare as civilian and thus bring them under IAEA supervision as a prerequisite for resumption of fuel and reactor supplies at present barred by American law and NSG rules.

But when presented with a draft separation proposal, the Bush Administration scoffed at it for not being "credible"; the message is clear: The US will decide for India what facilities are to be declared civilian and placed under international inspection. Implicit in the US move is its desire to nip India's indigenous fast-breeder programme in the bud and make us entirely dependent on foreign supplies that can be halted for the most spurious of reasons.

Also undeclared but effectively conveyed is the US's attempt to cap India's strategic nuclear programme and thus hobble our minimum credible deterrence vis-à-vis nuclear powers in the neighbourhood. The American agenda, therefore, is patently unacceptable, not least because it is heavily loaded against India's national interest. More importantly, the US approach does not acknowledge India's sovereign right to decide what is good for the country's security.

The Prime Minister and his advisers claim that such apprehensions are misplaced. That is a summary dismissal of genuine questions that are being raised by the people on whose behalf Mr Singh is expected to deal with the world. These apprehensions have been further strengthened by what has been stated by Atomic Energy Commission chairman Anil Kakodkar in recent days.

If Mr Kakodkar, considered the architect of the July 18 deal, has turned against it sufficiently to question the wisdom of carrying it forward on American terms, then something has seriously gone wrong somewhere. Mr Singh says he will make a statement in Parliament. But that is not convincing enough because in his past statements he has suppressed the true contours of the deal. The nation must be taken into confidence, and now".

siva said...

Hi Kalyani,

Thanks for the update. This is what they do every where, shamelessly and barbarically encroach other peoples places of worship and eventually destroy it. That is why these christist are targeting Thirupathi. This is the strategy they (mussalmans and christist)used to screw Jews of their most holiest of places, Temple Mount.

Wait and see, there is more to come for the blissfully ignorant Hindus, claiming all religions are same without even realising that they are getting royally screwed by these savages.

siva said...

I am going slightly off topic here, I am pasting a brilliantly written piece of information detailing the edits proposed by the Hindus to the Cali. Board of Edu. I found this in Outlook comments section written by one Sridhar. Kudos to Sridhar for bringing this brilliant points out.

From what was submitted to California SBE:

Philology is a pseudo-science. Max Müller, a Christian fundamentalist and philologist, used the Bible to justify the Aryan Invasion Fantasy. Philology claims evolution is wrong as it is not reflected in the languages of different species. Michael Witzel bases his ideas on Max Muller and Philology.

DNA Evidence – DNA evidence has debunked Aryan Invasion Fantasy. It shows that there was no Aryan invasion or migration into India. DNA analysis is science.

Carbon Dating – Carbon dating of grains or rice, wheat, and millet excavated in India show that the age of Indian civilization pre-dates the dates given by Bible-thumpers who support Aryan Invasion Fantasy. Carbon dating is science.

Archaeological Evidence – Archaeological evidence shows that India’s civilization is older than what pseudo-scientists like philologists claim. Using archaeological evidence is a scientific method.

Fossil Studies – Bones of horses excavated in India debunk the Aryan Invasion Fantasy which claims that the mythical White-skinned Aryans brought horses into India. Carbon dating of these bones shows that they are older than claimed by Aryan Invasion Fantasy. Analyzing fossils is science.

Geophysical Analysis – A study of sea levels by geophysicists showed that underwater excavations off the coast of India are 7000 years old, i.e., older than the creationists’ claim that the world was created in 4004 BCE. This kind of analysis is scientific.

Metallurgy – Iron tools found in India prove that Indians used iron much before the existence of so called Aryans. This kind of analysis is science.

What is Michael Witzel’s evidence for Aryan Invasion or even the existence of a civilization in Caucasus? ZERO! No archaeological evidence, no DNA evidence, no geophysical analysis. ZILCH! His only evidence is Bible and the pseudo-science of philology.



Kalyani said...

Thanks Siva!

To add to what you have posted,Ganapathi Muni,emphatically clarified once,that,our ancestors were *concurrently* using iron,stone,copper,mud,precious stones etc etc,pointing out thus,Vedic Civilization,was most advanced and highly evolved too.

The west's approach of 'i-shall-agree-only-when-my-research-ratifies-it....'shall be their undoing!
"Wait and see, there is more to come for the blissfully ignorant Hindus"

Absolutely!Aagama&Veda Shastrams-both explicitly state,women should *NOT* visit temple premises during their periods,period.

Certain untoward incidents took place in Thiruvannamalai Ashramam and *Prashnam* revealed that the above stated rules were being brazenly flouted.

Nobody has the guts to tell the very white christists firmly ensconced there.Some of them don't bathe even!

Hindus,who are far more intelligent
and resourceful feel intimidated by the christists' skin colour and english language.Hence end up quite unnecessarily and deferentially kowtowing to them.(wince,wince!!)

As you said,elsewhere,we ought to consolidate our strengths,money power too,being one of them!

habc said...


Kyaa Salaa defensive people.

"all the trollers and "sickulars" who would visit and pollute this blog are missing from the gang these days. Great work guys - whoever took them by horn"

The point is not defense - offense - go to psec sites and screw them on their sites.

Idhar to Aapun Log Hai Na! Sab Sambhal Legaa. Maa Kabhi bhi bloti thi - Dahi kha ke jaanekaa Axaam Deneko (sorry for people who do not understanf Hindi - it is a dialogue from Munnabhai MBBS)

Now go to Toutlook site and screw psecs on Comments section - otherwise I will have to call you a psec ;)

siva said...

Here is another example of the dishonest psec ELM of India... they obviously don't see anything wrong in this protest... and the wimpish withdrawal of this piece of "art" by this bigot without even attempting to hide behind freedom of expression shows clearly that he is just another barbaric Islamic bigot disguised as an artist.

"Hussain withdraws `Meenaxi'
A day after some Muslim organisations took objections to one of the songs in the M F Hussain's recent film `Meenaxi - A Tale of Three Cities', the eminent artiste today ordered for immediate withdrawal of the film from public shows in the entire country.

"I have told my sole distributor Yash Chopra to withdraw the film from public shows from all over the country with immediate effect," Hussain told PTI here.

"Since I have not sold the film, directed and produced by me, to anyone, including Chopra, I would like to stop screening of the the film," he said.

When asked for the reason behind it, Hussain said "I have not made the film to make money nor have I sold it to anyone. Therefore, I NEED NOT GIVE ANY REASON FOR WITHDRAWAL of the screening of the film to public." Terming the song `Noorun-ala-Noor' of the film, starring Tabu in the lead role, as "blasphemous", the All India Ulema Council had yesterday demanded an immediate ban on it.

"The song, picturised on Tabu, contains words which are directly lifted from the text of the Quran," the organisation, supported among others by Milli Council, All India Muslim Council, Raza Academy, Jamiat-Ul-Ulema-E-Hind and Jamat-e-Islami, said, adding "In Quran, the words are used to define the persona of Prophet but in Hussain's film, it is being use to depict the physical beauty of the heroine." THE SONG HAS HURT THE SENTIMENTS OF THE MUSLIMS, they claimed."

SunnyWarrior said...

Mumbai, Apr 22 (IANS): Trust M.F. Husain. After withdrawing his film "Meenaxi" following protests from some Muslim groups, he is now planning to release it again.

In an interview with IANS, Husain said the controversy - "a small misunderstanding" - had been sorted out.
"The issue has been sorted out and settled. Whenever this movie is released again, whether it is DVD, satellite or overseas, there will be no alteration in the song. We have no plans to remove that song from the movie - it stays," he says.

siva said...
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siva said...

Why is he sneaking in like this.. DVD or overseas releases. I guess he wants to have the cake and eat it too... prostrate before all the crazy mullahs, and when he is caught with his pants down like this then he releases a press statement like DVD crap... if he is real and got balls, he should defy the crazy mullahs the way he did Hindu protests…. this phony DVD release act itself shows that he hasn’t gotten either or he is one of the closeted bigot.

SunnyWarrior said...

He gave the same option to the Hindu fundamentalists as he did the mullahs - If you find it offensive, I will withdraw it. But the Hindu fundamentalists destroyed the paintings. In the case of Meenaxi, he withdrew the entire movie although he could have just deleted the song. This does speak to his artistic integrity since he composed the lyrics to the song and refused to release the movie without the song. In both cases, he defied the protests.

hindu said...

Hi Rajeev,

What do you think about the new party started by the IITians called "Paritran"?

Ragz said...

I just watched Rang De Basanti. Truck load of crap. Lot of insinuations on George Fernandez, Narendra Modi and RSS. How come in all such movies a Hindu begins with doubting a Islamist's love of the land and ends up with a change of heart? Pseudo Sec bullshit. Techically too, RDB is nothing more than mediocre affair..


Kaunteya said...

He gave the same option to the Hindu fundamentalists as he did the mullahs

What a load full of crap ?

hindu said...

Ragz...iam sorry but, i think 90% have loved RDB. It is surely a great movie. Just b'coz they are picking on Fernadez and BJP, u cant call it 'load of crap'. If we ooze poison blindly ..then there is no difference between us Hindus and the jihadis. The MiG21 issue was a true one and still continues to be. If it had been the f***ing congress govt, iam sure they would have handled it in the same way, probably even worse. (did u guys hear about the messy scorpene submarine deal the Cong Govt has made, they are calling it the Next Bofors). All the movie is asking us to do is to wakeup and fix the nation.

siva said...
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siva said...

He gave the same option to the Hindu fundamentalists as he did the mullahs - If you find it offensive, I will withdraw it.

The difference is he withdrew the movie and not the painting.

But the Hindu fundamentalists destroyed the paintings.

Yes because he did not withdrew it.

In the case of Meenaxi, he withdrew the entire movie although he could have just deleted the song. This does speak to his artistic integrity

No it speaks of his bigotry; it speaks of him sucking up the mullahs.

In both cases, he defied the protests

No on the Hindu case he was indifferent to their feelings and on the mullahs case he folded and kissed their asses.

Kalyani said...

Kalyani said...

Ragz ,

I have not watched the movie(I don't watch as DarkStorm said, the money goes to jihadis) but I empathise with you.Our Army had objected to certain *slandering* but the khans,unsurprisingly,had bulldozed their way through.

Read T.V.R.Shenoy's "Jockeying for the Muslim vote":-

Read the responses of Vijay and Sandeep.

Kalyani said...

My gratitude towards Rajeev(and this Blog and Friends here) cannot be captured in words.

Come to think of it,who else has the clarity of vision and guts to address legitimate grievances and demands of us,the forever throttled Hindus?

Also does not feel apologetic or queasy while expressing his feelings of Bhakthi to God.In the current state of affairs,THat Is SOmething!

Even someone like Sandhya Jain in her recent writeup,talks about engaging "the pious(sic)muslims"!!

Sounds like *piping hot icecream*!

Kalyani said...

I am posting Gurumurthy's article,a must read:-

"Needed an Eva Morales, a Koizumi

Boliva is little known except for some 200 plus political coups and counter- coups it has witnessed. Its population, 8.5 millions, is entirely Christian – 95 per cent Catholic and 5 per cent Protestant. In December 2005, Joan Eva Morales was elected as President of Bolivia, the first ‘Indian’ to be elected. ‘Indian’? Yes, but, he is not an Indian. All natives of Americas are called ‘Indians’. How? Christopher Columbus believed that Satan in the form of Hinduism in India was delaying the return of Christ – an event, which, but, for Hindus, was nearly at hand, he thought. This impelled him to attempt to convert all Hindus! Funded by the Church, Columbus decided to cross the Atlantic westerly to reach India by the shortest possible route. But he landed in America, thought that it was India. That was how Native Americans became ’Indians’.

The proselytizing colonisers soon reduced all faiths and cultures of Native Americans into archaeological ruins. The native faiths and cultures of Bolivia too were snuffed out. Now back to Eva Morales. He got 54 per cent of the popular votes, unprecedented in Bolivia’s history. His immediate next candidate got just half, 27 per cent. Morales’ tribe Aymra’s are only 25 per cent of Bolivians. Obviously he got more votes from other tribes. Not this, but what happened after Morales won is more important. He wore the traditional dress of the priests of his ancestral faith and commenced a pilgrimage. Where?

An Associated Press report says: ‘‘to the sacred site where the archaeological remains of the Tawanku civilisation that flourished around 500 BC to about the 13th century.’’ That is where his ancestral temple, ‘Kalasasaya’, stands in ruins. He was ‘showered’ with flowers, ‘blessed by the Indian priests’ all the way, the AP report adds.

Morales addressed thousands in front of the temple, thanked ‘Mother Earth’ and ‘God’ for his victory and promised to do away with the vestiges of the colonial past. By showing reverence to the ruins of the 13th century temple, Morales was recalling the hidden, suppressed spirit of Bolivia. His pilgrimage to Kalasasaya temple is national programme to rebuild the confidence of Bolivians in themselves and their economy.

Bolivia is economically weak but not illiterate. Its literacy rate is 87 per cent - men 93 per cent and women 82 per cent. After his pilgrimage to the Tawanku temple Eva Morales took oath on January 22, 2006. Eva Morales is no exception.

Koizumi, the Prime Minister of Japan, a highly developed nation, too did something similar. He too went to a temple, the controversial Yasukuni temple. Names of two million war heroes of Japan and where they martyred in Japan’s cause are mentioned in Yasukuni temple. In 1967 the urns of the eight war criminals who were indicted by the West for crimes in the second world war, including that of General Tojo, were smuggled in and kept in Yasukuni. For the Japanese, Yasukuni symbolises Japan’s spirit. But for the West and China it signals militant Japan. So, when, after he first got elected in the year 2000, Koizumi announced his first visit to the Yasukuni temple, the US and China denounced him for reinstating militant Japan. So did Korea.

Koizumi had to drop his temple visit. Next year he visited the temple but without announcement; from then on did so every year, ignoring the protests. In December 2005, after his unprecedented electoral majority, Koizumi visited the Yasukuni temple for the fifth time. No one protested. Koizumi was not praying in Yasukuni temple for his welfare. He was recalling and reviving the suppressed spirit of Japan. It is no coincidence that Japanese confidence on continuous decline from 1992, suddenly bounced back leading to unexpected revival of the Japanese economy too.

See in contrast the way secular India handled the revered symbols of Indian spirit after freedom. The Indian Cabinet presided over by Jawaharlal Nehru decided, as proposed by Sardar Patel, to rebuild at Government’s cost and as a symbol of recalling the spirit of India, the Somnath temple, that was repeatedly devastated by religious intolerance. This was something similar to what Eva Morales and Koizumi are doing now. But Mahatma Gandhi advised Sardar Patel that the people, not the government, should fund the construction. So a private trust created with Kulapati K.M. Munshi, a Minister in Nehru’s cabinet, as a trustee, constructed the temple.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the then President of India, was invited for the consecration. But Nehru objected to the President of ‘secular’ India attending a temple consecration. With Gandhiji and Patel gone, this was how the Nehruvian pseudo-secularism began to pervert the national mind. It turned Somnath temple, a symbol of India’s struggle against religious fanaticism, into an objectionable icon. But Rajendra Prasad defied Nehru and attended the consecration.

Dr Munshi wrote a letter to Nehru wondering ‘‘how sometimes secularism becomes allergic to Hinduism will be apparent from certain principles relating to the construction of Somnath.’’ Not just Somnath. Identical is the Ayodhya issue. The Hindus wanted a temple to be constructed on the spot where they believed Rama was born. Rama was always and is still the greatest symbol of Indian values.

Gandhiji died uttering ‘Hey Ram’. A structure, a mosque, unused from 1936 stood on the spot. Suddenly that unused structure became the symbol of secularism. Secular polity set upon Hindus. The courts and laws were moved against them. Koizumi goes to worship at Yasukuni temple despite global protest. Eva Morales goes to the ruins of an ancient civilisation in a cent percent Christian nation. Here Somnath temple becomes an objectionable symbol and Ayodhya temple becomes a target of ‘secular’ India. The contrast is obvious. We do need an Eva Morales and a Koizumi to detoxify ‘secular’ India, make them understand that geo-politics is becoming geo-civilisational politics".

KapiDhwaja said...

Dr. Chidambaram, former Atomic Energy Commission Chairman, holds forth on Indian Nuke Tech.
Towards Energy Independent India

Ragz said...


Wonderful article by Gurumurthy. I stopped watching the jihadist movies -- Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Mahesh Bhat -- I thought Aamir Khan was different. Now a days almost all the hindi movies I guess are funded by Jihadists...

xmatrix said...

Exactly! These anti-nationals spread their vicious ideology using our money. Time to boycott movies of these ingrates.

hindu said...


Pleeeeease comment on the Akhand Bharat map on this article.

The Great Wall of India

siva said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
siva said...


I need some help here… for the last one week I am in some kind of debate with one moron named sunnywarrior here… in a different thread in this same blog….

If you see the last 10 -15 posts its pretty much back and forth between me and this idiot, I am not even sure whether this is a human. It keeps on repeating the same thing over and over and over again as if it is some kind of a robot…. or is it me missing something here… I would appreciate if some body can take a swing at this thing and see it gets the point. For ladies I apologize in advance for using some foul language at this thing.

Also I had few back and forth posts here...

But for some reason it stopped posting in this thread.

KapiDhwaja said...

siva, you best bet is to take the help of DarkStorm. He is an expert in tackling trolls. Hail DarkStorm, the Troll-Killer!:-)

bodhi dharma said...

It's not prudent to waste time arguing with sick paedophile victims like sunnywarrior. Born(again) losers like him loves and craves for frequent butt-ramming. since most professional paedophiles (catholic bishops) are behind bars, he gets turned-on by the butt-whippings and lashings he receive from the blog members here.
best to ignore these Nikon-type slavish terrorists.

Kalyani said...

Siva ,
This 'warrior'(sic)is spirit sapping,not sunny!

Don't feel bad about the "foul" language,deserves much worse.Ignore it.Don't cast pearls before cadavers.

habc said...

Every single Israeli Army soldier takes his oath at Masada - this is the place where thousands of years ago a few hundred jews committed suicide rather than submit to the Romans.

We need to do something similar - Every Indian Army soldier must be made to take his oath at Hampi - so that there is a memory of what will happen if we slack off and forget about barbarians outside our borders

KapiDhwaja said...

I agree with what you say, habc. But as far as I know, it is only Israeli Special Forces, who take the oath at Masada, & not the regular soldiers. So, maybe our Special Forces can do something similar. But for that we would need a Hindu state, not the present 'secular' state. Remember, Israel is declared a Jewish state.

Kalyani said...


The *stockholm syndrome*(bhaibhaiism)has still not left many of us.

Probe deeper,it is sheer cowardice,being given a patina of tolerance!*Hindukush* actually means "slaughter of Hindus".

The point which Sri Krishna keeps insisting,is, "rules of honour cannot be allowed to become a weapon in the hands of the dishonourable who ignore them when it suits their convenience but claim their protection when convenient".

The *spirit" of Dharmam always overrides the letter.A scoundrel is not to be allowd to tie the hands of the righteous by technical rules of Dharmam in order to establish adharmam.Bhagavan denounces fixation on the letter of the law and says:-

"The ignorant,being attached to the letter of the Vedas,declare in flowery language,that there is nothing beyond........No more use than a well in flooded land are the Vedas for an enlightened Brahmin".

It is *Always*the Essence,the Spirit of Truth,Bhagavan exhorts His disciple Arjuna to strive.

When duryadhanan hid himself in a lake,Yudhishtrar challenged him to mortal combat with any weapon the former might choose and with any one of them, *with the kingdom* at stake!! Sri Krishna was furious at this quixotic folly of binding oneself by rigid laws. After all the sacrifice and suffering of the battle, here was Y,putting all in jeopardy again ,risking a return to forces of adharmam by staking the outcome on a single combat!

During the infamous dicing match,when Draupadi was declared forfeit,duryo...,had bared his thigh and called her to come and sit on it; Bhiman in a rage,had rushed upon him then and there but was restrained by cowardly Y.Bhagavan Krishna says Bhiman ought not to have been restrained,it is worth remembering.B vows, when the inevitable war comes,he would break d's thighs with his mace.But when the combat he had been waiting for comes,B forgets his vow and Sri Krishna prompts Arjuna to remind him of it!

Bhagavan justifies the so called "foul" blow to Balaramar, specifically referring to the opening of the Kaliyugam ,and the need to use a small misdeed to destroy a bigger one:-

"Remember, the fourth quarter of Time,Kali,has now stepped in.We cannot find unsullied Dharmam from now on......"

KapiDhwaja said...

Read these comments at JihadWatch if you need a good laugh!

KapiDhwaja said...

Now the UPA is upto some new dangerous mischief:link

BJP's Reaction:link

DarkStorm said...

Dont bother much about that moron (Siva, you spelt it wrongly, its spelling is "SunnyGayWimp" not "SunnyWarrior" as it claims).

This is typical of Muslims. I bet that for 50 years to come, they will keep crying about Gujarat and justify every communal riot they start, every bomb blast they carry out, every betrayal. They will kill millions, but just a minor pin prick sends them in howls of pain. Twenty years down the line, there might be a bomb blast, and they will say.. hey remember Gujarat. But they dont know the truth about Gujarat.

By the way, Gujarat was also started by Muslims, but media painted it otherwise.

I sometimes feel sad for people like the Sunnygaywimp. no pseudosecular joker will point out the very reasoning that try to put on us Hindus "Why are innocents being killed, who were not involved in the crime. "
Well, does anyone say that when jehadis wiped out a Dalit colony in Mumbai, when some other people pulled down an excuse for a mosque. But when Hindus "fought back" against Jehadis in Gujarat, the psecs were out shouting "These are not the people who burnt alive people in the train. You are killing innocents. " . Ahh well, first of all, hypocrites with double standards, then ignorant of facts too. The riots in Amdavad and Vadodara were started by Jehadis, much contrary to the popular perception painted by the media. They were no innocents.

Actually the SunnyGayWimp has a chronic illness, it should visit Hashmi Dawakhana. For address, please visit the jehadi slums along the railway tracks of Mumbai. You will find the address painted all over the walls. Its for people like you SunnyGayWimp, why dont you make use of a good public facility. ;-)

Kalyani said...

Heard about the "head count" of jihadis in our Defense Services?

Also ,why are we so fond of repeating almost like a mantram "I-will-lay-down -my -life-for-my-country"(Sic,Sic,Sic)?

As Patton says,make the beggardeshi and paki b******s and their indian sympathizers die for their ,na na ,our territories,Our Motherland.

Taking cues from the white west,we too can purr with glib explanations like "friendly fire of misguided bhayankarbhais....after all we have only sent them to the paradise they hanker after....."

virat0 said...

Thanks Siva for the Link, I see SunnyWarrior a sepoy. They would go miles in smell of a half baked meat with drops of blood on it, on their return journey as they bark, it is sounded as hindu funamentalists, better sound than street dogs.

They have their father, and holy ghost in that AIT, if you tittilate it, then they would jump, atleast untill their harvard masters change it !

Ha Ha Ha....I see reason is alive and well among the Hindu fundamentalists - the Aryan Invasion Theory is the gold standard by which to judge if a person is Hindu or not.

DarkStorm said...

hey Siva, I read that link.

This moron sunnygaywimp could not get into its head(if it has any, IIRC), that the erotic sculptures are not Hindu Gods. Neither can its harebrain grasp that Hindus do acknowledge the presence of such temples, fundamentalist or liberal or whatever. Nor, can it understand the difference between obscenity and erotica. (With an IQ equal to one-tenth of the world average, (maybe i m exaggerating ;-) , its no suprise.)

It keeps calling Hindus as fundamentalists, but its animal-sacrificing cult is much more fundamentalist, whether it likes it or not.

Nevermind, its an ignorant troll.

By the way, you know what !! during those days, another painter painted a naked mf hussain and put it for display on his shop. He was promptly arrested. Strange, isnt it. As the way Jehadis and the State have no respect for my religion, I have no respect for theirs. plain enough, isnt it so.

KapiDhwaja said...

Kalyani, you are doing a fine job in relating stories from our epics. I know you are proud of your Tamil heritage. But why not stick to original Sanskrit names when mentioning, Bhima, Duryodhana, etc. instead of Bhiman...

virat0 said...

It keeps calling Hindus as fundamentalists,
That is how the dogs are supposed to bark, they have been taught that in exchange of licking bones.

virat0 said...

another painter painted a naked mf hussain and put it for display on his shop.
Is there a reference ?

Kalyani said...

Talking of jihadwatch link, "Hijacking Rational Discussion" by Robert Spencer (the latest post) is worth a read by indian apologists.

Also I agree with one of the respondents, who had very correctly observed, the taqqiya spewers are considerably deadlier than the fire and brimstone belchers.

India has a good measure of the former!

DarkStorm said...

>> Is there a reference ?


virat0, I read it in some paper that time. I dont have any reference on the net.
SunnyGayWimp might know, since it was an insult to the whole Islamic world, and "Islam khatre mein hai". It might not have forgotten that. :-)

DarkStorm said...


akhand bharat isnt really possible now. Anyway, we are better off without pakis and beggardeshis.

Also, i went to the new party founded by iitians. A good thing, lets see how it turns out to be.

DarkStorm said...

virat0, did you think some overhyped painter like mf hussain, who painted hussain.. no it was a small artist with a roadside shop ( but much better than hussain of course, I dont see any art in his mindless canvas-splashing :-) mf hussain was also a 3rd rate gali ka painter who painted nude actresses for filmi hoardings before some mullahs thought he is an artist )

siva said...

thanks guys for reading the post and getting back so quick... in the future I will keep in mind not to engage in any kind of contact with this thing.

siva said...

I am not sure how the AIT fantasy will fit into this finding... I mean that the fantasy taht there were two race Aryan and Dravidian and Dravidians were primitive.... new findings date itself goes back to 3800 bce, some 1800 years before the myth of AIT happening.

Ancient sea link discovered by ASI

Press Trust of India
CHANDIGARH, Feb. 12. — Unraveling some facts buried in history, experts from Archaeological Survey of India said the possibility of a sea link between south India and the rest of Asia about 3,800 years ago could not be ruled out.
Mr Arun Malik, an archaeologist with ASI, Chennai, while throwing light on Adichannallur civilisation, said here that the observation of human morphological types based on the cranial evidences point to the existence of more than one racial and ethnic group in that region during the period of the civilisation’s long geo-historic period. “Occurrences of intermediate and pure traits of yellow race of South–east and Far-east Asia and typical ethnic and tribal Indians on the external morphology of the skulls and bones give credence to the fact that a sea trade may have been there,” said Mr P Raghavan, a bio-anthropologist currently assisting ASI, Chennai, in studying geo-morphological aspects.
Mr Malik said the latest excavations at the Adichanallur’s pre-historic site along the coast of Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu have yielded more than 160 urns, many of which contained hundreds of different-sized potteries. Husk, paddy and other cereals have also been found in the urns.
He said the people of Adichanallur were agrarian in nature who also mastered blacksmithery and made a variety of iron implements.
“The engraved drawings on the clay urns narrate the decoded ecological, environmental and cultural significance. For example, a fascinating art showing a tall dancing female with a large-sized reptile, probably a crocodile, and a member of a deer group explain the pre-historic faunal and floral wealth. An incomplete ancient Brahmin Tamil script engraved on inner surface of urn is yet to be decoded,” said Mr Malik. On the practice of burying their dead, Mr Malik said most of the burials were in association with iron and copper metallic objects like swords, knives and bangles.
Mr Raghavan said he had identified a unique pre-historic discovery of a stillborn baby. “The foetus is about 3-5 months old, which I found from one of the urns. Association of fossilised bird bones and domesticated cattle teeth further throw light on the pre-historic domestication of animals,” he said.

siva said...

web address of the above post.

siva said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kaunteya said...

My cousin who works at BARC had this to say about the recent Kakodkar statement -
"At this point of time, I have a feeling that what
Kakodkar says is actually coming from the government.
You know that India is driven by emotions. Kakodkar's
statement has already united the Parliament and the
society at large against India's deal (now projected
as a total sell-off) with US. The government can now
take a stand that they are helpless to go ahead with
what US wishes in this democratic set-up and US must
relax its stand on safegaurding India's nuclear
reactors. Remember, there was a similar pressure on
India for sending troops to Iraq and US played all the
tricks to make it happen. The Parlianent unanimously
rejected the idea and based on this the government
could actually convince the US on India's in-ability
to send the troops."

Sounds about right to me.

KapiDhwaja said...

Good one Kaunteya. Hope what your cousin says is true, i.e all this is a orchestrated drama by Govt of India to extract maximum benefits from the US. Whether Kakodkar did what he did with or without Govt. approval, he did the right thing in a patriotic way, and so hats-off to him.

Please do keep us posted on what your cousin hears on the grapevine.

On a different note, this doctorhas performed 50 operations in 24 hrs.

Kaunteya said...

u bet KapiDhwaja..

saw this interesting post in sify.

Will these two indians give Google a run for it's money ?


solarpetal said...

hi rajeev, want to see how much your blog is worth?

Kalyani said...

A closer look at the beggardeshis' true intentions:-(From Pioneer)

"Ill wind blows from the east

Dhaka's latest machinations involve a 'touching' concern for the 'suffering' people of Northeast, says Abhijit Bhattacharyya

A n article recently published in The Daily Star, a leading Dhaka newspaper, reads, "Perhaps what we need in Bangladesh is a look Northeast policy." "Look Northeast" refers to the seven Indian States - Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. An exclusive "look" at Northeast, independent of India? Because, it would mean "paying closer attention to the interests and concerns of the people in India's Northeastern region" by looking at it "through the prism of the Northeast, and not solely through the prism of New Delhi and Kolkata, as we tend to do..."

Analyse the audacity of the Bangladeshi journalist, whose surname resembles that of a well known India-baiter of recent past: Sobhan. The writings are unambiguous that Bangladesh should concentrate directly on the Northeast, bypassing everything and everyone in India thereby resorting to naked intervention in the internal affairs of its mighty nuclear powered neighbour of one billion plus people.

The concern of the Bangladeshis for the Northeast is "understandable" from the description of Sobhan: "The Northeast region of India has remained underdeveloped for two reasons, the principal one being the short-sightedness of the Central Government, and its neglect of, if not outright hostility, to the legitimate aspirations and demands of the people of the region." Quite right!

In fact, the Bangladeshi interpretation of the "legitimate aspirations and demands of the people" of the Northeast is clear signal of the external help to the fissiparous factors in in this country. This, however, does not match the minority bashing by the fundamentalist rulers of Dhaka. Anybody reading the following lines published in The Dhaka Newsline would hardly need further proof: "Nikhuradi village is a part of Faridpur upazilla. The Muslims led a murderous attack on the Ganga temple of the minority Hindus, broke the idol and tried to capture the land on February 1. In fact, far from taking any action against the culprits the local police just refused to register the case."

No wonder Bangladesh feels aggrieved by the fact that "New Delhi has always remained cool to the very practical solution of permitting Bangladesh to step in and fill the economic gap that the Northeast's geographical distance from the rest of India has occasioned."

The hidden agenda of the Bangladeshi has surfaced. Dhaka wants Delhi to give it a free hand in the Northeast because of its proximity to the region. If geography is a matter of such concern and the Northeast translates into economics, then why did Muslim Bengalis secede from Hindu India in 1947 and again from Muslim Pakistan in 1971? Why this fickle mindedness and unstable policy changes? How do Bangladeshis visualise the possibility of Delhi permitting Dhaka to "step in and fill the economic gap". Is Dhaka really so naive as to think of India's abdication of its sovereign rights in favour of a distant neighbour, whose activities have been anything but friendly?

Further, the Daily Star goes on to say: "When we think of India, we think of Kolkata and New Delhi, and not the Northeast. When we think of Bangladeshi policies harming Indian interests, the interests we have in mind are of supercilious bureaucrats in New Delhi and rapacious businessmen in Kolkata. We don't think about the long suffering inhabitants of the Northeast."

The lines reflect the "true human face" of a nation which has discovered the "long suffering inhabitants": The "supercilious bureaucrats and the rapacious businessmen" of India. It's one nation, three possibilities.

The man in Dhaka makes a further observation, "It would be both in our national self-interest and the interest of our neighbours in the Northeast if the Bangladeshi attitude towards India were to take the Northeast into consideration. In fact, the people of Northeast share many commonalties with Bangladesh in their view of New Delhi, and would welcome a more nuanced and mutually cooperative relationship with us."

The implication is clear. Bangladesh has found a target for its own self-interest at the expense of India's territorial integrity and people's disunity. Dhaka feels "there is no good reason why commercial and cultural ties between Bangladesh and the Northeast have remained so tenuous".

One rarely finds such lamentable lack of common sense. Bangladesh is a Bengali speaking country with Islam as state religion, whereas none of the seven Northeastern States share either the language or the religion. Yet, there is mass illegal migration of Bangladeshi Muslims to India. Therefore, when the two main factors of culture - religion and language - are uncommon, where does the commonality emerge from? The Bangladeshi scribe manages to make a thorny issue - of illegal migration from Bangladesh to the Northeast - as something innocuous.

The charges against India are ludicrous, as New Delhi "cannot tell the difference between economic migrants and infiltrators". A poor Bangladeshi may like to visit India for employment. Can he do so without a valid passport and visa and try to sneak into a foreign country through unauthorised routes of smugglers, poachers, thugs, drug peddlers and pimps? If so, however, bona fide the intention of the needy Bangladeshi be, his action will be treated as that of an infiltrator. The common history of the two neighbouring countries, their language and common ancestral anthropology, cannot be a defence for illegal entry of Bangladeshis.

To be fair, however, the Dhaka scribe does make the point clear: "But if we were to speak with Northeasterners, we would see that their fear of demographic domination is a very real one that we would do well to address."

The article may or may not constitute Dhaka's official policy. But the writing on the wall, as far India is concerned, is clear: The long-term vision of Dhaka's surplus manpower is to enlarge its area of operations to the Northeast owing to its geographical isolation and perceived cultural hiatus with New Delhi. A lebensraum where people's movement takes care of trivial border issues. Delhi to Dhaka may be two- hour flying time but the unwanted demographic shift by Dhaka is bound to change the history, geography and economics of India. It's a process that may not take long".

hindu said...

Hi guyz...

who said anything about wanting more muslims? I never said so.
When we capture the areas back, we give them a choice to convert or die. It is very simple. We will be doing in a few days what they did to us over a 1000 years.

Give the Punjabi muslims 4 choices. convert to either Sikhism or Buddha Dharma or Sanatana Dharma OR Die

Give the Sindhi and Bengali muslims 3 choices. Convert back to Buddha Dharma or Sanatana Dharma OR Die.

For me the thing of most importance is the Motherland...guyz. Something we can never compromise on. Mathrbhumi Maa ke samaan hoti hai. Usko bechna, apni maa ko bechne ki samaan hai. So ..the one who can sell his mother out.. he has no religion or culture to claim. He does not have a right to talk about his religion and culture. Meaning ..that none of us here have any right to talk about our religion or accuse other of foul play etc. All this ranting and braging we do here is of no use and has no meaning. Thats why u will see that i seldom complain about such stuff. I agree every land goes thru bad times.. but that does not mean we accept defeat for all times to come. Since 1948 ..if you actually see..we have only lost land everytime we had a war with Pak (except Kargil). Then why do we we claim that we won all 4 of them?

We will have to push back our borders and re assert our might. As you see in the map in my article.. nature has given us a natural border of we have to do is to man it.

Vande Mataram

Kalyani said...

Some writer had once observed that,if only India had not intervened, "liberating" in 1971,the neutral stand would have brought about the total ruin of both paki and beggardeshis.

The option of "convert ..." is fraught with danger as they are taqqiya experts.

Based on Ancient Prophesies,Hinduism alone shall reign in the entire world. Nostradamus too,has extolled and upheld the glory and might of Hinduism.The westerners consciously and deliberately overlook it,in their interpretations.

Kalyani said...

Another good and analytical writeup from Gurumurthy:-

"The Religion of Love vs the Religion of Peace

S Gurumurthy

"Massacre those who insult Islam." "Europe you will pay, your 9/11 will come." These slogans were raised not in Damascus or Teheran. Not in Riyadh or Karachi. In London! The occasion: Protest outside the Danish Embassy there. The violent slogans shook the British Government. Tony Blair said that such intolerance and incitement were unacceptable. The police said arrests would be made. London is just an illustration.

The provocation for the protest was some dozen objectionable cartoons that appeared in a Danish newspaper on the sacred icons of Islam, the Prophet and Allah. The cartoons were offensive to Muslims. One need not have to be a fanatic Muslim or Jihadi to feel offended at the high points of their faith being subjected to fun. The Islamic protests are normally considered as unjustified overreactions. But the protest against the Danish cartoons seems clearly justified. The West must understand, when Islamists protest, it will be Islamic, not Gandhian. The Islamic world already prone to violence is on the boil. In the Syrian capital Damascus, the Danish Embassy has been burnt. Iran has cut off diplomatic links with Denmark.

A few cartoons, in a language most cannot understand, have set the world on fire. Thinkers in the West must know that the God of aggressive faiths is not humour-friendly. In contrast, the Hindus, for instance, have religious literature that subjects their Gods to humour, to fun. But single God religions cannot tolerate their Gods being treated to fun. For them God is a serious business. The Hindus may not understand this rigidity, but Christians whose God is equally unfriendly to fun and the Christian West must.

But, the West with freedom of expression on the one hand and freedom of faith on the other would not disapprove of the cartoons. That will destroy the very pillars of the West, liberty and freedom. And they cannot support the cartoons. That would mean denying freedom of faith, particularly to the minorities. Also, it may trigger popular support for Islamic terror against the West. Yet, the West is converting the cartoon issue into a debate on freedom versus Islam. Questions like ‘‘Are Muslim sensitivity and Western liberty doomed to clash?’’ are raised in the debate.

Now a quick recall is relevant. More than a decade before the Danish cartoons appeared, Samuel Huntington prophesied the rise of civilisational clashes between the West and the Rest, and particularly between the modern West and Orthodox Islam. The very intelligentsia of the West, who today sees clash between Islam and liberty, had trivialised him then. Their response to Huntington’s hard analysis was that a universal global culture symbolised by Colas, McDonalds and Discotheques – yes Colas and their cousins – would sweep aside all dissent to modernisation and globalisation! But the past decade has dwarfed Huntington’s dissenters into just urchins.

So freedom versus Islam debate is just a veneer. Deep inside it lies a deeper, historic malaise, the centuries-old fraternal hate between two faiths, Christianity and Islam.

As the ‘Time’ has rightly put it, the Danish cartoonists have contributed a wave of ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘Muslim bashing’ throughout Europe. A closer look will show that geo-political Christianity operates more through West-centric modernity than through the Churches. In geo-political terms Christianity today is more a geo-political civilisation powered by the Western societies, and less a faith marketed by the churches, even though both coalesce and complement each other. The West has no utility for the churches or religion.

Half the churches had remained closed in the West on the Christmas Day 2005, as the statistical Christians and their ‘secular’ cousins were on bay watch and holidays. Christian faith and churches in the West are now meant for export, not for domestic consumption.

That is why the previous Pope spoke of planting the cross on Asia in the new millennium.

Yet the Christian social thinkers always keep asserting that market capitalism and its latest edition, globalisation, are products of Protestant Christianity. Secularism in the West first privatised the Christian faith into mere personal concern of the faithfuls.

It robbed the church of its power over the faithfuls. But gradually individuals of faith in the West turned into faithless individuals. Agnostics, even atheists, yet, in civilisational terms, they remained Christians as the ancestral civilisations had been reduced to artefacts! Thus Christianity in the secularised West has transformed into a common geo-Christian civilisation with liberty replacing old faith as the new faith.

It is of course true that many in US particularly are anxious to reinvent Christianity post 9/11, to recall the Christian roots of modern western civilisation to counter the rise of militant Islam. But that is more out of dislike for Islam, than for love of Christ.

QED: The hidden drive behind the labels of liberty and freedom is geo-political Christianity. The clashes, symbolised by 9/11 or the Danish cartoons, are not between freedom and Islam as the West is at pains to explain. It is between geo-political Christian civilisation and Islam. In substance it is a clash between the modern version of the Religion of Love and the rigidity of the Religion of Peace".

Habc's punch filled Hindi responses
akin to ye-kya-hora-ha-hai should suffice ,isn't it?

siva said...

hmm Rajeev,

37k is not too bad uh. Keep up your defense of Hindus and Hinduism, it will keep growing.

KapiDhwaja said...

Interesting read about Google, China & Internet Freedom..

KapiDhwaja said...

Who the hell cares if Sachin bathes at all!

KapiDhwaja said...

Interesting times ahead. Japan's 3 service Chiefs would be visiting India in as many months. The Japs want a trilateral defence relationship among India, Japan & US, to gang-up against China. I like the idea. However this leftist author from the Hindu doesn't want to hurt his masters in China.

KapiDhwaja said...

Great hard-hitting article about Nuke deal from Brahma..

lazysusan said...
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lazysusan said...

Dear Kalyani,

Hi...I have been visiting this blog since some time & write comments at times.

"Based on Ancient Prophesies,Hinduism alone shall reign in the entire world. Nostradamus too,has extolled and upheld the glory and might of Hinduism."

This is news...can you direct me to a link or book where this is written..the prophecies I mean..?


indianpatriot said...

I was fortunate enough to buy a copy before the book got banned inspired by communists in 1986. The book predicted fall of soviet union, end of communism in europe. Also Organizer carried excepts in 1985 or 1986 timeframe.

December 1986
Book Claims Nostradamus Presaged Hindu Destiny


Did the Renaissance mystic Nostradamus "see" the future of humanity, including a 1999 nuclear holocaust and the destiny of Hinduism on the earth? That's exactly what G.S. Hiranyappa of Bangalore claims. And to support his assertions he has published a book called Hindu Destiny in Nostradamus which makes some extraordinary predictions.

Michel de Notredame was born in France on December 14, 1503 and died in 1566. He was both an astrologer and physician whose innovative work was noticed during outbreaks of the dreaded plague in Europe. Around 1547 he began to make prophecies, published later in a book called Centuries. The work consisted of rhymed four-line verses, quatrains, grouped in hundreds, each 100 called a century. Astrology was at a peak during his life.

Even among his skeptics, some of his prophecies appeared to be fulfilled, and his fame spread far and wide, so much so that he was invited to the royal court of Catherine de Medicis, queen consort of Henry II of France. There he cast the horoscopes of her children and was appointed royal physician by King Charles in 1560.

But fame brought criticism, and after his death the prophecies were condemned by the Catholic Church in 1781. The cryptic, difficult-to-comprehend nature of his writings have resulted in much discussion and controversy. Some are thought to have accurately prefigured historical events that happened only after his death. Others are considered to tell of events yet to take place.

A First: Hindu Destiny in Nostradamus is the first book to interpret the seer's mystic verses in the light of Hindu dharma and Indian historicity. Mr. Hiranyappa observes that in one of his verses Nostradamus predicts that "the religion named after the seas will overcome the religion of the Caliph." He explains that the Indian Ocean's indigenous name in Hindu Maha Sagar, and of course in Islam the caliph is regarded as the supreme leader. He says "it becomes clear that Hinduism will defeat Islam."

Hiranyappa further discusses his rendering of the controversially prescient prosody: "Nostradamus declares that China will begin a nuclear holocaust in 1999 with some middle-Eastern Moslem allies. These latter will destroy Rome and ravage southern and central Europe. But a great Hindu leader whom Nostradamus calls Chyren will lead a large force to Europe to destroy the Moslems and liberate Europe.

"America and Russia will become the allies of Chyren. After a war lasting seven years, Chyren will be victorious. China and the Moslems will be annihilated. Europe, and particularly Germany, will become Hindu. Christianity will sink to the level of a cult. The pope will give up his claims and spend the last days in Jerusalem.

Nostradamus prophesies that Chyren will make Hinduism the sole religion of civilized humanity in the next century after the Great Holocaust of 1999. Russia will abandon Communism in the middle of 1991 and become Hinduised. As a result of the nuclear destruction, a terrible deluge will sweep Europe. Several countries will become uninhabitable. Humanity, however, will escape extinction. Hindus and Hebrews will join hands to build a new Golden Age after the Armageddon."

Readers interested in Mr. Hiranyappa's book may write to him at 60, Puttanna Road, Bangalore - 560004, INDIA. If his suppositions are right, it may be judicious to surmount any inherent procrastination or derring-do.

indianpatriot said...

Recent article by Hiranyappa in Organiser in June 12, 2005

Clairvoyance of St. Malachy
Present tense, future imperfect
By G.S. Hiranyappa

Readers of Organiser with long memories might recall this writer’s article in the Organiser issue, dated December 24, 1989. It forecast that communism in Russia would end by June 1991. The forecast was based on Nostradamus’s prophecies.

Immediately on its publication, Mani Shankar Aiyer tried to ridicule it. In his regular column in the now-defunct weekly Sunday from Kolkata, Aiyer tried to heap scorn on the prophecy. Communist leaders like Jyoti Basu and the late E.M.S. Namboodripad were more discreet. They preferred to wait and watch.

Came June 1991, and lo and behold, communism was banned by the then President, Boris Yeltsin, in Russia. That was on June 12, 1991. Thereafter, Mani Shankar Aiyer has remained wisely silent on the prophecies of the famous French seer. Once bitten, twice shy.

On October 28, 1979, Organiser published this writer’s detailed account of the prophecies of the papal prophet, St. Malachy of Ireland. Those remarkable prophecies were made as far back as 1139 a.d. At that time, the reigning Pope was Innocent II. St. Malachy deposited his prophecies in the Vatican in Rome before returning to his native Ireland. He died in 1148 a.d. His papal prophecies were forgotten till they were rediscovered in 1594 a.d. Since then they have been often reprinted. But Orthodox Catholics refuse to accept their genuineness. The reason is simple. The prophecies declare that there will be only two more Popes. The Catholic Church will end soon.

St. Malachy, writing in 1139 a.d., described Pope John Paul II as De Labore Solis, or toiler in the sun. This was borne out by the late Pope’s tireless efforts to reap what he called ‘a harvest of souls’ in Asia. India was his main target. Desperate attempts are being made by Christian missionaries to subvert Hinduism.

The next Pope will be effective in curbing Moslem terrorism, but his sympathy for Israel will offend traditional Catholic anti-Semites. He will support Israeli policies to strike back against Moslem terrorist gangs in their own home-bases. He will also enlist Israeli military assistance.

St. Malachy describes the next pontiff as De Gloria Olivae, or the ‘glory of the olive’. The olive-branch proverbially stands for peace in some Western languages. Consequently, St. Malachy’s description may be taken to indicate that the next Pope would bring about peace among disputing Western lands.

John Paul II was the first non-Italian Pope in more than 450 years. Interestingly, Nostradamus predicted that the next Pope will also not be an Italian. He will be successful in meeting the challenge of Moslem terrorism in Europe and the United States. Moslem communities in the West are becoming breeding-grounds for terrorism. Last year, in Madrid, bomb blasts on trains killed nearly 200 passengers. Later in the same year, Theo Van Gogh , a Dutch film-maker was brutally murdered for making a documentary on the terrible plight of women in Moslem lands. Russia is facing an organised Moslem threat to its security. It is only in India that Moslem terrorists are pampered by so-called secular tricksters.

The next Pope will be effective in curbing Moslem terrorism, but his sympathy for Israel will offend traditional Catholic anti-Semites. He will support Israeli policies to strike back against Moslem terrorist gangs in their own home-bases. He will also enlist Israeli military assistance.

But in the end, he will fall victim to treachery within Roman Catholic ranks. Aided and abetted by Catholic traitors, Moslem terrorists will be able to capture the Pope when he will be sailing across the Mediterranean to make a visit to Israel.

He will be succeeded by the last and final Pope, Peter of Rome. Malachy’s forecasts for the 100-odd Popes who have held sway at the Vatican since 1039 a.d. do not contain more than two or three Latin words, each indicative of some important event, or a marked personality trait, or even the Pope’s personal shield. They never mention any name. But when forecasting about the last and 266 Pope, St. Malachy becomes quite specific. He makes grim and detailed prophecy.

This is the Irish saint’s description of the final pontificate. During extreme persecution of the holy Roman Catholic Church, the papal throne in the Vatican shall be occupied by Peter of Rome, who shall feed his followers despite many tribulations. When that task is completed, Rome, the city of seven hills, shall be destroyed, and the Great Judge shall judge the populace.

The extreme persecution that the seer mentions will be due to the fanaticism of Moslem terrorists who will seize Rome during a sudden armed incursion. They will slaughter Catholic clergymen and blood will flow in the streets of Rome. It will be the end of the Vatican and Catholic superstition. No wonder, Orthodox Catholics refuse to accept the authenticity of the age-old prophecies. These Catholics tend to forget the horrors inflicted on helpless victims by the Catholic inquistitions during the Middle Ages.

But the Moslem triumph in the Vatican will be short-lived. Even as fanatics ravage southern Europe and terrorise parts of England, a mighty alliance of India, Russia, America and Israel will deal devastating counter-attacks.

Will these prophecies come true? Or are they only the pipe-dreams of some Western seers and mystics? As far as Nostradamus is concerned, the Columbia University in New York declared him genuine in 1967. There is little reason to doubt the other two.

Kalyani said...

Dear Sonali/LazySusan ,

Yes ,as mentioned above,Hiranyappa has written a book.It contains a lot of the unsavoury truths about the indian dynasty family's immoral background, the immoral churchian poops and a lot more.

Guess what ,after writing such a 'tell-all' gutsy book,he managed to surmount all virulent threats and opposition by the Grace of Sri
Ramana Maharishi!!Recently he was interviewed by NS Rajaram too.

But much before that,Seer Veera Brahmendra Swamigal had prophesied(I don't have the book but I recall a bit).It is amazing ,much much before brits occupied our country,Swamigal mentioned about "pink skinned,ugly featured race" that would oppress us;He has also predicted the total *extinction* of that race eventually;He says,before being annihilated totally,the m.....barbarians would unleash unimaginable havoc all around....they would be instrumental in sounding the death knell of "superpower" hubris.

Further,Kaanchi Kamakshi,Thiruvanaikkaval Akhilandeshwari and Bengal's Kali would all become *Ugraham* ,meaning a huge decimation of population is in the offing.He also says "antivedic,irreligious crocs would invade *Thirupathi* Shrine
and vitiate Its Sanctity...."

And Veda Vyasar too has enumerated in detail the shape of things to come soon after Kurukshetra war.
I have read,most of the missiles during that war, fell in the middle east --hence the desertification.

Hinduism means Dharmam.How can Dharmam not Triumph???!!!

Kalyani said...

Nostradamus talks about a *Sikh* Warrior ,a fearless one ,not wimpy.Also Hindus and Jews together coexisting peacefully....Yippeeeeeeeeee!

Kalyani said...

Before the recent tsunami ,a *Siddhar* (not publicity seeking & crowd craving ) had warned(was published in a Thamizh magazine):-

"Those who spend years and years catching and selling fish ought to be prepared to be swallowed by the very fish bearing oceans and seas...."

Had also predicted the unusually heavy rains etc.

Kalyani said...

It is high time ,self respecting Pourusham filled Hindus,stop being apologetic,craving for embracing,loving and coexisting h..h..aa..ppileee everr afterr with Hindu inimicals and show their BhadraKaali Visage!

I recall only one sane voice,that of Bal Thackeray's while routine "friendly hand extending" measures were being implemented for the w..e..a..r..i..l..y umpteenth time ,who said:-

"haath badaaenge tho, haath vaapas nahi milega"!!

Again, in her recent article Sandhya Jain is jubilant(sic)that a farook sheikh and some such taqqiya clone have said(...after years of yaaaaawning, now that they are engulfed by Hindu Wrath...!!)"Saraswathi is not traditionally shown in the nude...blahblah".

We are not exactly wisdom starved to learn about Hindu culture and ethos from 'moinuddinskhansbadshaskaderghulams.....'(how can a ghulam be azad ?oxymorons!)

Bhagavan exhorted Arjunan to spurn and slay his very priyaBheeshmaDronacharyas.....

Some need to hone their woefully anaemic anger,memory and wisdom by regular visits to jihadwatch link too!

Kalyani said...

Hindu Friends ,

One more Prophesy!

Sree Ramar Temple *WILL* be built in Ayodhya and It shall be one of the *Greatest Wonders* of the world!!!

Kalyani said...

Please don't miss the following comments:-


virat0 said...

Kalyani, I make myself an idiot in deference to your posts, however still then "hone their woefully anaemic anger,memory" looks contradictory.

Kalyani said...

It appears only DarkStorm can comprehend virat0's queries.

I confess,I cannot.And I plead 'not guilty'!

virat0 said...

Krodha->failure of smruti . This I have read. So could both happen si,ultaneously ? That was my difficulty.

Kalyani said...

In a Norwegian oil tanker,whose entire crew happens to be Indians,one 31 year old Sudheer Nonia Jagannathan, gets killed by other seamen,in the international waters of UAE,following an argument over 'cartoon issue'.

A head count,I mean, religious profiling of all the crew is definitely called for.

How out of touch with reality, are fernandeses and hadvanis, when they
foam at their mouths,trotting out
"communalisation of not a good thing blahblah" as if it is yet to come! Lob...laughing out bitterly!

Kalyani said...

"Jagannathan was beaten to death by his colleagues" says the news report...bloodiest and vengeful...

Floral wreaths laying apart(which the perennially boooohooooing politicians procure for free)what else adamantly- refusing- to- retire- hadvanishajpayees,--champions of Hindus??

virat0 said...

Unfortunately this Jehad is supported by mafia, including the secularist.

Kalyani said...

Oh yes ,the marxist-secularists would be slaughtered by the very Chinese,they worship----the Prophesies!!!

virat0 said...

Quite intresting prophecy, of the lot.

Oh yes ,the marxist-secularists would be slaughtered by the very Chinese,they worship----the Prophesies!!!

Kalyani said...

One can comfortably ignore naseem's comments.Many such vapid attempts at "impressing"(like the fox that wanted to hear the Crow sing)Hindu bhaibehens are waiting to be rererecycled,rerereheated and served to us,'the refusing to wake up suckers'.