Thursday, February 09, 2006

The true face of "Professor" Vinay Lal

feb 9th
this fellow has a serious problem of the 'kalidasa syndrome', doesn't he? that is, cutting off the branch of the tree that he's sitting on? not quite a neutral academic figure, is he?

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From: Rajan
Date: Feb 9, 2006 8:52 AM
Subject: The true face of "Professor" Vinay Lal
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You may have seen the article by Vinay Lal
reproduced in against
the Hindus in the textbook controversy in
California.  Here is the dirt on Lal himself -

May the winds disperse it far and wide!

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iamfordemocracy said...

Earlier, on the post that described activities of Witzel and company, I had wondered whether someone would get after these professors and their tenure. This post suggests somebody already has started that. I hope Bruin expands his score to include Witzel and co.