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Muslim girl ostracised for learning Bharatanatyam

feb 22nd

this is reminiscent of how the classical dances of north india were destroyed by mohammedans.

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Talibanisation: Kerala Style

Muslim girl ostracised for learning Bharatanatyam

By S. Chandrasekhar

Kerala has always been a model to the world. While in earlier days it was social reformers like Adi Sankara, Sree Narayana Guru, etc. in modern times it is its predominance in education, health care, land reforms etc. Now Kerala is becoming a model for the wrong reasons— Communalisation and Islamisation of the education sector, thanks to the dominance of the Muslim League Ministers in this crucial portfolio.

Majority of the schools, colleges, B.Ed. Colleges, Medical and Engineering Colleges and Nursing institutions in North Kerala are under the control of Muslims. In addition to these thousands of madrasas are functioning in the State with funding from the state sponsored Wakf Board.

While last week it was the case of Muslim students of a Christian Management School being prevented from going on their annual excursion because the itenary consisted Churches, this week it is the case of a Muslim girl and her family facing social ostracism because she is learning Bharatanatyam and Keralanatanam. V.P. Rubiya, daughter of Alavikutty is a class 10 student at Morayur High School, Kondotty, Malappuram District. She started learning Bharatanatyam, traditional Kerala dances and folk dances out of burning desire to participate in the State School Arts Festival. The local Mosque ordered her to desist from this move. When Rubiya resisted and continued with her resolved, she and her family were subjected to ostracism. They were kept out of the Mosque and other Muslims were warned against dealing with them. They were denied the relief given during Ramzan. The parents fear that they may not be able to find a bridegroom for the girl since no imam will solemnise the wedding of a family ostracised by a mosque.

Undaunted by the threat and due to the support of her family and teachers, the girl participated in the festival and won prizes in the categories.

We have heard of books on Kathakali, Bharatanatyam and Indian Culture being confiscated and destroyed in Airports of Saudi Arabia, but what is happening in Kerala, a highly educated state, is shameful. Will the communists who shout from the roof-top against communalism wake up or will they shut their eyes in these days of vote-bank politics and elections.


"...Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah..." (Dharma, if protected and preserved, will protect you) - Mahabharata
"...Daanam Asya Paraayanam..." (Charity is a man's primary duty) - Mahabharata

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Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

Prakash Karat is a Keralite, and generally quick off the mark in lambasting anything that he considers obsucrantist - correction - HINDU obscurantist; I have never seen him say anything against Christians or Muslims.

Wonder what he will say to this, perhaps, as usual, he will choose to ignore this and say he is not aware of such an incident, no such news has been brought to his notice, etc etc.