Saturday, February 18, 2006


feb 18th

a dissenting voice about infosys and possible favors being done for it. my general thought is that governments bend over backwards to help companies that are their 'champions'. i haven't spent any effort trying to figure out the facts in this particular matter.

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From: Girish K

Please check these two news items:

"Residential and recreation facilities are being planned to create a "plant suburb" where employees live close to the workplace"

"State Information Technology and Biotechnology Secretary M.K. Shankarlinge Gowda told presspersons here on Friday that the demand for 700 acres submitted by the company for the software park is being processed by the Land Audit Committee."


I work in an excellent facility but there are about 1000 employees in four acres of land. Bought entirely from the market with no governmental favours. I find it grossly unfair - one company in India gets more land than the rest of the industry put together and that too for "residential" and "recreational" purposes. Can the government just not lease the land?

Please enlighten me if I am wrong; please pursue this case if you also find it unjust.


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Ragz said...

This is another example how our politicians go over-board in anything they do. On one hand they give free electricity to people most of them who doesn't deserve, and on the other they want to show they will do anything to invite private enterprise. Free land distribution for companies has become a sort of obsession, especially with Andhra governments.

DarkStorm said...


I must say that Infosys has been the driver of Indian IT growth. Today, there are many companies out there , who are doing well, but it was the hard work of Mr. Dewang Mehta of NASSCOM and Mr. Narayana Murthy of Infosys that a fledgling industry has grown to good heights.

Yes, Infosys is a corporation, and they might be using their clout and image to get things easy for them. But then, doesnt it face problems of its own, with the dumb likes of DeveGowda making it a personal issue. Deve Gowda is another Kannada nationalist or champion, so to speak. I dont see Deve Gowda any different from Raj Thackeray, who rabidly champions Mumbai, and wants to drive away outsiders from the city.

I suppose the mailers company did not approach the government under the STPI scheme, or did not qualify. Maybe negotiations with the government did not work out. Nobody would like to pay higher for the same thing.

Anyway, yes, the government must be treating all companies fairly.

Ashok said...

There was a excellent analysis by Mr Krishna Prasad in his weekly column in Deccan Herald, a couple of months back which said that Infosys does not optimally use the space provided to it. I have seen the Infosys Mysore campus myself which is a sheer waste of space and money. Just because Infosys has a lot of cash reserve, it builds buildings to rival the Mysore palace or the St.Peters Cathedral (of Vatican). And to clear the popular misconception that IT industry was grown by NRN, TCS is a much older, respected, and bigger player than Infosys on the IT services front.