Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Re: for siva who asked what had been edited out:

that is, by the rediff copy editor, from my columns.

On 2/8/06, Rajeev Srinivasan <rajeev.srinivasan@gmail.com > wrote:
feb 7th

not much, siva: just one sentence --

Doubtless, the fear of Islamic violence – as seen when a Danish newspaper published some mild criticism – certainly looms large.

and here's the other thing they deleted :-)

As a scholarly friend said to me in private correspondence regarding the Marxists of East Bengal – have you ever wondered why, despite the Bengali penchant for Marxism, there are no such left in Bangladesh? – who have continually been at the receiving end of Islamic aggression, and have kept fleeing, first to West Bengal, then to other parts of India, propagating their dhimmitude. I quote him: 

…these communists are the very people whose wives, daughters and sisters were abducted, raped and converted by Muslims after 1940. When they arrived in Tripura after the Dhaka riots (1940) there was hardly a woman among them and said to an astonished King (a great patron of the arts and a wonderful patriot) that 'they didn't allows us to bring them'. It would have been better to die. No, they chose to live, to betray again.

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