Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hindu beaten to death by Muslim co-workers over cartoons

feb 15th

his skull smashed, bite marks, asphyxiation. amazing. all this over some cartoons.

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From: Ravi

Hindu beaten to death by Muslim co-workers over cartoons
By Salah Al Debarky and Riyasbabu

15 February 2006
FUJAIRAH/DUBAI — A sailor was allegedly beaten to death by his colleagues on board a Norwegian oil tanker in the international waters off the coast of Fujairah, following an argument over the blasphemous cartoon published on Prophet Mohammed in a Danish daily recently. According to reliable sources, the fight among the seamen, which caused the death of one sailor, emerged after an argument between them over their differences of opinions over the slanderous and blasphemous cartoon on Prophet Mohammed.
A source from the Indian Consulate in Dubai confirmed the death of 31-year-old Sudheer Nonia Jagannathan, hailing from Mumbai, but refused to comment on the issue. "We had been informed about the death. Our officials visited the Fujairah Hospital and collected the details. The investigation is going on and once it is over, the consulate will render all the help to repatriate the body."
The source disclosed that all the crew in the ship was from India. The ship was coming from New Manglore Port in Karnataka in India to Fujairah with chemicals. The deceased was working as a fitter on the ship. The death was likely caused by foul play as traces of beaten and smashed skull was detected in the a post-mortem at the Fujairah Hospital. The sources said the body of the allegedly murdered man was found by the inspection squad, lying on the deck of the vessel with traces of beating on different parts of his body.
The authorities concerned in the UAE were informed about the incident, as it was the closest land from the international waters where the incident took place in the oil tanker. The body of the dead man was taken to the morgue of the Fujairah Hospital, and all people on board the ship were apprehended. "After examining the body, traces of beating marks were found on the head, asphyxiation and teeth bites on the shoulder. Medical check-up also revealed clear smashing on the skull" said the source.
When 'Khaleej Times' contacted the captain of the oil tanker, he denied any foul play in the incident, even though he and his crew members were remanded to the custody of the Fujairah Police.


Kalyani said...

Tomorrow's indian headlines today(why only tomorrow,all days to come):-

"..........blahblahbooooooooohoooooooo,dastardly....,dastardly....this allegedly........

Having said thattt,...
Let us not blow it out of proportion.Let us not give it a communal colouring,inflammatory...
fissiparous...blahblah...Let us all
gandhiko yaad karein and hug and sing..."RaghupatiRaghavaRajaRam".....aaalllinthe phamileee ....see grategrate pipples like naqvis and taqqiyasalaluddins have donated generously to the Deceased's......
see .......

There is one IronMan Hondo in jihadwatch comments section...It is comments like those that suatain my fragile sanity.

Kalyani said...

A taste of *editorials*:-

"Remember the Hindu Bride,whose Husband ...Rupin Katyal,who was murdered and the body dumped in Dubai....did she not survive,did she complain?....See Hindus are incredibly tolerant....their patience is limitless...hajpayee has composed a poem on Hindus'legendary tolerance,which he did after eating lots of jalebis
(his bahut fav sweet)which he consumed after hearing this dastardly attack(both then and now...see our sweeeeeet tolerance...!!)...................

Ranjeet Singh said...

Where is the part about Musliim co-workers beating him up? The link doesnt say anything. Is that just speculation?

siva said...

Ranjeet Singh

Who are you man, a kid from LKG class, can't you read the whole article and add 2 and 2 here.

Let me sppon feed you

A sailor was allegedly beaten to death by his colleagues

following an argument over the blasphemous cartoon published on Prophet Mohammed

Add the above two and think who in the world will be offended by the political cartoons.

Ranjeet Singh said...

Why this rude reaction, Siva? Onviously, there was nothing in the news to suggest that it was done by Muslims. I have had to bear with their atrocities for long, so I am not defending them. But it is not wise to spread such allegations as facts. Obviously, I would like to believe you too.
I can understand how you arrived at this conclusion and it seems the only logical conclusion. But were there no other Hindus to defend the victim? Was it just one Hindu and the rest Muslims? And how did the details (skull smashed, bite marks...) etc come out? Did anyone see? The ship crew was remanded and had no contact with the outside world. It seems you had no basis for saying that other than rumours. UAE isnt known for a free press, so any such details will never appear, especially when it could affect the image of their religion.

Ranjeet Singh said...
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Kaunteya said...

Ranjeet Singh's comments remind me of the days just after Godhra massacre. The issue was similarly trivialised by most Hindus. And they said - what proof you have that the bogie was burnt by muslims ..blah blah blah ...
For such Hindus the only possible evidence can be a tape or a recorded clip..
But no wait ! That ain't good enough. Can't the recording be doctored ?

siva said...

Ranjeet Singh,

It was not my intention to be rude or to offend you… I just can’t believe that there could be people like you… who give benefit of doubt to the most undeserving person or thing in the world… how many times do you want to be screwed by the mussalmans before you can judge them right without having to go through one horrific event after another.

This is what you get with McCauley’s education system. Bunch of people who don’t have a sense of history… who doesn’t know how to think properly. They have to experience every thing through their whole life and by the time they realize that something is wrong with India’s sickularism, it will be too late, a whole generation of Indians would have paid dearly… and this damn cycle continues… it is because of this kind of people, Hindus keep getting screwed at every turn.

This is the same kind of mentality Gandhi’s congress had and Hindus paid the price of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Thanks to them and their sickularism, we have pockets of Pakistan through out India, and it’s only a matter of time before Hindus are slaughtered again.

If you can ask this type of question, then there is no end… we can even question whether earth is flat, deny holocaust, ask proof after proof for the existence of grand temple on which ruins stands the babri structure, can question the demolition of all the grand temples at Kasi, Mathura, Somnath and thousand of other temples. There is no end. This is why I said what I said.


For those types of Hindus you gave as examples, I guess no proof is enough.. Only when they themselves are about to be butchered they will realize how dumb they were all their life.

Kalyani said...

Siva ,

Trust ranjit singhs like the above to sing always in favour of Hindu haters and killers ,yes,I repeat,the whole lot of them are potential wannabe Hindu haters and killers .They are the 'rakthabeejans'.Beware.government of india,that is,khanistan is full of rakthabeejans.

Here is my reply to ranjit s--

Yes, Jagannathan , was brutally bludgeoned to death after physical and verbal torture by manishankariyers and manishankariyerclones and chidambaram and chidambaramclones!!

Kalyani said...

This ranjit s is but naseem of jihadwatch site.We are being overpolite and civil towards them.

"They ruled over ruins

KR Phanda

In his article, "Why blame Abu Salem?" (16, January), Jamal Ansari questions Hindus about their faith in the sanctity of Ayodhya, thus: "How can the site of an outrageous offence be called a place of worship or pilgrimage? Can any religion put such a premium on fraud, deceit and brute force?"

So, the destruction of religious places of non-Muslims by Muslims is a sacred act whereas the retrieval of those very places by non-Muslims amounts to fraud and deceit! Such commentators must note what is sacred to Hindus is entirely the concern of the Hindus and Hindus alone.

Professor Alfred Guillaume, renowned scholar of Islam, said, "Idolaters whose very existence was an insult to the one true God would have to accept Islam or the sword; other monotheists would have to acknowledge their inferiority by paying a special tax. This became the established principle of Islam during the few years of Prophet's life at Medina" (Islam, p 40).

In India, Muslim chroniclers took special pride in describing the destruction of the Hindu religious places. This is what historian Professor Muhammad Nazim writes, "The destruction of the temple of Somnath was looked upon as the crowning glory of Islam over idolatory, and Sultan Mahmud as the champion of the Faith, received the applause of all in the Muslim world. One poet outdid another in extolling the iconoclasm of Mahmud" (The Life and Times of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna).

During 1954-'55, Professor Arnold Toynbee in his Azad Memorial Lecture said that during the first Russian occupation of Warsaw (1814-1915), the Russians had built an Eastern Orthodox Christian Cathedral in the city which was once an independent Roman Catholic country, Poland. The Russians had done this to give the Poles a continuous occular demonstration that the Russians were now their masters. But as soon as the Poles regained their independence, they pulled this Cathedral down.

On seeing the mosques that overlook the ghats at Benaras and the one that crowns the Krishna hill at Mathura, Professor Toynbee felt that "Aurangzeb's purpose in building those three mosques was the same intentionally offensive political purpose that moved the Russians to build their Orthodox Cathedral in the city centre at Warsaw - these three mosques were intended to signify that an Islamic Government was reigning supreme, even over Hindustan's holiest of holy places" (Azad Memorial Lectures, Government of India, Delhi, p 60). These mosques are standing symbols of Hindu humiliation. No self-respecting nation would have allowed them to stay on so long as India has done.

As for the Hindutva's posing a "serious threat to the unity and integrity of the nation", where was such concern when the Muslims led by those in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bombay Provinces overwhelmingly voted in the 1945-'46 election for the creation of Pakistan? The creation of Pakistan on religious basis and the ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs thereafter are testimonies to the fact that Muslims believe in separatism alone.

Further, the Muslim iconoclasm has not ended yet. Only a few years ago, Bamiyan Buddhas were destroyed in Afghanistan. Temples in India have been attacked by Muslim terrorists. In case Muslims of India are not happy to stay on in India, they are welcome to go to the Darul Islam which they forcibly created in 1947".

saras said...

I don't understand the Akhand Bharat concept and the ruckus over the two nation theory. It is for the good of the Hindus that a large percentage of Muslims went their way separately during partition. Had the partition not happened, I am sure Hindus would be hurtling towards their demise much quicker.

surya said...


It is Godess Durga on Whiskey bottles...

",00180007.htm "

what is our Secular govt doing abt this???

siva said...


At the time of partition, Muslim percentage of undivided India was about 25 percent, now their population of the same area, combining the total population of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is 33 percent. You do the math and find out who is smarter and who is short changed.

Hindus of Undivided India formed 75% of the population, whereas now they constitute only about 62%. Even in the land mass that was supposed to be given to Hindus, they comprise only 80% and this number is in constant decline. Where as in those lands that were reserved for Muslims, Muslims constitute 95% in Pakistan and about 90% in Bangladesh.

You tell me who got screwed.

saras said...


Obviously you have not followed my argument. Going by your own statistics, it is clear that Muslims tend to increase their numbers much faster than the Hindus wherever they live. Pakistan and Bangladesh have seen their Hindu population declining much faster than in the divided India and these two countries are nearly 100% Muslim. Now extend this argument to the situation of undivided India. Hindus would have been reduced to much less than the 62% you have talked of. This is only a theory, which neither you nor I can prove but only guesstimate based on the population growth trends. My point is that the goose for the Hindus would be cooked much faster in the undivided India than at present.

Kalyani said...

Posting the comments of a Barry:-

"Hindus have to be very careful around Muslims in Muslim-dominated countries, and while working on ships and oil rigs having large Muslim work forces. There is a great deal of prejudice against Hindus from Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims in particular, and from other Muslim communities as well. Hindus in the West, including Canada and the UK, live in fear of the very large Muslim communities there as well".

siva said...


Obviously I did not follow your argument, because there is no argument to follow in the first place… you just wrote four lines… unless you have commented on the other threads.

Coming back to the point, my interpretation of the same data is that Muslim proportion of the population of undivided India could have been contained, as the large scale slaughter and conversion of Hindus would have been prevented if India remained united.

saras said...


Who knows whose theory is correct? i.e your theory that Muslim population growth would have been contained because of the larger Hindu population in the undivided India; or my theory that because of the larger absolute numbers of the Muslims, the decline of Hindus would have been quicker. It is simply a matter for speculation. I cited the instances of Pakistan and Bangladesh as an evidence for a quick decimation of the Hindus.

There is simply no proof for either of the arguments.

Kalyani said...

Siva ,

This partition will go.How? I quote
Nostradamus's words:-

"churchianity will SINK,
..... will BURN".

DarkStorm said...

welll, no reactions from our sickular government or "journalism of wimps" spindian express or the "let calumny prevail" times of india.

Where are our regular trolls who argue for pseudo-seculars.

DarkStorm said...

I don't understand the Akhand Bharat concept and the ruckus over the two nation theory. It is for the good of the Hindus that a large percentage of Muslims went their way separately during partition. Had the partition not happened, I am sure Hindus would be hurtling towards their demise much quicker.


Saras, you are absolutely right. but now there are more jehadis in india than in puke-istan and beggardesh. US has actually sent more intelligence operatives into India to track jehadis.

Kalyani said...

"How serious are we about combating Pak terrorism?

By Sumer Kaul"

DarkStorm said...
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DarkStorm said...

you reminded me of someone who i like to laugh at.

there is a pseudo secular i know in Pune, a real jerk, in the real sense of the term. I get to see him when I visit my relatives place in Pune and he has a shop nearby. I normally go there for a smoke after leaving my relatives home. yes i take the risk :-) . He was telling me "you know , the fire was started from within by the travellers themselves. they did this to malign the peace-loving jehadis". Similar to the arguments of the psecs you mentioned. My reply - "So what were the thousands of terrorists doing there, with cans of petrol.. dousing the fire ?? And what do you think , fifty eyewitnesses are telling the same lie" He said - "yes, why not" and he went into a regular old rant and stuck to his point. Thats the general mentality of a psec. he/she will refuse to see reason and facts and keep repeating oneself.

and they are really shameless, they have no concept of self-respect and honour. i once made bad fun of him in front of other customers, but still he keeps blabbering crap. earlier i used to maintain silence, respecting his seniority. but i suppose, he liked to be ridiculed by someone half his age ;-)

and this cartoon character has pictures of sonia maddo the maid, rajiv gandhi, rahul gandhi the tard, and priyanka vadra, the wannabe indira gandhi, all over his shop. he keeps photocopies of pseudo-secular crap from papers and yellow rags.
He actually once made me read an article by teesta "paki" setalvad, on kashmir. I read the first para and returned it to him. The first para was something like "supposedly" islamic militants for referring to jehadis, and seemed pro-pakistani.

I now avoid speaking much to him, nahin to mein yeda ban jayega, aur ciggie ke jagah pedha milega. :-))

siva said...
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siva said...


Or course there is no proof for my argument… there cannot be one because it is a hypothetical argument.

But if you see the current condition of Hindus in India, the land that is supposed to be theirs, there are still officially 14% Muslims in the total population, but I think this number is not correct, it has to be much more than that, close to 20% or may be even 25%. If you see the Congress going all out to appease the Muslims, there is no way they will be doing this if the Muslim population of India is only 14%. The Congress government themselves don’t believe in the official census.

The reason I am saying this is Hindus are NOT better off after partition, this is a fact backed up by data. That’s why I argued that the other way around MAY have been better for Hindus.

Kaunteya said...

lol !. good one darkstorm.
sadly the character you mentioned belongs to the majority of our population.
i have such characters in my own extended family. so don't need to go too far to find 'em. they are everywhere. and tell you what! i hate them more than the jehadis who are atleast honest to their own people.