Thursday, February 16, 2006

nostradamus and predictions

feb 16th

i saw a bunch of posts on this blog about nostradamus' predictions.

personally i am not a big believer in nostradamus. his elliptical poetry can be construed any way the reader wants, and it is written in a deliberately oblique manner as he was under some threat from the authorities of the time.

also, francois gautier did a splendid two-stanza parody of nostradamus' old french a few years ago, and that may well be the source of all these bjp-will-win-and-hindus-will-reign assertions made by various people here.

if you go read the entire original nostradamus prophesy on the web (i have glanced through it) i dont think it mentions india at all.

this is what i said about nostradamus after 9/11:


Now that bashing astrology is so fashionable in certain Indian 'intellectual' circles, I thought I'd add the following little anecdote. I was thinking of Nostradamus's predictions about World War III when I got email from a friend that gave me the impetus to check it out on the Web. Here is what I found. Yes, of course, there is a lot of fanciful interpretation of what Nostradamus said, but isn't it entertaining? About an apocalyptic leader:

Out of the country of Greater Arabia
Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed...
He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.
He will be the terror of mankind.
Never more horror.

Sound like Osama bin Laden (does he wear blue turbans)?

And when will all this happen?

In the year 1999 and seven months
From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
He will bring back to life the King of the Mongols;
Before and after war reigns.

We could always suggest that 1999 was a fanciful rendering of 2001: that is, 2000+1 depicted as 2000-1. And do remember that September did use to be the seventh month before January and February were added. The King of the Mongols might be the Chinese, with their support of the Sino-Islamic axis against the West, Russia and India.

The war will last seven and twenty years.

What is the first target of the war?

The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.
Fire approaches the great new city.

We have seen the fire in the sky, in the twin skyscrapers aflame. New York is at 41 degrees North latitude, not 45.

By fire he will destroy their city,
A cold and cruel heart,
Blood will pour,
Mercy to none.

Apocalypse now?


sukracharya said...

If you observe, all Nostradamus's predictions are made after the incident has happened and not before it... its basically like the Quran being touted as containing all aspects of science... before the discovery of the heliocentric system, its all about earth being in the center and fixed, but once heliocentric theory is proven right, then adapt the same verses of quran and try to show that quran actually supported a heliocentric theory.... Nostradamus predictions are no better... take an incident and then follow reverse logic to show Nostradamus was right...

Kalyani said...

Hiranyappa's 2 Part books as written by Indianpatriot is a good one.

"all Nostradamus's predictions are made after the incident has happened and not before it... "

Now 'that' is baloney!

In all their predictions don't attempt to unravel the 'time priod'
It might have a lot of cryptic red herrings.

What has been happening in Thirupathi and rest of places ....?(Veera Brahmendra Swamigal's Prophsies)

I did not mention at all Kaavyakantha Ganapathi Muni's.....!!!

It is ridiculous to believe bjp or any political party stands for Dharmam.Gautier is not a truth finder as he is made out to be.He has his own agendas at times to promote.

Liberated are those who are no slaves to any agenda or mortal.

virat0 said...

Kalyani, what is so important about the predictions, what if it predicts my death tomorrow ?

I read your other post, where you mentioned to be uncomfortable with your relatives because of diversion... Quite true and your have been pretty good intention from many aspects.. but can you hold it ? The Khatra is different than anything about krodha or moha, it just exists, I am unable to get it, blessed were those warriors who knew the Khatra. Its reflection is at many places, the politics is only one vision, and merely looking at it one can't determine, much less live with Khatra. This is not a criticism, but bit of information as I understand ( Could be erroneous).

sukracharya said...

Kalyani, i would also ask you if a person who is a slave to truth and facts is also not a liberated soul? the reason why i said that nostradamus's predictions are always after the incident is because people like Erika Cheetham always take those same verses and adapt them conveniently to what has already happened... i hope you can see through your own baloney.... btw, can you please elaborate on francois gautier's agendas since you see to be very aware of all the agendas... perhaps except you, everyone else is into agendas...

virat0 said...

i would also ask you if a person who is a slave to truth and facts is also not a liberated soul?
This is contradictory. One got to have a mere faith in it because of immense magnitude of stuff.

Kalyani said...

I am not responsible for Erika Cheetam's interpretations.

Truth--frequently abused and conveniently misunderstood word too!

When I was pounced upon for daring to speak out the unvarnished truth...I realised many are only hungry for half-truths!

"since you see to be very aware of all the agendas... "
Well ,I am not responsible for *your* overwrought imaginations and conveniently *perceived truths*...LOL....

virat0 said...

Following adds spice to the discussions :

daisies said...

Dear Rajeev,

How are you doing ?

Everyday, I see the earth around
me looks flat. That is a fact
and hence my whole truth. Until
I open a book on astronomy that
explains with diagrams that the
earth is in fact round, and that
my eyes are actually fooling me.

I figure truth is beyond an
isolated fact or observation and
that an observer who has not gone
into a matter in great depth
cannot have a meaningful or valid
viewpoint. Maybe you would agree
with this.


Kalyani said...


Dharmam will reign, not"bjp or hindus" as written by you.

Allopaths and many scientists and thinktanks are infamously notorious for making violent 'U -turns' with protean celerity soon after their "findings and discoveries" arrived at with equally protean celerity.How about
pillorying them??

Talking of predictions, it is *only* the *virtuous* who are granted an insight into the truth.

Does not Russell say,a skull that is held in a scientist's hand is not going to "reveal" anything;it is what is inside or not the (numb and dumb)skull of the skull holder,that is going to be recorded as "findings and conclusions"!

Sahadevan was an erudite astrologer too.What an irony he did not know Karnan was his own brother!Was he consistently,uncompromisingly a Dharmam lover?Did he not suggest Draupadi's tresses to be snipped and Arjunan's Bow to be broken as he wanted to "appease somehow and carry on.... all for peace"?...LOL..

Except Bhagavan, everyone else *including Arjunan* believed the Sun had set,prior to Jayathradan's

Bhagavan's agenda is only Dharmam not *isms* promoting.

After the war,when Arjunan,despite his Bow,is roughed up by is only *then* he realises
the war was WON by none other than
Bhagavan Himself!

Kalyani said...


Welcome back!We are Friends,remember.We made Peace.

daisies said...

Dear Kalyani,

Yes, I am still a friend.

However, even recently, you made
a veiled reference to Sri Sri which
is consistent with what you said
before Rajeev declared that anti
Sri Sri comments are banned in the

You recently said one *Sidhar* (not
the publicity and fame craving
kind). Obviously you meant Sri Sri,
based on what you have said in the
past about him and only him.

Thus you continue to make anti Sri Sri comments. Thus you are going
against the moderation.

Apart from that, let us go into
this thing in depth. Is he craving
publicity and fame ? That is YOUR
****interpretation**** which you
are presenting here as a FACT.

He is doing he very best to give
whatever valuable stuff he has to
as many people as possible as
quickly as possible. And
those who benefit from what he
gives are ever ready to help his
cause. Thus he is constantly in
the limelight. He isnt craving
anything. The greatest blessing I
have learnt/got from him is:
"Vijvaro Bhavah" (be devoid of

So I am sorry, I think you arent
being a good friend by such
continued references to him.

I am just pointing this out. I am
not seething with rage or disgust
or hatred towards you at all. These
emotions simply do not arise in
me, most of the time.


Kalyani said...

Well Daisies,

If you are hell bent and so desirous of finding "obvious" references to whoever is your guru,I am CERTAINLY not answerable or accountable to anyone including you.I am reminded of the famous"...madam,were you looking for them..?" joke.

There is a plethora of publicity seeking people.

Don't behave like musharraf on the peace pact.No more discussion about your guru, was how I understood it.Obviously,musharraffi,I am no olive branch brandishing sucker,get it right this time.

daisies said...


The moderation was clear -
"No more anti Indian guru

By the way, I never even
wrote to you. I wrote to Rajeev
about how truths get created out
of observations.

If you write to me "Welcome
back Daisies, we are Friends",
I had a right to honestly tell you
what I thought of your statements.

And you call me Musharaffi in
return. Thanks!!

I have left you alone since we
last wrote at the other post,
and would be happy if you leave me
alone too.


sukracharya said...

Kalyani, well they are not overwroght imaginations, but can you please support your statement that francois gautier has hidden agendas.... or did you just oull it out of your ass to please yourself..

Kalyani said...

I have had rare,sincere, priceless compliments showered on me from my childhood onwards till date.

I don't have the habit of preserving any memorabilia,recording,photographing,framing blahblah...

Nevertheless,wisdom dawned on me very recently.I have certain Swamijis' written compliments(in Their Own Hands, not dictated to or typed by xyz)and none other than the remarkable Gentleman Gurumurthy Himself,preserved by me.

Let no unethical,pompous,eunuch extend its self flattery,deluding itself that it has (or can ever!)dented/sullied my self regarding sentiment,by resorting to *certain letters strung together*(so much for calling itself ITxyz...blahblah and a "truth(sic)seeker" to boot!)

As, I was Born Sang Froid!

At times,I do not answer certain queries,not out of fear,but out of sheer , unmitigated *CONTEMPT*.

siva said...


If you are actively involved in the Sri Sri’s AOL, can you give some insider information about the on going mela in Bangalore, I heard that some 2.5 million people are attending. If that is true, then it is really amazing what this guy has done so far.

Also I read else where on the internet that he is too politically correct and usually does not stand up for Hindus genuine rights and demands, is it true? Also on the same site some say he did not give permission to some Hindu org. to set up stalls in the mela grounds. Is it true?

chandramahal said...

Lamenting the lack of cohesion amongst the Hindu Gurus, Fracois Gautier gave an example of Swamy Ramdev asking his followers to desist from doing pranayama and other kriyas as directed by Sri Sri Ravishankar!
Sri Gautier can now feel happy that Swamy Ramdev was himself present at the Silver Jubilee functions of the AOL.!
I think it was Sri Sri who pointed out first that only a small fraction of the funds raised from Hindu Temples are actually being spent of Hindus whereas a major portion is being gobbled up in Haj Subsidies and similar non-Hindu matters.