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Rajiv Malhotra's talk on Feb 10, 2006 in New Jersey

feb 8th

should be good stuff if you can attend

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Speaker: Rajiv Malhotra
Title of talk: Challenges Facing Hinduism in America
When: Friday, Feb 10, 2006, at 7:30pm
Where: Arsha Bodh Center, 84 Cortelyou Lane, Somerset NJ 08873. (For
more information, call 732-940-4008 or see www.arshabodha.org)

ABSTRACT: Some of the issues discussed will include the following:
- The social encounters each new group of immigrants has faced since
the beginning of America, especially the role of religion in America's
identity formation, and lessons for Indians and Hindus.
- Examples of biases in American textbooks, colleges, media, church
literature...[NOTE: Some of the material is sexually explicit.]
- How the treatment of Hinduism in schools compares with that of other
religions, especially Islam, Judaism and Christianity.
- The role played by American community activists who represent Islam,
Judaism and Christianity, and how this compares with the roles of
various Indians and Hindus who speak for/against Hinduism.
- How to reconcile that on the one hand Hinduism has been the major
source for America's New Age movement (yoga, meditation,
vegetarianism, etc.), and yet on the other hand it faces seriously
prejudiced stereotypes and portrayals in American school textbooks,
college activities, media, and government policymaking.

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