Saturday, February 25, 2006

spindian express

feb 25

well, yes. i used to have you on my blogroll too but took it off because there were not many posts. there was another blog critiquing the indian media, but that too has become dormant.

you might try to expand your coverage beyond the indian express. on second thoughts, that is such a vast task -- the entire medium of sycophants -- that it might be too big to take on.

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Can you give some publicity to my blog on yours?

My take on India's most manipulative news media entity: Indian Express.

It is not very frequently updated but I want visitors to keep checking once in a while.


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virat0 said...

Dear Spindian express,
Please link to an essay, with some of the blatant exposes and why you are portraying that way, "the reader said..." part, with some blatant examples from Indian express. It is not very obvious from the blog that, Indian express started it, since many would forget how spindian express twisted news, an introduction is important.