Thursday, February 16, 2006

in memoriam: freddie laker, low-cost airline pioneer

feb 16th

there was a time in the 1980s when freddie laker turned the airline world upside down with $100 london-new york flights.

there was also people express, with its $19 newark-boston flights and $99 newark-san francisco flights, both of which i enjoyed.

alas, both of these low-cost airlines were driven into bankruptcy by established foes.

freddie laker died last week. RIP. his new model is what is being followed by all the no-frills, low-cost airlines around the world, including jetBlue in the us (which i like) and deccan air in india (haven't tried that out yet, but since it flies to trivandrum, i will get on it one of these days).


sukracharya said...

Air Deccan is not just a no-frills airline, but a bad service airline... its model is basically screwed up and thats why many a time people have to wait for hours because of severe flight delays... perhaps you may find it out on your way to Thiruvananthapuram

Kalyani said...

As the saying goes,the devil too is in small details!

I have read,the factor called *metal fatigue* is often not taken into consideration.Also,after a plane crashes,many of the nuts,screws and bolts stuff are salvaged, getting fitted into the new and existing ones.

Only proves all disasters are man made!