Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fwd: BBC E-mail: Nigeria cartoon protests kill 16

feb 18th

ah, mohammedans are targeting christists, after all. but note they are going after powerless black christists, not white christists who have nuclear bombs.

i suspect the us has let it be known to its saudi friends that there are certain nukes aimed at mecca and medina ready for launch the next time there's a 9/11 type attack.

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The christian community is being targetted INSPITE of the fact that its leaders denounced the cartoons very early on. Typical muslim violent retribution - they must kill. Who they kill is only of secondary importance.

** Nigeria cartoon protests kill 16 **
At least 16 people die as violence breaks out during protests over the Muhammad cartoons in northern Nigeria.
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san said...

Hmm, what's bringing out the Hitler fetish?

I thought that Danes had a soft spot for the Fuhrer anyway, so shouldn't they be condemning him in Pakistan?

Oh well, as they say -- Pak Uber Alles.

DarkStorm said...

Also, saw a Jehadi rally on TV in Lucknow. Surprise.. Lucknow now resembles Palestine.

1. Lakhs of jehadis out on the streets
2. Many of them brandishing guns.
3. Shots were fired in the air, similar to Palestine.
4. Vandalized Hindu and American MNC property.

I wonder what happened to the poor chaps who got caught in the traffic. The women might have been raped and the men beheaded.

And whats with that minister offering rewards !! Is this what is secularism...

Up Yours, madmoron and company :-)

Kalyani said...

Dear San.,

Could you tell me in what name you write your comments in Bharathrakshak.I have never been to that blog(too tied up with household chores).Do I need to pay or create password, blog etc to access it?I only want to read.I don't want to comment.,have I not commented enough;))?