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"India: Breathe in, and hands off our yoga"

feb 9th
good one! it's about time. as i have said time and again, i am a little queasy about the current intellectual property regime in place.

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Finally! Some good news. This is fantastic!

Headline:  India: Breathe in, and hands off our yoga
Byline:  Anupreeta Das Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor
Date: 02/09/2006

(DELHI)India's centuries-old traditional knowledge, preserved and orally
passed down through generations of households, is now going digital.

Over the coming months, India will unveil a first-of-its-kind
encyclopedia of 30 million pages, containing thousands of herbal
remedies and eventually everything from indigenous construction
techniques to yoga exercises.

The project represents a 21st-century approach to safeguarding
intellectual property of the ancient variety. The Traditional Knowledge
Digital Library (TKDL) aims to prevent foreign entrepreneurs from
claiming Indian lore as novel, and thus patenting it.

"We do not want anyone selling our own knowledge to us," says Ajay Dua,
a top bureaucrat in the Department of Industrial Policy and Planning,
which oversees intellectual-property rights. "Also, we would like
anyone using our traditional knowledge to acknowledge that it is from

These concerns are not unfounded. In the past decade, India has fought
several costly legal battles to get patents revoked. The impetus for
TKDL came in 1997, after India successfully managed to get a US patent
on the wound-healing properties of turmeric revoked.

"This patent claimed the wound-healing properties as a novel finding,
whereas practically every Indian housewife knows and uses it to heal
wounds," says R. A. Mashelkar, chief of the Council for Scientific and
Industrial Research (CSIR).



siva said...

This is not necessarily a good idea. As Rajeev has said earlier, Indian state is a predatory state. It can also be easily hijacked by Islamic and Christian wackos. Case in point, recent revelation that the previous congress govt of Karnataka diverting 90 crores of temple revenues for hajj, while Hindu priests were starving.

Right way to protect these ancient Hindu techniques is: Hindu gurus should form a consortium, independent of government control, and patent these ancient techniques and generate revenue from it, which can be used for upliftment of down trodden Hindus or for other Hindu causes and Hindus use only.

The current plan has disaster for Hindus written all over it. It will be only a matter of time before the Islamic and christist savages lay their hands on the revenue generated from these ancient Hindu techniques.

Will Hindus ever learn from their past mistakes?

siva said...

Let me add that when I say Hindu, it includes all the Indic religions.

virat0 said...

It doesn't say that the govt would generate revinue out of it. These things are such that, a person intrested in revinue generation woun't understand all these. So the deal should be not to bar the hindus or in general any knowledge seeker from practising it just because he doesn't have money. It will amount to prosecution.

While there is so much fuss about the hindu gurus having a lot of money, I was reading the biography of an esteemed person, now revered in an old hindu institution, this person writes of 100 places where he got food ! Such was the importance of food, when he was wandering around. What would one do if these are controlled by patent regimes or govts, of course they won't understand a thing of it, except deforming.

siva said...


You have no idea what kind of revenue these ancient Hindu techniques are capable of generating. It is a gold mine, if properly organized and handled, free of crushing bureaucratic Indian government control, an entire generation of Hindus, even if we are one billion strong, can be lifted up. All the 200 million Hindus living below poverty line can be saved from their crushing poverty. Yoga industry is already a 40 billion dollar industry in the US alone. Just do a simple Google search; you will understand what I am talking about. If Hindus can get just this one right, almost all of Hindus economic problem all over the world can be solved.

KapiDhwaja said...

More Nuke stuff:link

Quote from above link
The experts also said the Indian nuclear power programme would grow “with or without the Indo-US nuclear deal”. Without any import or either fuel or reactors, the Indian nuclear power programme will be able to reach about 48,000 mw by 2030 and 104,000 mw by 2040, Gopalakrishnan said.

KapiDhwaja said...

An 2 month old article full of insight about the Nuke deal.
National Interest is at stake

KapiDhwaja said...
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virat0 said...

You have no idea what kind of revenue these ancient Hindu techniques are capable of generating.
I would agree with you here. Never handled 40 billions to know what it means.

In a perfect world, I would presume hindus would have enough comptetative power to do some good for them.

I would think, one could survive for himself by Ram Nam, and fend for his requirements by doing work.Apologize if it is being perceived as bit of junk, I think Rama nam is a lot lot valuable than buying refrigerators. This can interpreted in a negative way to show that it is not sensitive about poverty, but my intention was poverty is not all that one lacks.

KapiDhwaja said...

A funny take on the slander & psy-ops that pro-US media & others will resort to, inorder to push forward the nuke deal. 'Massa' below refers to Master, i.e USA. From a BR regular...

DAE will be attacked by many internal and external cats paws now including soon perkovitch I expect.

the first charges are likely to be
- lax and third world safety standards
- many unreported accidents hushed up
- obsolete technology
all three of the above presumably to be fixed under Massa's able supervision.

the next set of charges will be
- inefficient plants and a waste of money
- failed grossly to meet power gen targets (Massa has put sanctions since 72)
- corrupt and secretive
all three of the above are bad for democracy, free markets and indias own power needs and Massa will fix that too.

the third and final charge will be
- most of pokhran tests fizzled and didnt deliver design yield so what minimum deterrent are DAE talking about ? they dont even know how to make a 100kt device. Choro nuclear weapons ko - use hi kya hai, have nuclear weapons stopped india's numerous religious and ethnic strife? cut these DAE mandarins off their ivory towers and Massa will kit you up with clean coal and ati adhunik PWHR to watch MTV.

siva said...

I see your point and absolutely agree with you. If you are contend with saying Ram Nam, that is a very beautiful and peaceful thing. But still we are living in a world full of vultures always plotting to exploit, precisely the kind of people like you. We need some kind of protection to defend ourselves from these vultures.

Remember no great dharma, be it Sanatana Dharam, Buddha Dharma or Jaina Dharam can survive without a strong defense.

First thing we need to protect and defend ourselves and our interests, we need money.

This is what I suggested in my last post.

KapiDhwaja said...

Remember no great dharma, be it Sanatana Dharam, Buddha Dharma or Jaina Dharam can survive without a strong defense.

First thing we need to protect and defend ourselves and our interests, we need money.

Very well said Siva.

iamfordemocracy said...

All the dialog about Nuclear deal is a bit naive. The way Indian democracy is going, very soon, Muslims will control everything, including DAE. (So much of Hindu temple money is being diverted today - The Siddhi Vinayak temple in Mumbai has given away 16 crores+ to Congress politicians. It is not only Karnataka.)

When DAE is in control of Muslims, would you like American to have some kind of control on it? Think about it..

KapiDhwaja said...

The way things are going in the world, Huntington's 'Clash of Civilizations' has already started. Islam's days are numbered.

Ragz said...

Now the former diplomats are queasy about the Nuke deal. What's going on here? Is US really shifting the goal posts or is it a really bad deal to begin with?