Wednesday, February 15, 2006

**Getting India Right

feb 15th

this ain't no strategic partnership. (apologies to dire straits, "i want my mtv" -- "this ain't working... money for nothing, chicks for free")

this is india being led down the garden path by yankee flattery.

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Policy Review, No. 135 (February/March 2006)

Getting India Right

By Parag Khanna and C. Raja Mohan 

Parag Khanna is a fellow at the New America Foundation and author of The Second World, forthcoming from Random House. C. Raja Mohan is strategic affairs editor of the Indian Express in New Delhi.

For those who missed the symbolism of Indian flags draped from the White House's Old Executive Office Building, President George Bush's words on the morning of July 18, 2005, while standing next to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, drove home an emerging reality with trademark pithiness: "The relationship between our two nations has never been stronger, and it will grow even closer in the days and years to come." Combined with the Bush administration's visible push to strengthen Japan's hand in managing Asian security, the Indian prime minister's visit to Washington cemented a growing de facto strategic partnership between the United States and India.



sukracharya said...

Hi Rajeev, please read my post on Bush's rejection of time honored tradition of visiting Gandhi's samadhi since cremation is a pagan rite acording to Christ... my blog is


Kalyani said...


"We Indians(Hindus especially) would never even think of doing anything similar to hurt foreign sentiments even though such actions go against our traditions"
???!Certain sickular brainwashed alsoran hindus may be.

But self respecting,enlightened,sang froid Hindus....Sri Krishnar,when He went as an emissary,spurned kauravas' invitation and Had His Repast at Sri Vidhurar's House!!!

Kalyani said...


"yankee flattery"....

When Jaswant Singh 's elbow was just touched by Madeline Albright,with a view to escorting him to the banquet, our people here were ECStatic!

Well ,consummate gluttons,I mean ---leadaars, are willing to trade all for cheap flattery,alcohol,photo ops,jalebis.....why blame the 'others'?

cyniclearner said...

new spin on nuclear agreement by IndiaReacts.

hindu said...

read this article on rediff..

The author pretty much lays it all down.

I have been always of the opinion that the US is only a good trade or economic partner. We better avoid any military deals esp. strategic ones.. with them