Thursday, February 09, 2006

economist: hate speech in britain

feb 9th


"As for the cartoons mocking the prophet Muhammad, Britain has an extant, though rarely used, blasphemy law banning defamation of the Christians' God, but not of anyone else's."

but of course. only the christist god is of any value.

this is premium content, here's another excerpt:

ON FEBRUARY 3rd, a crowd of Muslim demonstrators against the cartoons carried placards in front of the Danish embassy in London, urging the faithful to "Butcher those who mock Islam". None was arrested. In the same week, the leader of the far-right British National Party (BNP), who had claimed that Islam was a "vicious, wicked faith", walked free at the end of his trial on charges of inciting racial hatred. But on February 7th, an Arab Muslim cleric was sent down for seven years for inciting racial hatred and soliciting murder at a north London mosque.

The case against Abu Hamza was far more damning than the others. The Egyptian-born former imam of the Finsbury Park mosque had gained notoriety for his fire-and-brimstone preaching against the Kaffir (non-believers) and for his links with terrorists. When detectives raided his mosque in January 2003 they found an arsenal of suspect items, including a stun gun, CS spray, chemical warfare-protection suits, blank-firing pistols, false passports, knives and radio equipment.

But it was not until the Americans, describing him as one of the world's most wanted terrorists, asked for his extradition in April 2004 that the British authorities took any action against him. Detained in Belmarsh prison since May 2004, he was charged five months later with 15 offences of inciting murder, stirring up racial hatred and possessing a terrorist document, a ten-volume "Encyclopedia of Afghani Jihad". This explained how to make explosives and organise a terrorist unit, and suggested potential targets for attack that included Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. Mr Hamza claimed he had never read it.

The jury heard extracts from speeches and sermons in which Mr Hamza, whose real name is Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, railed against adultery, democracy and alcohol, and said that it was part of a Muslim's religious duty to fight in the cause of Allah. "Killing a Kaffir for any reason, you can say it is okay, even if there is no reason for it," he asserted. "Islam will never be dear to your hearts unless you sacrifice for it, until your blood comes out for it."


but of course, imam hamza, kaffirs were made to be butchered by your lot.

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