Tuesday, February 07, 2006

wikipedia's all-knowing 'experts' on the calif textbook issue and the bbc

feb 7th

not so open-minded, are these people? self-proclaimed white-guy experts, probably some high-school kids. and see how self-righteous and pompous they are.


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virat0 said...

WHile going through all these, I found the wikipedia description of national socialism/socialism ensures to mention that Nazism had nothing to do with socialism, it creates another euphesim of international communism.

I was browsing through the comments and the article, I found they stick to a singular definition of socialism, without looking at its basis. How this thing was derived, and how the Nazis worked. Afterall Hitler couldn't have named his party has national socialism, if it had nothing to do with it. Socialists, national socialists ( CPM supports these in nagaland) escape by blaming hitler alone, and keep the secular ideas as sacred.

Marx didn't like zews, neither hitler. The reasons are bit different, and as the comment section shows, mein Kamf (?) didn't even explicitly denounce the inferior race of jews. Further they used races like nordic etc. Further there have been other reasons, one reference in Missionaries in India by Shourie where jews and Hindus clubbed because of different reasons.

Hitler did follow some of the secular ideas. Could the socialists be exposed because of their past actions. The argument that socialism had nothing to national socialism is obtained by reexplaining socialism to another definition. So this violent cult can be disputed.