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kalyanraman to speak at univ maryland

feb 16th

dr kalyan is very knowledgeable and has written a multi-volume book on the sarasvati.

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Are the terms "Indus-Saraswati Civilization",  "Myth of Aryan Invasion Theory". "Archeology", "California textbook controversy"  familiar to you ?

If yes, come participate in the debate and find out so many coveted facts....   
If not, come and excavate one of the oldest civilizations ever known to Humans....
Ask all you can, for free !! ....
Maryland Satsangh invites you to a presentation on
Hindu Civilization: Reverberations and Repercussions
February 18, Saturday ; 2 pm - 4 pm
Venue: AV Williams 3258
Light refreshments will be served . Presentation will be followed by an interactive session. The event is free and open to all

The powerpoint presentation will be a journey into the archaeological discoveries which provide echoes of a continuum from 8500 years ago to the present-day culture of Bharatam, that is India. The breath-taking continuity of culture from the banks of River Sarasvati and the region called Sapta-Sindhu will be presented as a multi-faceted spectrum covering many sciences and arts. The breakthrough achieved with the decipherment of the so-called Indus Script (what may be called Sarasvati hieroglyphs) will be presented. The second part of the presentation will be a discussion session to survey the current and future repercussions of these reverberations from the past. One example related to the portrayal of Hindu dharma in CA sixth grade textbook will provide a framework for deliberations on the socio-political implications of the civilizational traditions and opportunities for future studies and scientific investigations to write the true socio-cultural-scientific history of Bharatam Janam, that is the people of the Nation of Bharata and the future contributions the Bharatam Janam can make to world civilization.
About the speaker: 
Dr. Kalyanaraman was a senior executive in the Asian Development Bank for 18 years until 1995. He was responsible for disbursing a portfolio of $60 Billion for over 650 development projects in 29 countries.  He took voluntary retirement from the Bank and returned to Bharat, to devote himself to his life-activity of researches on River Sarasvati and Bharatiya Civilization. He has done research on the discovery of the courses of Vedic River Sarasvati and the possibility of this river flowing again as part of a national network of rivers.

Prelim video:  (demo version)

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