Thursday, February 16, 2006

two stories on outsourcing

feb 16th

from the nytimes saying there is a skills shortage in india:

from the nytims saying there are higher skilled people in india, china etc

interesting contradictions, but i think they are both right. there are plenty of low-level people, as satyam's ramalinga raju says. but they are not well trained. and at the high end, the poor university system means relatively few good scientists are being produced.


sukracharya said...

Majority of Indian engineers, especially the scores of people coming out of the Karnataka and Andhra engg colleges are extremely low grade.... their knowledge levels are at the bottom.. in my own native village there is an engineering college with hardly any infrastructure and where the lecturer is my classmate who only had 60% in his BE.. there are engineers from andhra working in gulf in jobs fit for people who do vocational courses as fitters and electricians.. in this aspect, our government because of the greed for more engg colleges is screwing up the aspirations and expectations of a large student class.... but then, indians are inherently an intelligent class and if given a chance to go for masters they can shine..

dumbledoor said...

barbarism apart, the IT guys should question where this guy is able to get so much money....