Friday, February 17, 2006

take the big decisions without thinking consciously about them

feb 17th

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Dr. Anil Kakodkar again...

Kakodkar regrets India's foreign dependence

New Delhi, Feb 18: Days after the storm over his comments on the Indo-US nuclear deal, top nuclear scientist Dr Anil Kakodkar today said the country remained vulnerable to foreign dependencies and favoured building technologies of crucial importance.

"India has been making important contributions to the global knowledge pool for ages....I often wonder why is that, with the existence of such a capability for original thinking, we remain vulnerable to foreign dependencies," he said here at the Indira Gandhi National Open University in his convocation address.

The Atomic Energy Commission chief cautioned that with dependence on foreign technologies, the country could never become global technology leader and could not survive the global competition unless it achieved global leadership at least in some areas "where we have strengths."

He said while the new knowledge, which was the output of basic research was shared globally, "sharing of technology is not without constraints and costs."

Observing that "there are barriers arising out of commercial, strategic, political and such other considerations," he said "building technologies out of our own knowledge pool within the country is thus of crucial importance."

Kakodkar, who had recently spoken against putting the fast breeder reactor under IAEA safeguards, said that country today held one of the largest human resource pool of experts in nuclear science and technologies.

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