Friday, February 17, 2006

pakistani offers $1 million; indian offers $12 million

feb 17th

and of course, the net result is that a few hindu shops and cars are looted.

in addition to hindus being beaten to death.

old malayalam proverb: whether the thorn lands on the leaf or the leaf lands on the thorn, it is the leaf that gets damaged.

why, i wonder, have the mohammedans not targeted christists? after all, the danes are christists.

answer: christists will fight back. mohammedans are scared of white guys' nukes. of course, they dont have to worry about india because india is into the 'piss process'

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UP Minister offers Rs 51 crore for killing cartoonists

Pioneer News Service/ Lucknow

Pak cleric promises $1 mn ---- Minority Affairs Minister Haji Yaqoob Khan on Friday announced a Rs 51-crore award and gold equivalent to the body weight of anyone who beheads the Danish cartoonists for caricaturing Prophet Mohammad. Mr Khan is a senior member of Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav's Samajwadi Party Government in Uttar Pradesh.
Haji Md Yaqoob addresses an anti-cartoon rally in Meerut

The controversial Minister, while addressing a Muslim rally organised in Meerut to protest publication of the cartoons in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten last year and reproduced by some European newspapers recently, said, "The people of Meerut will give Rs 51 crore to anyone who beheads the Danish cartoonist. The person successful in this mission would also be given gold equivalent to his weight."

Even as Haji Yaqoob Khan was announcing the Rs 51 crore bounty in Meerut, a Pakistani cleric in Peshawar announced a $1 million reward for killing the Danish cartoonists, according to AP. Denmark announced it had temporarily closed its Embassy in Pakistan after a week of riots in which Western businesses were targeted.

Though Haji Yaqoob Khan's announcement offering a reward for the slaying of the Danish cartoonists led to frayed tempers in Meerut, the Uttar Pradesh Government underplayed the statement. Principal Secretary (Home) Alok Sinha defended the Minister saying he had committed no offence by making such an appeal.

"It is not a case of a 'supari' or contract killing, since the persons against whom he issued the appeal are not an Indians and are based in Denmark", Mr Sinha said, adding: "There is no threat of any communal flare-up in either Uttar Pradesh or any part of the country in the wake of such an appeal made by the Minister".

On the contrary, tension prevailed in Meerut after Friday prayers organised by local Muslims at the Faiz-e-Aam College grounds near Ghantaghar. Sources said provocative speeches by local leaders vitiated the atmosphere but the situation was under control.

In Muzaffarnagar, two persons were seriously injured and the police had to fire in the air and burst teargas shells to quell clashes after Friday prayers. The mob indulged in looting and arson on Sarwat road and Kacchi Sadak localities burning several shops and vehicles.

The clash occurred as the local Muslims forcibly tried to shut shops along the route of the procession, taken out to protest the Prophet's caricatures. Though the situation in Muzaffarnagar city is said to be under control, the district administration is taking no chances and has stepped up security .


KapiDhwaja said...

old malayalam proverb: whether the thorn lands on the leaf or the leaf lands on the thorn, it is the leaf that gets damaged.

I dont know whether to laugh or cry at our sorry plight, the hapless Hindus.

Kalyani said...

Rajeev ,

I am posting a copy of my comments here too:-

When some terrorists had failed in their attempt at bombing parliament of "buy the people,far the people,off the people....haha ..but never *Face* the people, sans commandos,it was said there was some shortage of igniting stuff.Hence mission fizzled...

A patriotic Hindu had written,"....had I been there,I would have tossed my cigarette lighter...."

Atta Boy!!!

When m.s.yadav was Defence Minister it was an open secret he was merrily rubbing shoulders with, and providing all information needed to isi terrorists.

Let us STOP this pavlovian..oh-he-is-an-indian blahblah-so i-will support...

"Judge a man by his virtues" and *virtues alone*!

BEANT SINGHS,where are YOU???

Caleb said...

This Yaqoob Khan is a millionaire or will he give the 'prize' from our taxes?