Saturday, February 18, 2006

babu suseelan: THE CARTOON CRISIS

feb 18th

from a kerala-born academic in the us

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From: Babu

>       Dr. Babu Suseelan
>Over the past few weeks, Muslim fundamentalists around the world have
>engaged in angry street protests, violence, looting, bombing and arson over
>a series of cartoons published in a Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.
>Radical Muslims have organized demonstrations around the world demanding an
>apology from the Danish government. Denmark's Prime Minister defended the
>paper's right to publish the cartoons on free-speech grounds.
>In a show of solidarity with Jyllands-Posten, newspapers throughout Europe
>ran the cartoons. Jihadi Muslims began rioting, looting, bombing, burning
>buses and Embassies in Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Indonesia, India,
>Iran and Saudi Arabia. In Libya and Lebanon, radical Muslims torched
>Danish, Norwegian and Italian Consulates. Several people were killed in
>Libya. In India, a Muslim state Minister offered 10 million dollars for any
>one who can behead the cartoonist. In Hydrabad, India several Hindu temples
>were attached. In Iran, the fundamentalist Islamic government offered
>prizes for a cartoon contest for drawing anti-Jewish cartoons.
>The cartoon crisis, most certainly is a small issue, which has been blown
>up by Jihadi Muslims.  As usual, the phony liberals and Communist Fascists
>have come up with some grotesque root cause theories of Islamist violence.
>Their hidden agenda is to regulate freedom of expression and condone Jihadi
>carnage on the streets. Pseudo liberals and left over leftists who suffer
>from cognitive disorder should realize that civilized societies couldn't
>function with phony, meaningless root cause theories.
>To blame the cartoonist is to ignore the true nature of Islam and its
>fundamentalist ideology. The heart of the issue is the destructive,
>dysfunctional, dualistic, non-compromising belief system that binds Muslims
>around the world. Motivates and pre-planned crimes against free society is
>an outgrowth of the philosophy of intolerance, hostility and oppression
>inherent in Islamic dogma and the harsh teaching in the Quran. The terror
>tactics, intimidation, violence and street mayhem are not unprecedented in
>Islamic history. Beheading, torturing, kidnapping, hijacking, bombing, and
>violence are not alien to Jihadi Muslims. In Surah 2:191, Allah orders
>Muhammad to kill his opponents "Kill them wherever you find them, and drive
>them out from wherever they drove you out....". In Surah 9:29, Allah tells
>Muhammad to fight the people of the Book, "Fight those who do not believe
>in God and the last day...and fight people of the Book, who do not accept
>the religion of truth (Islam) until they pay tribute by hand, being
>The cartoon controversy is much more than freedom of speech.  The violence
>perpetuated by radical Muslims is not for freedom of expression, democracy,
>religious rights or pluralism. Islam does not believe in freedom of
>expression or religious tolerance. Surah 3:85 states "If anyone defies a
>religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him, and in the
>hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost" The real issue is
>about fundamentalist Islam, the closed Arabic dogma disguised as religion.
>Muslim fanatics whose ambition is to silence the free voice of
>non-believers deliberately created the cartoon crisis. The real issue is
>not the cartoons or the violent response by Islamists but the obscurantism
>of the Islamic fundamentalists.
>Cartoon or no cartoon, Jihadis will manufacture reasons to wage Jihad war
>against non-believers.  The existence of Kaafirs (infidels) is enough cause
>for making Jihad war in Islamic countries. Muslim fanatics never wait for
>any cause. Any triumphed up cause is good enough to start a war against
>non-believers. There is nothing with in Islamic preaching that encourages
>peaceful resolution of controversial issues. There is nothing in Quranic
>teaching that endorse pluralism, democracy, human rights, and freedom of
>expression. Muslims are directed to adhere to the dictates of Islam
>wherever they are. The philosophical differences between democratic
>societies and Islam are the root cause of the current cartoon crisis and
>the subsequent violence. These perpetual, non-compromising doctrinal
>differences routinely incite Muslim fanatics to slaughter non-Muslims.
>Muslims take advantage of freedom that accorded to them in democratic
>societies. They deny freedom for non-believers in their own countries. They
>exploit democracy, secularism, kindness, liberal law, human rights and
>compassion of free societies. Islam forbids assimilation with people of
>other creeds or civilization. But they are clever in exploiting freedom and
>democracy for their own advantages.  Muslims have legal redress in
>democratic nations that they deny to non-believers. Life is a constant
>humiliation and hardship for non-Muslims in Islamic nations.
>By promoting phony root cause theories of Jihadi terrorism, the pseudo
>liberals are not only promoting addictive thinking of fanatic Muslims but
>also creates barriers to their recovery from fundamentalism. Albert
>Einstein said, "The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the
>people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about
>it". Although instant solutions to Jihadi terrorism and violence don't
>exist, we can make gradual changes and develop solutions only when we
>overcome our denial.
>The will to build a better future for our society depends on our ability to
>make changes in the minds of those who are absorbed in primitive fantasies
>world conquest. We should not bargain our future by submitting to the
>Islamic culture of narcissism. If our resistance to the utopian absolutism
>fails, there will be nothing in store for us to defend our freedom.


habc said...

Wonderful article - very nice writing style - I hope he starts writing for rediff/sulekha/india-forum/india-cause etc. also - maybe also try in Indian newspapers and magazines (ya ya I know - just joking)

DarkStorm said...

What I really dont understand is this :- Cartoons published in Denmark. But why the violence and arson elsewhere. Protests ok, but why the killing of innocents. well, pseudo-seculars like to use this phrase killing of innocents, a lot, so can they please explain this. Ohh, i forgot secularism is one way.

Why the killings in Nigeria. How are they involved in this. Did they print the cartoons.

Why the violence and arson in Lucknow ?? Did those shopkeepers have anything to do with this. The government is defending a state minister who offered a reward for murder !!
Why the violence in Britain. What do they have got to do with it.

Its ok that you protest and if you want to get violent, you should be doing it in Denmark, but why the violence and arson in places outside of Denmark.

Why does the rest of the world have to believe in their sense of morality. Do we now have to redefine, whats moral or immoral for us, based on their whims and fancies.

But then, I never expected reasoned thinking from Muslims.

But what surprises me is the level of violence in India. Lakhs of jehadis out on the streets , firing shots in the air, like Palestine .... Very soon, we are going to have a fullscale jehad here, to kill us non-Muslims.

Baskar said...

This is a well written article. As a self proclaimed secularist and having a contempt for RSS and other Hindutva organizations for igniting the religious passions, I was shell shocked the way, non Muslims are treated in Saudi Arabia during my 2 years of stay there.

Your lines "Life is a constant
humiliation and hardship for non-Muslims in Islamic nations" are 100% true. Each and every moment you have to respect their sentiments while your sentiments are punishable offences.

In India it is Hindus who give a loud voice of support for muslim's rights. Where as these muslims while taking full advantage of the freedom, and special rights of the countries they are living, has no hesitation in crying to the Muslim countries for their support to face even small problems.

Unless there is a paradigm shift in their way of seeing their religion there is going to be greater alienation of them, in the civilized world.