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Dr Caravan [sic] and M.S. Swami Nathan [sic]

feb 25th

uncle tom alert.

somini sengupta is one real good auntie tomasina, no?

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The New York Times
February 24, 2006
Days Before Bush Visit, U.S. Embassy in India Grants Key Visa
"... ... ... ... The final case, reported Thursday by an English-language daily, The Indian Express, involved a biologist, P. C. Caravan, who said he had been told his visa application would be delayed. A scientist affiliated with the M. S. Swami Nathan Research Foundation, Dr. Caravan told the newspaper he had been asked for his "entire biographical sketch" by the consulate in Chennai. The paper quoted him as calling it a "most demeaning and humiliating experience."
"He could not be reached Thursday for further details."
If you don't know already, "Caravan" is actually Kesavan.
The story is written by Somini Sengupta, undoubtedly a Bengalee. I thought it was only Hindi-speaking people in India that would mutilate south-Indian names.
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Ashok said...

I have read the complete online and the print edition of the article published on Fri Feb 24 2006 in the NY Times US National Edition. I dont see the names misspelled in any way.

murli said...

This is Somini's second news story on the issue. (Her past coverage of India has been uniformly negative, Hindu-bashing.) In neither of her stories has she included the following facts about Dr. Goverdhan Mehta:

- former IISc Director
- PM's scientific advisor
- President of ICSU (int'l body)
- eminent scientist

Even other Western news agencies have included above info. She has referred to him as being merely a scientist. But after reading the Dr. "Caravan" piece, I am beginning to believe that she is stupid rather than malicious.

Shankar said...

Couldnt find the word 'Caravan' in the article that comes up in this link.Kesavan is there...

Is it because Somini Sengupta sounds like a psec leftist ? :)