Tuesday, September 27, 2005

what happens when girls who are too young have babies

sep 27

and do not have the option of cesarian sections. marriage at 12, before menses! and pregnancy right away, too. sounds pretty bad, but you know, this probably happens a lot in inner-city america, too.


i guarantee we can soon expect a story about this happening to large numbers of very young women in india as well. after all, this is the nytimes. they will say it is because of caste and dowry. if it is happening among mohammedans because they marry very young, the nytimes will not point that the religion factor, but will insist that it has to do with 'caste'. here in nigeria's case, it is mostly a mohammedan country, especially up north.


san said...

India is claimed to be the more potent military power in Asia:

I think the article is a little too rosy, perhaps even gushing in the wake of India's pro-US vote at IAEA.

Frankly, I'm very glad that the world's most formidable mountain range sits between us and China. Although it would be nice if Tibet was an independent buffer between us as well.

san said...

BJP has done better than expected in Kerala electoral results:


Is there a sea change brewing?

san said...

After Rita, India cleans up:


Well, one man's misfortune can be another man's opportunity.