Sunday, September 25, 2005

guided tour of benares; blogs and audio

sept 24

sounds interesting, if high-priced. why can't some of you guys do something along these lines with a digital audio recorder and put it out there as free mp3/podcasts? i guess all you need is a small, unobtrusive mp3 player from the likes of creative labs which also does recording. alas, my ipod doesn't do that so i'll have to go buy some new device. any suggestions?

i seriously need to get my podcast blog going. that is another project that has been put aside for reasons of laziness, but it's quite easy to do. audacity seems to do a fair job of creating mp3s.

re. comments on me keeping a single blog with different tags for technology and economics, will someone kindly tell me how to do this with blogspot? a reference to a specific FAQ or RTFM would be fine. i realize that i am kind of dumping everything that i read about, including

a) hindu nationalism
b) indian economy
c) indian strategy and defense
d) us and china as strategic competitors
e) high technology
f) energy
g) semitic faiths and foibles

into this single blog, and that makes it kind of a grab-bag. i'll try the tag business and see how it works. if i'm not happy with it, i may still end up making multiple blogs. but you guys should cooperate and get me some adsense bucks. click on those darn ads, dammit! :-)


Anonymous said...

Try hdogg from It is free and cool and you can create as much mp3s as you want

Santhosh said...

Thats where blogspot sucks..
It doesnt support tags as yet.
No major changes have been made to it, even after google bought it. You find such services in many other blog sites.

I know editing multiple blogs sucks even more. But thats the price for sticking with

satish said...

I have seen a handy made in Korea mp3 pen shaped audio recorder. It has a microphone, or you can attach another mic in the mic socket. And you can transfer the contents to disk with USB attachment provided. Seems pretty neat. And can record 2-8 hours depending on the audio quality you want.

san said...

As predicted, the CPI(M) is fuming over India's "letdown" of Iran:§ion=subcontinent&col=

Too bad they're always more worried about others than about India.

S said...

Did you mean the google adds in left margin of the blogs ? I would click them most of the times I visit your sight :)

Anonymous said...

Hey S,
I saw a google ad for "Free Gay Dating". Not sure if you want to click that!

kp said...

I think what you need is ur own website.

Anonymous said...

I visit your Blog everyday and love it. If I could be of some help to you why not! Will clicking the "Ads by Goooooogle" do the job?


S said...

Anonymous, you are funny. I could click that if it helps this blog , [ because I benifit from here, and come with own intrest] we read so many junk these days what is there in clicking ? But there have been two more ads , let me click one of that :)

Kalyani said...

I have started clicking on the ads.In my zeal,I had hardly noticed those.Sorry and thanks for pointing out!