Wednesday, September 21, 2005

google book

sept 21st

an interesting book that throws a different spin on google: it is the 'networking computing' compay.

eric schmidt was head of network computing at sun some time ago. if google can re-create the 'network is the computer' mantra from sun's glory days, that would be sweet vindication for schmidt. google is now becoming a web services company, and all the recent VC money is going into a) open source b) web services c) voip/video

no wonder google has just raised $4 billion through an IPO. this is a big war-chest for offering google-branded wifi access all over the us, after buying up dark fiber.

one chapter of this book is free to download. worth reading. the whole book (interestingly the book is only available in pdf for download) costs too much money to buy, some $180.

btw, i am planning to start a new technology blog and separate it from the shadow warrior stuff.


Anonymous said...

you might use the same blog with tags to differentiate the two. part of the fun in reading ur blog is that it keeps us informed of technology advancements too. the comments (especially by san) point to its application in indian scenario.

san said...

Hi Rajeev,

Yes, Google is trying to break out of the box and into the growing web services market, and they're going to grab undervalued fiber networks and also use VOIP to do it.

But while Google has the money to buy up optical trunk line networks, I'd say Indians should try to dominate the Last Mile by pushing into system-on-a-chip market. Indians have low-cost EE design talent to help penetrate into the market for handheld mobile devices that will deliver these VOIP-converged services.

Just as Microsoft and Sony have been battling for who will dominate the den, likewise Indians can battle for who will dominate the palm of the hand. And in my opinion, the palm is more valuable than the den.

san said...

Hey, I thought I'd throw you links for some cute tech sites I've come across while surfing:

Bleh, just a few sites off the top of my head. But you may find a lot of fascinating food for thought.

satish said...

Hi Rajeev,

Please continue technological stuff in this same blog. It is easier for us, as well as you to maintain. We enjoy technological stuff along with the shadow wars at the same time.

surya said...

Off Topic:


please go through this and let us know your take on this:

"One of the largest cellular mobile carriers, Hutchison Telecom, part of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL), reportedly shared their Indian customers address database with Christian charity World Vision International (WVI). World Vision, since has started a massive fundraising drive to solicit donations from Hutch customers. The letter sent by World Vision asks Indian customers to sponsor a child, but fails to mention that World Vision is a Christian charity.

World Vision has been known to be involved in the conversion of impoverished children to Christianity often by extortion or fraud. Notably, World Vision recently protested the proposed “anti-conversion” laws in Sri Lanka that seek to prevent conversions by force and fraud. Furthermore, according to the organization’s website, World Vision hires “only candidates who agree with World Vision's Statement of Faith and/or the Apostles' Creed”, which effectively prevent non-Christians from being hired.

Santhosh said...

Good call Rajeev.
Looking forward to your blog on technology.

infww said...

I agree with the others. A good mix of various topics instead of separating them out provides the reader breadth in terms of information provided. Please keep it this way instead of separating it out.

san said...

Charles Krauthammer on the latest North Korean nuclear talks in the context of a rising China:

We need to facilitate/hasten Japan's emergence as a more independent, assertive power in Asia, to better function as a counterweight to China.
If we Indian right-wing 'fascists' can dialogue more with Japanese right-wing 'fascists', then their political rehabilitation will pave the way for faster changes in Japanese policies. Besides, we Indians are better english-language debaters than all the rest of the Asians put together.

I'm curious about whether any Japanese bloggers out there visit this site. We should find more ways to do social networking in this direction.

Meanwhile, on the Pakistan side, we need to facilitate Afghanistan's return to more robust stability, to function as a counterweight to Pakistan. US assistance should be enlisted in pressuring Pakistan to grant India transit rights to Afghanistan. This should not be kept as some mere bilateral Indo-Pakistani or SAARC issue. The US arm-twisting against Musharraf should be enlisted in our favour, otherwise Pakistan will keep giving us the brushoff. If we can arrange a quid pro quo with the US on this, then it will pay us both some dividends.

Randhir said...

Go for the tech blog Rajeev. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev,

A single blog for both technology and slamming pseudo-seculars will suffice. It is good to read lies exposed, and technology news at the same place.