Tuesday, September 27, 2005

palm caves in and goes windows

sep 27th

i have used palm devices for some years, and have admired the tiny os (20k?). now they are moving to windows mobile which must be 200mb in size. i wonder if they can get this to work. so here's microsoft yet again exhibiting its ability to be a fast follower and to steal a march over the innovator.

i think the handheld pda is on its way out, and will be subsumed by cellphones.

how all this affects the blackberry and various 'blackberry-killers' in development remains to be seen

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Niketan said...

One should see what impact this has on Nokia and their Symbian O/S.Can they survive? I remember having done a case study on this a couple of years back. At that time our team's conclusion was that Nokia should have merged with Palm.Welcome to share it with you in case you are interested.