Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fwd: NEWS/ Chinese Try to Stop Teaching in B'bay

sept 22nd

now that their pals run the upa government, chinese mandarins feel free to order indians around.

like the mitrokhin archive, there must be archives somewhere documenting the large amounts of money given to marxists and maoists by china.

in this context, interesting comment by EMS namboodiripad during the 1962 india-china war: he was concerned that people "confuse patriotism with bourgeois nationalism". that is, forget the nation of india, let's all be patriotic to china. of course, he and the other marxists practiced and continue to practice what they preach.


Date: September 21, 2005


The Dharma Rain Centre, a recently formed organization was today Sadvised
and pressured by the Deputy Consul-General of China at Mumbai to cancel a
public meeting being organized by the Centre, A group engaged in promoting the
understanding of various spiritual traditions, including Buddhism.

Though it is unconventional to address a Press Release in the first person,
I  am afraid that this is the only way in which I, the founder-member and
Secretary of this organization, can do justice in narrating the
unconventional, unwarranted, illegal and shocking interference by a senior
member of the Chinese diplomatic corps of China, in the affairs of a
private organization in India, and thereby in the way Indian citizens conduct
themselves in their religious, social and political life.

When the Deputy Consul General Mr. Song, rang me up on my cell phone as I
was on my way out of Mumbai on a retreat, I thought he was genuinely interested
in knowing details about the public talk that the Ven. Geshe Lhakdor-la, (a
senior and experienced Tibetan Lama, official translator to the Dalai Lama
and Director of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives) is scheduled to
give on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at 6.30 pm at the Rama
Watumall Auditorium in the K.C. College premises. His topic is "Combining
Head and Heart: Wisdom and Compassion in Tibetan Buddhism". However, having
verified who he was speaking to, he bluntly said he wanted us to cancel the
program as this was political interference in the affairs of China.

Despite all my efforts to convince him that this was not a political topic
or a political meeting, he insisted the speaker had close ties with the Dalai
Lama who was using India as base for anti-China activities.  At this point,
I had to politely remind him that this was India, a democratic country unlike
China, and we had every right to conduct any meeting, religious, political
or otherwise. I reminded him that the Dalai Lama was one of the world's most
respected leaders, and as an Indian I was proud that India had given him
sanctuary and the opportunity to save his country's religion and culture,
despite its illegal occupation by China. Mr. Song then decided to take a
more personal angle and asked me what was my relationship with the 'Friends of
Tibet (India).'

It will be recalled that last year, as a result of similar interference and
pressure by the Chinese embassy and consulate, the Asian Film Festival was
forced to withdraw a retrospective section on Tibet, from the films
At that time, I was the spokesperson for Friends of Tibet and he was
obviously referring to that. I reminded him that I was the same person who
had spoken to the BBC (The World Today) about that disgusting and obnoxious
episode. I have informed him that we support not only Friends of Tibet, but
all Tibet activists around the world. We may not always agree with everyone
but we shall always defend their right to say what they wish and the manner
in which they wish to say it.

We call upon all freedom loving individuals and organizations to protest
this extra-territorial influence and 'diplomatic license' that the Chinese
diplomatic corps here in India is deluded into thinking it possesses. I
have suggested to Mr. Song that instead of wasting his time and energy with
activists like me, and bullying and terrorizing small organizations like
the Dharma Rain Centre and the Friends of Tibet, he should quickly get round to
negotiating with the Dalai Lama and maybe then we can all sing a different
Song. A song of Universal Responsibility and World Peace.

And of course, the meeting is on. Do come in large numbers.
Mr. Song is also invited. If you wish to speak to him and convey your
feelings his telephone number is 022- 56324304.

With loving kindness and compassion for all, especially those who trouble
us the most,
Yours truly,
For Dharma Rain Education Society,
Aspi B. Mistry.
(Cell No: 98204-91350)

Friends of Tibet (INDIA), PO Box: 16674, Bombay 400050
Tel: (022) 26409612 Mobile: 9388465953 / 9418079832


Anonymous said...

That son of a bitch Dp. Consul General of China should be declared persona-non-grata and thrown out of our country. He had already crossed the line a short while ago when he objected to our Defence Minister's views on the 1962 Chinese invasion of India.

san said...

I blame the Chinese less than I blame our own malevolent pro-Maoist turncoats, who try to outdo each other in kissing Beijing's ass. They are "more loyal than the Queen" as yes-men to the PRC.

Sameer said...

Kick that chinese bastard along with his bum licking commies out of Bharat....

kp said...

Hang on..What the heck is Dalai Lamas contribution to India? and why the hell are we supporting him? Dont anybody realize that by doing that we have created a monster enemy? And isnt it obvious that Pakistan is expoloiting this situation? Is Dalai Lama and Tibet worth all this???

Randhir said...


The real question you should be asking is what's Dalai Lama and Tibet worth to China?

Anonymous said...

I agree with KP.I have not heard Dalai Lama praise India for providing him sanctuary or praising the tolerant and compassionate nature of Hindus..

Anonymous said...

I agree with KP too regarding the Dalai Lama. But the question here is about the chinese guy interfering in our internal affairs. He is badly asking for a kick in his butt.