Thursday, September 15, 2005

economist: on steve jobs

sept 15th

when the history of the computer industry is written one day, steve jobs will hold a stellar place in it, in my opinion: he has done far more than many others, including bill gates and michael dell, to make the industry such an indispensable part of modern life.

ps. the 1984 mac ad, shown just once during the superbowl, is an absolute classic. jobs is a marketing genius.


gemini said...

This will definitely be of interest to you.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure Steve Jobs is such a great guy. not wanting to license Mac OS, he left the whole earth to be taken over by the windoze OS and look what we have got now?,viruses,worms.
and now he is going to make a whole generation of youth go deaf by the age of 50 , why ? the IPOD. new research has been published on the craze of the loud music making you deaf.

Randhir said...


You read Odyssey by John Sculley - ex-Apple CEO?

Or seen the movie:
Pirates of Silicon Valley

Jobs didn't have a clue about the '84 Mac ad. His paranoia about IBM was misplaced and he completely ignored gains Microsoft was making on his turf. He's a technical genuis/visionary but seriously lacked the business accumen of Gates (at least then in '84)

nizhal yoddha said...

no, i havent read the book or seen the movie.

but i was in the industry in 1984, and then ibm was what microsoft is today: the company that everyone is scared of. so jobs was just running with the crowd. it was after 1990 or so that microsoft really began to take off, after windows came out. dos sucked so badly that the mac was just head and shoulders above it.

it is true, though, that gates (and andy grove) had the vision to monetize monopolies in a big way. in 1986, nobody thought the os was worth anything. famous last words!

san said...

Jobs and Apple are famous left-brainers, innovating and pioneering the new markets. Gates and Microsoft are the famous right-brainers, spotting those newly innovated and pioneered markets, and then moving in on them to do it faster/better/cheaper, thereby establishing dominance for themselves.

Jobs proposes, Gates disposes.

san said...

Here's an example of a humble but useful innovation -- a better screw:

It might seem like a frivolous improvement, but it goes to show that even the most common and trivial of items can still benefit from a second look.

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