Tuesday, September 06, 2005

jerry rice, formerly of the 49ers, retires

sept 6th

the greatest wide receiver of all time. absolute shoo-in for the hall of fame.

quite possibly the greatest football player of all time. all the records are in his name.

ah, for the glory years of the san francisco 49ers, with the joe montana - jerry rice combination on offense, and ronnie lott on defense. unbeatable. it was pure magic, pure exhilaration. those three super bowls, they were as though predestined. a long, desperation heave by montana, and somehow rice would get to it, and hold on, and break tackles. touchdown, jerry rice!

rice was also sort of an ordinary bloke. during his glory days, i once saw him in the cafetaria international departure lounge at sfo airport. he was sitting at the next table with his wife and child, having a meal: no fuss, no security, no pushing away of autograph-seekers. humble and decent man.


Anonymous said...

Jerry Rice was a key weapon in the professional & matter of fact team masterminded by the "Professor" Bill Walsh a.k.a the Resident Genius. If my memory serves me correctly, Jerry played at some obscure Southern college and did not have a fancy footbal pedigree. Walsh saw his potential and drafted him into the West coast offense system. The rest was history. Canton must already be preparing for his induction.

Anonymous said...

The greatest receiver of all time..

Man..what this this guy can do @ 42 is amazing !! i was hoping he'd last one last season, but looks like they didnt offer4 him a starting position..

Go BEARS !!!!

Anonymous said...

I really wished 49ers let Rice retire as a 49er rather than a backup of Denver Bronocos. That is the part of NFL I don't like.. They don't have "Larry Bird" exception. then again, jerry didn't stick around for one year...he was around for 3 or so and also no one meaningful players for the yore were around...

As a die-hard cowboys fan...i do remember antics of 49ers.

Best of luck Jerry!