Thursday, September 29, 2005

philadelphia grand jury on bishops, coverups of sexual crimes by priests, etc.

sept 28

thanks to reader kalyani.

this appears to be the most comprehensive US grand jury indictment of a catholic parish's pedophilia, coverups and eventual outing of widespread, endemic sexual crimes.

almost unbelievable, well worth archiving.

these are the people who want to teach morals to indians?

these are the respected 'holy fathers' that the indian media and governments are so fawning and obsequious about?

a whole lot of this sort of crime goes on in india but is hushed up. the sister abhaya case where a nun was found drowned in the well of a convent in kerala, is only the tip of the iceberg. when i was in school, one father k was defrocked for sexual abuse of schoolboys. i remember him vividly.

yes, i went to jesuit school, so i have seen the beast up close and personal. and no, i don't feel in the least bit grateful to jesuits, partly because they actively discriminated against me. but there were several lay teachers i liked, and the poor old wheezing principal too and a couple of the priests were good guys.


AlwaysIndian said...

Please sign the below petition to show Romila Thapar her place. Like a true big ego commie/pseudo-intellectual/pseudo-secular progressive liberals, she does not even accept that her theories are wrong, contrary to scientific evidence.

By the way, can anyone elaborate on who the h*LL is she. What is her background. Who has given her the authority to ridicule Indians in their own country. Where in britain did she buy her cheap BA history degree from.
The petition, accessible at, includes space for signatories to comment on their opposition to Thapar’s appointment. Entries range from the unintentionally ironic (“Thapar is a pseudointeelectual [sic]” – Ravi Kandula, #1106) to the overtly communal (“Do you know the similaries [sic] between muslims and commies? They are both anti-national (they don’t believe in nations). They believe in killing all non-believers” – V Jayaram, #2072) to expressions of injured Indian honour (“Romila is a hindu-hating marxist who would stoop to anything to denigrate her own country. I hope that New Delhi revokes her citizenship, seizes her assets and declares her and her family persona non grata” – Gautam P Ganesh, #1578) to a sense of American patriotism rooted in anti-communism (“As a proud Indian-American, I feel the US has an obligation not to appoint Communists or Extremists/Leftists to important positions in the Library of Congress” – Raj Mohanka, #490) and even to an ostensible commitment to prevent an unqualified person from receiving an appointment (“How can someone with no knowledge of history and shoddy research be nominated to this post!!!! I protest strongly as a US citizen and active voter!” – Chetan Gandhi, #762). While most signatories chose to leave the comment space blank, the presence of a large number of hostile expressions from Indian-Americans drawing on right-wing strands of both Indian and American nationalisms helps to locate the campaign’s geographic and ideological coordinates. As stated by SRIDHAR, #750, “Romila Thapar is a Indian Traitor”, a succinct statement clear enough in its meaning, notwithstanding the misused article.

Anonymous said...

You kind of ruin your righteous indignation by quoting the Maoist Himal magazine which is poking fun at the people who have signed the petition. The Maoists and Marxists just love Romila Thapar. She is probably one of the recipients of Russian, Chinese, and British money for her efforts to reduce Indian history to mythology.

AlwaysIndian said...

Well, I found the link on this site. I did not realize that. Sorry. But atleast they helped us trash Romila. They gave us the link. :) . Let anyone who go on the petition site see for themselves how much she is hated. Hey can anyone send the petition link to Thapar mata, I am sure she will be boiling after reading this. ;)

bodhi dharma said...

Most of the Jesuit institutions like Loyola are famous for their paedophile, homo-sexual priests. Some Acharuparampils and Kaachaparambils may be good, but their master Rectors would be Opus dei agents. Moreover, as Rajeev mentioned most of the Jesuits do discriminate students with respect to their religion and financial status. Among the teaching, non-teaching staff, 99% would be from their own community and you may see hindu teachers only for Malayalam (or the second lang.) or Hindi and sometimes in Maths. Muslims may be employed as gardeners, helpers.

Kalyani said...

"Aroup Chatterjee’s (2003) Mother Teresa: The Final
Verdict has demonstrated:

[Mother Teresa] has been quoted as saying that
suffering is a means of attaining Christ; to suffer
along with the suffering helps one come closer to God.
In other words the poor and dying are to her only a
means of attaining salvation for herself. Their
suffering, which is a replay of the suffering of
Christ, gives her spiritual succour. Hence the
tremendous funds at her disposal have never been used
to set up a state of the art hospital where much of
the suffering could be alleviated or pre-empted; to
establish schools which would rescue generations from
poverty; to renew the slums of Calcutta and eliminate
disease and crime. For, she has a vested interest in
the perpetuation of poverty and sickness and death.
Nor were those religious issues by any means the only
problems with Teresa’s work and character:

She inflated her operations and activities manifold in
her speeches to journalists and supporters. Often her
statements would have no connection with reality
whatsoever. Many times she had been captured on
television while telling very tall tales about her
work. She prevaricated even in her Nobel Prize
acceptance speech....
When it comes to social issues,
Mother was confronted on the issue of pedophile
priests by the Irish journalist Kathy Ward. She
replied, “Pray, pray and make sacrifices for those who
are going through such terrible temptations.” It is
not that she was against custodial sentencing per se:
a few times she said that she wanted to open a special
jail for doctors who performed abortions.
Christopher Hitchens (1995) had earlier written his
own less-detailed exposé of Teresa:

She once told an interviewer that, if faced with a
choice between Galileo and the authority of the
Inquisition, she would have sided with the Church
“She also touched on AIDS, saying, that it did seem like a
just retribution for improper [e.g., homosexual or
promiscuous] sexual conduct.”

Honestly,no punishment would be adequate enough for these despicable creatures.