Thursday, September 01, 2005

Orlando Sentinel: What these hurricanes are telling us

sep 1

what a day! beslan anniversary, catastrophe in the Big Easy, calamity in baghdad.

scary stuff. global warming and oil and religion all coming together. (new orleans and the gulf of mexico are major oil producing/transportation hubs for the us.)

imagine what a similar hurricane will do to bangladesh. imagine what that will do to the number of bangladeshis streaming into india.

bangladesh is under serious threat from rising sea levels.

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What these hurricanes are telling us

Alan Farago

Special to the Sentinel

August 31, 2005

We are riveted to images of the hurricane's victims hauled by
choppers from rooftops because we are as amazed by the ways life
carries us away as we are by salvation. Hurricanes are never just
about hurricanes.



san said...

I would tell you that Indians should make contingency plans on what to do if a hurricane-stricken Bangladesh starts hemmohrraging refugees into India. There's no benefit in reacting at the last minute, because we know the result will be inaction by the govt.

Anonymous said...

san, What if hurricane strikes India? Allowing refugees should be ok when there is no other way to escape death. At the same time, they should not be allowed to become threatning to host country and their way of life. A strong and united India can do but we have long way to go there.

bklash said...

Rajeev, where are the religious intellectuals who told us that the Orissa floods and the Gujarat earthquake were divine retribution?

san said...

Anonymous, hurricanes have struck India, including in areas that aren't far from Bangladesh (eg. Orissa, Andhra). But I don't recall India ever having inundated Bangladesh with refugees. Please use a realistic comparison and not a false one.

Anonymous said...

Tech Stuff that might interest you.

zer0degrees said...

How much do you want to bet that even if they do enter India, they will demand that India give up sections of it's own territory to facilitate the creation of a new Bangladesh...