Monday, September 12, 2005

canada goes for uniform civil law: good work!

sept 12

in india, the recent violence against women bill had an interesting characteristic: it applies to women of all religions.

the first baby steps towards a uniform civil code in india?

here's the canadian experience. all the semitic types lose big. good for the canadians.


Anonymous said...

christian and jewish people had voluntary tribunals to settle family disputes, since 1991 in Ontario. and now there is a ruckus , beause the muslims have asked one for themselves and then the premier wakes up and dismisses all forms of tribunals. the premier did not know their existence till today. it the right thing to have uniform civil code but not just when it is inconvenient not to have one.

san said...

Because Muslim Personal Law is the bone that sticks in the throat, and cannot be passed. I agree that the precedent should never have been set to allow religious laws to encroach upon real law to begin with. But whatever the circumstances of the abolishment of religious tribunals, I'm not unhappy with their removal. But the fact is that all religions are not equal in practice and in relation to the standards set by modern rational law. Whatever hand-waving was being done to allow Christian and Jewish tribunals to operate, no society would be able to tolerate all the ridiculous dictates of Islamic Law, with its triple-talaqs and other stupidities. Thankfully, good sense has prevailed.

san said...

This one is rather barbed -- it's a comicbook satirical look at Islamic teachings:

Cruel, but to the point. And the author is of Muslim origin, too.