Friday, September 23, 2005

economist: internet bubble version 2.0?

sep 23rd

i have been concerned about this. too many big deals being chased by too much big money.

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satish said...

It might be possible that Microsoft wants to promote MSN, and MSN and AOL would now be tightly integrated. There might come up a common messenger, combining AIM and MSN. I do not think that Microsoft will overpay for AOL. They are smart enough. Microsoft was slow in hopping on to the Internet bus. It might also have saved Microsoft lot of money. People were rushing in without any definite plans. Look at where Netscape, AOL, etc stand today. Amazon and e-bay have had tremendous losses in the past.

Spam was a glamourous way of making money back then, and spammers like doubleclick were valued highly on NASDAQ. How too much of a good thing makes it repulsive. Who reads spam today. (40% discounts on Viagra LOL, grow your whatever, travel cheaply, buy credit cards, etc).