Wednesday, September 21, 2005

imf: india to be locomotive?

sep 21st

bit strange, imf ranting and raving about india at the exact time that:

a) the beleagured and benighted foreign minister essentially breaks off relations with america over iran. couldnt the blighter just keep his big mouth shut and be inscrutable? but no! he has to pontificate

b) the detailed mitrokhin report about widespread corruption reminds us all of that simple but terrifiying word: treason. what these marxists and nehruvian stalinists have done is treasonous.

yet, the imf thinks india is 'doing good'. i smell a rat. is this the carrot from the us along with the stick being applied to natwar singh's bottom?


Anonymous said...

The stick has to definitely be applied to the "dense" FM's bottom as well to his top, he being the jagirdar of the dynasty in India.

Anonymous said...

Actually Rajeev, if you wear the secular muslim fur cap like our Nitwit Singh, even you will begin pontificating. Try it! I couldn't understand the nehruvian worldview all these days until I tried wearing the fur cap. Now I understand their viewpoint.

Sameer said...

Hi Rajeev,

Well, this might not be the correct avenue for this post of mine, but I wanted to express my anger/frustration.

I have always been irritated by the leftist media, especially the newspapers.

but recently a news report (Rather mis report) really angered me.
You must have come across a news of a Rabid fundamental christian (A recent convert) who killed his mother for not allowing his sister to convert to christianity.
Well, you must see the way the idiotic TOI (The most bastardly leftist paper) reported it.
It did not mention the religion, neither did it mention the cause for killing, it just said the man was mad and used his name (Since he was a convert he had a Hindu name) and just said he was mentally disturbed and always read religious books and killed his mother because of some issue.
If you look at the way the facts were suppressed and the religion of the rabid dog were not revealed, it shows the colour of TOI. Infact the masala paper of Deccan chronicle, which is openly a congress paper is better, atleast it publishes proper news and also it doesnt supress the facts. (People think otherwise and prefer the 'better' TOI over the masala DC). Whatever, the way the news was reported was shocking in TOI.
And you must remember, in one of your comments section, a reader wrote about comparing New Orleans and Mumbai? Well, the person claimed it to be his original, whatever it be, I passed it on to many and likewise many of your other readers must have done so, and it has reached so far and wide that, some of our leftist newswalas, like M J Akbar referred to it as stink bomb and the persons writing it as internet terrorists, well, these fellows are not able to digest the alternative media provided by the internet and also the way people are throwing away their false and biased news.
Hope internet grows as a media dn proper news reaches Indians and such marxist news walas come on roads.


indianpatriot said...

Hi Sameer there are millions like you who look at Indian national interests over posters like San who is more interested in American National interest and many others who are interested in Chineese interest and people like Kuldip Nayar who are interested in interests of fellow punjabi mullahs in uniform.
Eventhough I live in US (there is a miniscule number of Indophiles in US who admire Indian culture but their views are never heard) I believe Iraq war was a first step by Evangelists, Neo Conservatives(Project for New American Century) etc whose next steps are Iran, Syria and probaly land in India (Since China has threatened to blow out LA if US tries to intervene in Taiwan). In present Iran confrontation it is better for India to remain neutral \ is best option. I believe these are also the opinion shared by many strategic thinkers like ex General Padmanabhan (has anybody read the book India checkmates America ) and thinkers like Bharat Karnad.
I have enclosed 2 links regarding Iraq war.

Please anybody correct me if it is worthwhile to allow for India to side with US against Iran. Present nuclear co-operation was signed for interest of US corporations and if India maintains the present growth rate companies like GE, Westinghouse will definitely come forward to sell nuclear reactors to India. Just my opinion. Rajeev I hope you agree with my views.

Santhosh said...

A detour note.

Dont you think NASA's moon aspirations have been relit, owing to India's Moon mission announced recently. China followed suit. Only then, NASA dares to bring it back into the focus.

Good that we are in a position to trigger events like these.

nizhal yoddha said...

my personal belief is that india should keep its big mouth shut as much as possible. not make any big statements about anything at all. in particular, on anything that does not affect india's national interests, india should keep completely quiet. for instance, iran's problems with the IAEA and so forth do not affect india immediately: so mum's the word. israel's pullout from the gaza strio does not affect india immediately: so keep quiet about it. let's not take on the 'leader-of-the-banana-republic' mantle again!

Santhosh said...

Having heard about the recent news on how KGB agents bought up most of Indira Gandhi's govt, wonder who Natwar Singh is sold out to..

He's erratic and on the loose. He's doing more harm than due to our PM's inaction.
What's wrong with Natwar Singh?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Natwar? One word: He's "secular".

san said...

Indianpatriot, I once again disagree. I am not posting in defense of US national interests over Indian interests. I'm saying there's little to be gained for India by siding with backward Islamic fundamentalist mullahs in Tehran over free-market forward-looking societies like the US, which also happens to be the main market which India is trying to sell its english-language services to anyway.

By contrast, I could also point out that the rise of Japanese independence from its restraining alliance with the US could be good news for India. A Japan that is more assertive on its own interests rather than always remaining in the US shadow can then do more to keep the Chinese neighborhood bullies in check. The Japanese can then more freely gravitate to us, another Asian country concerned about Chinese hegemony. Although it's worth noting that the oil-deficient Japanese are quite vulnerable to the arm-twisting of the Islamic petro-Sheikhs, something which I'm sure Pakistan will no doubt try to exploit. The Japanese have no inherent conflict with the Islamists, other than the fact that they don't like to be hostage to these foreign energy cartels.

So I'm not advocating that India shed its interests to be a cheerleader for the US (unlike Indian Maoists who put Beijing ahead of India). But I'll say that we have to choose our battles on the basis of which ones we can fight and win.

Kalyani said...

Indianpatriot is right.Evangelical America is a tad more wily.

Thank God for people like Rajeev,(whose 'comments'section helps me let out some steam)Sandhya Jain and Gurumurthy who let us know the truth.I miss Varsha Bhosle very sorely.Rediff does not publish her columns.